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How To Get Rich By Becoming A Snob

Today, I Would like to share with you a high level concept.  This is a concept from a guy called Perry Marshal who is one of the best in the business.  You can find out more about him by checking out his blog.  This high level concept can take you from making $10 per hour to $10,000 per hour very quickly.  Would you like to know why 1 hour can be more valuable and profitable than another persons 8 hours?  Today, I will tell you what it is and how to apply it right away in your business.

The best way to tell you is by giving you a quote from Perry Marshall:  ‘You must be an elitist SNOB about your time.”  Does this sound harsh?  He even takes it a step further by saying:  “Most of your friends time is worth LESS than yours.”.  The 2 biggest killers of productivity are computers and cell phones.  These are both tools we need for our online business.  So are you being an elitist snob with your time every time you go on the computer or the phone?  Or are you reading every single email, answering unscheduled phone calls and responding to every distraction.  One way will kill your productivity while the other will help you to crush it.  Once you go on Facebook or have a look at the phone calls you missed, who’s time is worth more?  Yours or theirs?

The distractions could be:

  • People just wanting to chat
  • Wanting to kill time
  • Wanting to grab some lunch

But they are not you.  They are not trying to grow their online business or becoming better versions of themselves or even creating a better future for their family.  They have settled with what the world has given them.  That’s all fine but you can either join them or become a boss at mastering your time and schedule.

This brings me back to the 1 hour task which is worth more than most peoples entire work day.  It’s called getting a pen and paper, writing down your to do lists and letting that to do list guide your day.  That 1 hour of planning will get you doing more in that day than what most people do in a week.  I’ll give you 1 big tip.  Write your tasks down.

Lets try a task.  Try to remember these numbers real quick.  just take a quick glance, look away and see what you remember: 16535445745.  How did you do?  Lets try this task again: 1 653 544 5745.  Likely you would have remembered more numbers this time.  This is because this is how the brain remembers things.  Put things into congruent chunks, including your to do list and you will get a lot more done.  Try it out yourself.  You have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

This is how the big earners in MTTB do their business.  The focus on the few key activities every day.  They don’t let anything distract them from getting these activities done.  As a result they are getting huge commissions while others are not, lets say, not being snobbish enough with their time.

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