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How To Go From Thud, To Dud, To Stud?

There’s an old school technique called “Thud Marketing” and it used to work like gangbusters.  You’ve probably seen it before.  Many marketers are still heavily using it.  It’s origins come from the direct-mail world of advertising.  A marketer would sell a product and then add a lot of extra content or bonuses to it to bulk it up.

If you bought a dvd recording of a marketing event not only would you get the dvds but you’d also get cd recordings.  You’d get printed manuscripts to read.  They’d send you bonus interviews of the speakers on cd.  You’d get books from a speaker or two thrown in.  By the time it’s all said and done, you’d have a box full of about 45 pounds of stuff.  Imagine you getting a knock on the door, you open it up and there’s a delivery for you.  You sign and pick up the box.  You open it up excitedly, holding all of the content in your arms, amazed at how much there is and then you drop it on the table.  THUD!!

That’s Thud Marketing.  Online, this is done digitally as well.  I’m sure we’ve all seen it.  You get tons of PLR content you’ll probably never use, 50 e-books you’ll never read and anything else the marketer can conjure up to give you, he will.  The main purpose is for you to feel that you have got waaaaaaay more value than what you paid.  Today the marketplace is much more sophisticated and for the most part, this type of marketing is very ineffective.  Right now people have too much on their hands as it is.  They don’t want another 20 gigabytes of crap to have to go through.  This is because:

  • We’re all overwhelmed
  • Truly, less is more
  • What they want is relevance
  • They want what they need
  • Nothing less, nothing more
If you can get your message across in a 15 page document, then do that.  Don’t beef it up with another 200 pages of fluff and filler and crap bonuses.  If you have something that works and that people want, that’s all you need.  Nothing more.
Although there is a decent bit of content there, it’s really just 21 steps.  It’s very easy to go through.  What’s even more important is that you’re given exactly what you need.  Nothing more, nothing less.  You get the base training, a coach and top tier opportunities to quickly expand and grow your business to new heights.

Most of the world go to their jobs every day.  They get there and know exactly what to do.  It’s not rocket science unless they are rocket scientists or too hard for them to do.This online business is no different.  It’s not too difficult for you to learn.  No, in fact, it’s easy.  You just need to learn the basics and get the right system to follow.

You can get all that right here and right now.

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