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How The “Starbucks Epidemic” Broke Out

30 years ago, coffee was a cheap, black and a boring drink.  You’d get your cup of coffee, sip it and get on with your day.  It was nothing exciting and nothing much to say about it.  Since then things have changed.  Coffee drinking is now an experience.  You go to your favourite coffee shop with a friend, spend $4 on a medium sized latte and sit around and talk.

So, what changed?  Starbucks reinvented the coffee experience.  They’ve built a pretty impressive business over the years.  They’re now worth an estimated $70 billion.  Lots of things could be said about their success and about how they grew so much.

Here’s something that definitely helped them take off: They changed their coffee from a 50 cent drink into a $4 drink.  Before Starbucks, no one had really thought to do that.  Coffee was just a boring and cheap drink.  No one had thought to turn it into a ‘luxury drink’ that you could spend more than $1 on.  So, Starbucks competitors were selling much cheaper products which meant that they had to sell way more in order to keep up with Starbucks.

By selling a more expensive product, Starbucks was able to increase their margins and increase their profits.  With those bigger profits, they were able to invest more money back into the business.  This has a snowball effect.  Now the ‘Starbucks Epidemic’ has taken the world by storm with over 21,000 stores in over 65 countries.  Obviously, there was more to their success than just selling a more expensive and a more valuable product but that was definitely a big factor.

What you might not realise is that this principle applies in almost in any market.  Instead of selling a $19 ebook in a certain market because that’s what everyone else is doing, you could sell a $50 webinar or a $1,000 live conference.  Of course, if you’re going to do a $1,000 conference, that’s going to take a lot more work than an ebook.  You might not have the experience you need to put on a live event like that.

So, should you just go back to selling cheap products?  Not necessarily.  MTTB gives you done for you, high ticket products.  You don’t have to do a bit of work creating or cultivating the products.  In fact, you don’t even have to sell them.So, what do you do?  You drive traffic into an established and highly converting sales funnel.  Matt Lloyd’s team does the selling for you.  They do the products, order fulfilment and customer service as well as everything else.People using this system have made over $50,000,000 in commissions.  So, this isn’t just a ‘hypothetically good’ idea.  It’s tried and true.  You can sign p for $49.Once you sign up, you go through a simple, step by step training program.  It’s 21 steps in all.  At the other end, you’re prepared to start generating traffic, driving that traffic into sales funnels and making big commissions off of every sale.  The commissions are from 50% to 90%.  It works even if you have no experience with online marketing.

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