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Fireman Tells His Family He Made $8k In Only 3 Days

Russell Armstrong made an $8k commission with MOBE.  In his own words he said all he did was just send leads to the system and they take care of his leads and sell them on more high ticket offers.  Then he made $8k as a result.  He told his family about it and they were very excited that he made so much so quickly.  The best part is he didn’t even have to do the selling as the phone sales team do it for him.

You can watch the testimonial video below:

MOBE’s main offer is MTTB and they let you make commissions of $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 without you having to do any of the selling.  They teach how to do this through 21 steps and you get to work with a coach on the phone for free.  Your coach will help you with whatever you need.  You can watch a free video on MTTB to get more details on how to get started.

Click here to watch the free MTTB Presentation video.

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