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Foolproof Method For Failing Every One Of Your Goals

We all know how weekends work.  It starts with: “I’m gonna wash the car, take care of the yard, patch up the side fence and fix that one flunky outlet.  Then I’ll turn catch the second half of the game.”  Then it goes: “Well, I’ll kinda spray the car with the hose, mow the lawn, screw the fence and the game’s on in half an hour.”  Then it eventually becomes: “Game’s on in half an hour, better go and pick up some beer!”

This is a classic strategy.  How do you get closer to reaching your goals?  Give up on the big ones and find the smaller ones.  Between you and me, there are thousands upon thousands of people in your shoes too shy to embrace their passions and work towards their goals.  It makes me mad.  They’re giving up on dreams they can’t afford to give up on.

MTTB takes you and your dreams seriously, maybe more seriously than you do.  If you’re one of those old fashioned folks who believes that the best way to go out and get it or even aspires to be one:

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