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Do This First If You Want A Profitable Online Business

I am not sure if you have ever been involved in building a house but a lot goes into it and it can be pretty stressful.  A lot of details go in to it such as:

  • Finding a good architect
  • Buying land
  • Hiring and managing contractors
  • Getting a loan
  • Choosing a painter and decorator
  • And so on

The process can involve a lot of hair pulling moments.  Could you imagine before anything serious has been done, before any of the building has started or before the land has been purchased that the new home builder puts on his fancy white painter pants and heads to the local diy store to get paint for the house.  You would think they are a little crazy wouldn’t you?  At the very minimum you would think they didn’t know what they were doing and they didn’t know the right process.  You wouldn’t paint your house before you build it right?  Right.

I see many people in our world of constructing and building up online businesses doing the same thing.  They focus on all the new gadgets, software or plugins that promise to do something revolutionary.  They seem to over focus on design and learn very little traffic and marketing tactics.  The enjoy going on social media websites to build their fan pages and to grow their following.   What people are really doing is that, they are painting their home before it is even built.

The focus should be on building the foundation of your business so that it will be profitable for years to come.  If you starts things of the right way, you can avoid years of struggle, lots of headaches and you will have a much higher chance of having a lucrative business.  Most people do not start working on the foundation of their business.  They miss one of the most important concepts which is high ticket lucrative back end sales.

With MTTB, the focus is first on building the foundation to grow a real profitable online business on.  Then you start getting commissions from $1,000 – $5,000.  All the other stuff comes later when it’s actually needed in your online business.

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