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Don’t Be A Mobile Home Marketer

There’s a saying: “Winners don’t look at the price, they look at the payoff”.  Do you think like this?  It’s very important you think like this when it comes to business.  Let’s think about in the real every day life terms for a second: If you were buying a new car, would you buy a car that costs $800, yet smoking and old and the owner says says you can get another 100k out of it or would you prefer a brand new car that has done 0 miles and with 100,000 mile warranty that costs $25,000.  If money wasn’t an issue, you would most likely buy the new car.

It is because of the payoff.  You know the car won’t break down while you are driving it every day.  It’s dependable.  You are proud of driving it.  If there are problems, you know you can get it fixed with the warranty.  There’s a bit of status feeling in there as well wondering what other people think of the car you’re driving.

It could be you’re looking at buying a house.  You could grab a steal of a deal on that mobile home out in the hood for just $18,000 or you could if you have the budget for it get a nice place for around $100,000 in a good area.  The pay off is that you don’t need to be worried about getting murdered every time you walk out the door, you feel safe with your kids out in the garden and you feel comfortable having friends over for dinner.  It’s not always about the price but it’s about the payoff.  The end results of what we’re getting.

It’s the same thing in this biznass although most miss it.  A lot of people see the $7 product over at The Warrior Forum and think it’s a great deal and they give it a shot.  The see new plugins and new themes and get all excited about it.  What’s the payoff?  What’s that $7 gonna yield?  It may make promises but it’s probably nothing in the big picture.  It’s usually rehashed junk from some newbie who is trying to have their first $2,000 month.

Think about this for a moment.  What if you spend $2,000 and make $10,000 over the next 30-60 days?  What if you could spend $26,000 and make $100,000 + in the next 12 months?  Is that a good pay off?  Remember the winners and the successful people look at the payoff and not so much the price.  Just getting a good deal or getting something for a cheap price means nothing.  It’s about the payoff.  If you are serious about an online business, think about the payoff a business model like MTTB offers.

It’s unparalleled.  You will have the opportunity to earn from $1,000 – $15,000 per sale.  This is a massive payoff.  How would you feel getting a notification that you just earned $15,000.  It will feel great.  The next thing to consider after the payoff is the effort needed.  MTTB gets an A+ on this as well.  You never have to worry about selling high ticket products if you don’t want to.  This is done for you.  There is minimum effort, a high payoff and a crazy awesome lifestyle designed around your ideal day.  You can’t beat this.

So think about where you are right now.  What’s the payoff at your job?  How much do you earn per hour?  It’s not just about spending money or even making money, a big payoff of this business is the incredible lifestyle it can provide you.

If you’re ready for a much bigger and better payoff, then check out MTTB today

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