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Hey, See This Movie? (It Applies)

The Internship, “Tis a movie that just came up on ye old rental queue.”  Gotta love a movie when it starts off with two dudes singing Alanis Morissette in their car in order to get themselves pumped up.  The story is about two old schoolmen played by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn who get laid off from selling watches.  They had been told that the industry was a dinosaur and that it was obsolete.

They were searching online for anything they could find.  They came across an Internship opportunity with Google.  It wasn’t a logical decision to apply for the Internship as they were about twice the age of any other intern applying for the job.  They had a dream.  A desire to do something big in their lives.  So, they gave it a shot.

They had little experience.  Nobody believed in them.  Massive talent was all around them.  It seemed like they had no chance at getting their dream job at Google.  They were failing pretty massively for most of the movie.

It’s interesting that the very point that things started turning around for them, the moment they started winning was when they were playing as a team.  When they started having fun together, going out on the town, supporting one another, their confidence soared and they started getting crazy good results.

This is the main point I want to drive home to you today.  You can try this business by yourself.  You may become successful although a lot of the successful people don’t do it that way.  Going solo:

  • Limits your ideas
  • You get frustrated and give up easier
  • You have zero input to help you past your roadblocks you’ll inevitably come across frequently
  • You’ll simply have less fun

Everything changes when you have a successful team and friends on your side.  That’s what the right type of event can do for you.  The right event you’ll never forget.  It will be the catalyst to your successful business.

The event will be right here.

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