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George Brown Is Giving Away $10K Tonight

Today is the final day to promote Google Sniper 3.0 and get $10k in cash.  The competition is on until 12pm EST (midnight) tonight for one final push.

Yesterday was a great day for Google Sniper 3.0.  People who took advantage over the weekend saw crazy conversions and they’ve made a huge impact on the contest.  If you haven’t started promoting yet, you’ve still got today to take advantage.

There’s many reasons to promote including:
  • Google Sniper 3.0 is no.1 on Click bank with a gravity of 309.80 which is huge
  • They’re paying out on average $169.97 a sale on average from a $47 product
  • They’re EPC’s of over a dollar for most affiliates with the new sales page and video crushing it
  • They have a 9 month average retention rate which means month after month sales after the initial sale
There’s a lot of money to be made here.  It’s still not too late.  There’s been some huge shake-ups in the $10k contest and anyone can win  Promote today and you could make a huge impact.  Hurry though as there’s less than 24 hours left.

Click here to watch a free video on Google Sniper to get started.

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