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How To Get All You Want Without Killing Yourself?

Have you ever heard of the term Karoshi before?  You may even be a victim of this and not even realise it.  When you translate it from Japaneese to English, it means death from overwork.  This is sadly taking the lives of more and more people every day.  People only in their 20s having heart attacks from being overworked and overstressed.  It comes from this high paced world with demanding schedules, bosses and an attitude that most of us carry such as:

  • I gotta get it done
  • I need to burn the midnight oil tonight
  • The deadline must be met
  • Working overtime will get me ahead

Just a few months a go I remember a copy writer that worked for very well known marketing agency.  Shes was posting on Twitter that she was taking Red Bull to get the job done.  The she tweeted:  “another all-nighter!”  Then she died.  This was all from overwork and overstress.  What was all this for?  This is Karoshi.  I get it that we have to work hard, we have a lot on our schedules but does it really have to be that hard?  Do we have to work so much and neglect our health, our family and life in the process?  Sure there must be a better way.

I think if you take a step back from all of the hustle and noise, you’ll find that there is most certainly a better way.  This is when lifestyle design comes in.  You design your life the way you want to live it.  You totally can and should do that.  There are a lot of things you can think of here to probably consider where, how, and why you should get control of your time and life.  One of these will be your job and the type of work you do.  So let’s say you’ve put yourself through some questions like:

  • What do I really want?
  • How much would that cost me monthly?  It usually not as much as you think.
  • What type of lifestyle do I want to live daily?

When you ask yourself these questions, let’s say on the money side of things, you want to be earning on average $8,000 a month.  When you consider the lifestyle and that you decide to steer clear of the Karoshi way of life, you decide to work no more than 20 hours per week.  This workouts out to about 4 hours a day, Monday – Friday.  The nest question is how?  This is where the power of leverage and working from The Internet comes in.  You need to consider things even deeper than that.  This could be where you are at right now.  You many know the power of an online business but you want the next step.  There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is considered to be the cheapest and easiest way to start a profitable online business fast.  So likely you start to research different systems and companies you can work with.  Sadly, most are flawed as they don’t offer you enough profits.

This is why most smart and savvy folk end up working with high ticket or top tier offers.  It’s simple math and ‘labor required’ thinking to work this out really.  You have 2 options: you can make a few bucks per sale to get to $8k or you make less than 5 sales to get to $8k.  It’s with high ticket offers that you get to the income level and the lifestyle that you deserve.  It’s not hard to close high ticket sales if you have the right system and plan to follow.  So, if I have struck a chord with you today, I hope I did, then I would like to invite you to check out The MTTB System.

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You get:

  • Capture pages
  • Automated follow up
  • A sales team working for you around the clock
  • Phone sales team closing high ticket sales for you which you get commissions on

There is no other system out there like this.  The commissions range from $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 and beyond.  So just one customer per month could potentially make you over $8,000.  It’s the best way I know to live an incredible life, on your terms and to still earn an amazing income.  Again, I suggest you check it out today.

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