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Honour And Recognition In Case Of Success

There’s a legend that the South Pole Explorer, Ernest Shackleton, placed the following ad in a London newspaper:

  • Men wanted
  • For hazard journey, small wages
  • Bitter cold, long months of complete darkness
  • Constant danger
  • Safe return doubtful
  • Honour and recognition in case of success

Ernest Shackleton 4 Burlington st.    The legend states that many men turned up to join Shackleton that it seemed all the men of England were determined to join him.  The rules of advertising tell us to: “sell the benefits”.  So, why would so many men be inspired by such an unappealing ad that: “sells the disadvantages”.

Honour and recognition…adventure.  Victorian England was a fairly dull, stuffy, domesticated and conventional place.  There was obviously a pent up demand for raw, dangerous and wild excitement.

What does this have to do with your online business?  Well, there’s many advantages and benefits to working with MTTB but it is work.  While you may not be in “complete darkness” or face “constant danger”, I can promise you that your “safe return is doubtful”.

What I mean is that you will fail.  I mean you’ll become a different person.  Through the adventure of owning your own business, you’ll discover things about yourself you never knew.  You’ll push yourself to new heights.  You’ll go places you never dreamed you’d go.  You’ll bust out of the 9 to 5, “Victorian” domesticity and become a more flesh-and-blood, passionate version of  yourself.

Honour and recognition await you.

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