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“FedEx” Your Way To Online Success

Have you ever been at a party of a lunch meeting, a gathering or any sort where someone calls a taxi.  Then they ask you, “where you headed”?

You say: “Town”

They say: “Well, I’m going that way too, why not share a taxi?”

You say: “Well, as long as you’re going that way”.

Why take two taxis instead of one, right?  It’s a very simple concept and an explosively powerful one.  Let me explain.  Do you deliver your own packages?  Of course not.  You either use the postal service, FedEx, UPS or some other major delivery service, right?  In fact, every merchant who ships products does the same thing.  Nobody delivers their own packages.  This is because FedEx, USPS and UPS are already going that way.

Those delivery services have the infrastructure in place.  They have planes that are already flying that way.  Drivers who are already diving that way.  The incremental cost of adding your package to their route is almost zero as they’re already going that way.  To deliver that product yourself would cost you hundreds of dollars with renting a delivery vehicle, hiring a driver, Plane tickets, petrol and the cost of your time.  It would be bat-snot crazy since those other delivery drivers are already going that way.

This applies to almost everything as:

  • You don’t make your own clothes
  • You don’t build your own house
  • You don’t grow your own food

As someone else already has a system in place that is far more efficient.

You might be wondering what this has to do with your online business.  Well, a lot of folks seem to think the best way to build a business is on their own from the ground up.  They think they should figure it out all on their own.  They think they should do all the:

  • Research
  • Product development
  • Website creation
  • Phone sales
  • Customer support
  • Yep, even shipping

It requires a lot of trial and error and reinventing the wheel.  It makes no sense.  Especially since there’s already a program that’s going that way.

At MTTB, they’ve “delivered” $1000, $3000 and $5000 commissions to thousands of affiliates over the years.  They’ve hired the expert “drivers”.  They’ve mapped out the fastest routes.  They have the “vehicles” you need to get you to online success.  They’re going that way.  So, why not ride along?

Just follow the simple, 21 daily steps and they’ll get you where you want to go.  If you don’t get your first commissions in 30 days, you get $500.  There’s no risk to you.

You don’t deliver your own packages so why would you want to waste time and money trying to develop every aspect of your online business yourself through trial and error and error and error and error?

Click here to join MTTB as they’re going that way anyway.

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