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Gurus Who Won’t Drink Their Own Poison

This was pretty funny, Google: “Lobbyist claims you can drink a quart of Roundup but refuses to drink it himself.”  You’ll see a lobbyist for the manufacturers of Roundup pesticide claiming that it’s so safe to humans that you could drink a quart and not get sick.  When the interviewer tells him: “We have some here, would you drink it for us now?”  He says: “No, I’m not stupid.”  It’s a funny video and he’s a total hypocrite.

It’s similar with most “make money online gurus”.  They’ll tell you how great their system is but if you dig deep into their methods for making money, you’ll see they don’t even use their own system.  They just sell the system.  They sell the poison and tell you it’s Coca-Cola but they won’t drink it themselves.

Well, Matt Lloyd of MTTB and MOBE actually uses his own system.  He spends money driving traffic to the very same offers his partners do.  He drink his own Coca-Cola.

When he finds something that works, he tells his partners about it.  Don’t go drinking from the fountain of guru pesticide.  Find a leader who drinks his own Coke.

You can get started right here by clicking this link.

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