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How To Be Wealthy And Witty In Life And Death?

What do you wan it to say on your Tombstone?  What people put on their graces is the best reflection of their legacy to people who never knew them.  So, if someone didn’t know Rodney Dangerfield and saw his Tombstone says: “There goes the neighbourhood”, they would know he was a funny guy.  If someone saw that Frank Sinatra’s Epitaph was: “The best is yet to come”, they would know he was a very positive man.  Sometimes an epitaph tells you what a person did during their life.  Mel Blanc was the voice behind some of the most famous cartoons of all time.  Like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester the Cat and Porky Pig.  Blanc’s epitaph was: “That’s all folks.”

So, what would you want to say on your tombstone?  Maybe you want it to reflect your love for your family or your wit or maybe it will tell people about a hobby or passion that you had.  The one thing you won’t want your grace to tell people about is your job.  It seems obvious but if an epitaph is supposed to sum up a person’s life and you spent most of your life working then it would only be honest for your epitaph to say: “Worked their way up from a cubicle to an office with a window.”

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