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Get Paid In Gold

Start promoting The Home Business Summit and you can get paid in gold.  Matt Lloyd, the owner has become obsessed with gold.  When you start making a lot of money online, you start thinking of how you can protect your money.  Currently, gold is the best answer.  Gold is:

  • Very portable
  • It is a stable store of your wealth
  • It can be hidden quite easily when people find out you have lots of money.

The Gold that Matt Lloyd will give you are The American Eagle coins.  This is the official Gold Bullion coins in the US.  A 1 oz gold coin is worth just under $1400.

Golden Eagle

On November 1st – November 3rd Matt Lloyd is putting on a Live Event called The Home Business Summit which will be in San Diego.

The Home Business Summit

You will learn a lot from this event covering everything you need to know to make money online such as:

  • Traffic Generation
  • Conversions
  • Creating Products
  • And a lot more

The speakers are some of the best in the business who are getting very good results and will teach from their own experiences.  For each Home Business Summit ticket you sell, you will get 40% commission.  This is really generous for a live event.  The 40% commission is one thing but for every person you refer to this event, they will be offered to become a My Online Business Empire Licensee which will make you $1000.  You need to be a My Online Business Empire Licensee yourself.  Click here to become a Licensee.  This wont be a pitch fest, 95% of the time, you will get very valuable training.

Click this link to see the bonuses you can get.

The best way to do well in this contest is to get in touch with your leads.  You can do this through Email, Facebook, Skype or any other method you like.  If you win gold, then you will be presented it on stage.  It will all be recorded so you can use it in your own marketing in the future.  The contest will run all the way up to midnight November 1st.  For a sale to count, the ticket holder must attend on the Saturday and the Sunday.  Refunds will not count towards your ticket sales.

Click here to find out more about The Home Business Summit.

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