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He Rewrote History And You Can Profit From It

Philip K. Dick is not the most famous author.  Even though his books are still around today despite his passing in 1982, you won’t see his among the greats except in certain circles.  You may have heard of the film Slingblade but you may not have known that it was an adaptation of his book by the same name.  Dick was mostly popular within the science fiction community, publishers print his books sparingly.

Amazon produced one of Dick’s most popular novels into an online series and it’s been a hit.  Anyone who wants to read the book before or after watching the series is out of luck since the publishers are scrambling to catch up with the demand of the book.  The reason for this was that thee books had never sold so well and they were not prepared for the surge in sales that the online series has brought.

So, what changed?  Obviously, the online series brought the story to more people but it was always a great story.  So, why wasn’t it as popular as before?  It’s because it’s so much easier for people to watch a show than to read a book.  Not a shocker but still important because it’s been proven time after time.  People have an easier time watching a film or show versus reading a book because when you are watching something, everything you need is given to you.  All you have to do is observe but with a book you have to pay attention and do the imagining on.  Making film and T.V. a much easier form of entertainment.

So, why should you care about all this?  You should care because film and television are naturally easier to watch than reading a book and have a better chance to be successful.  Just as watching is naturally easier than reading, Matt Lloyd’s MTTB system naturally makes money.  As long as people are on the Internet and as the Internet grows so does the chances of making money with MTTB.

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