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Embrace Your Laziness And Make A Fortune

It seems like no matter what it is, older generations think young people are lazy.  Just look at how baby boomers see millennials.  If you asked someone above 50, what was wrong with the youth today?  They’ll probably tell you that kids think they’re entitled to this or don’t want to have to work for that or are just spoiled by technology.

They’re right about technology spoiling younger generations but that’s not a bad thing.  All progress is made by people trying to make life easier for themselves.  The cotton gin was created so people wouldn’t have to spend tedious hours picking seeds out of cotton.  The car was invented as a horseless carriage to cut down or caring for horses and the mess they made.  The computer changed how we solved problems and communicated with each other.  All to make life a little easier AKA lazy.

You better believe that everyone’s life would be a little tougher without those things.  That’s why we should be lazy when it comes to work.  We should rely on technology and find new and easier ways to do things because that’s how we progress.

In fact, for the entire time that humans have been on earth, we’ve been on one mission which is to make life easier for ourselves.  Now that you can carry on that mission by joining MTTB.  MTTB is an online system that allows affiliates to earn commissions from placing ads online but it works so well it that allows affiliates to earn a 6 figure income within a year of joining.

The guy who created MTTB even earned $51,373,000 in just 5 years.  So, quit trying to work your butt off to earn a fortune.

Embrace your laziness and click here to learn more about MTTB.

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