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Context, Contrast And Compared To What?

Compared to what?  That’s a question most marketers don’t answer often enough.  They tout the benefits of their product but never put them in context.

In one of the most famous direct marketing stories of all time, marketing legend Rosser Reeves bet his associate that he could increase the amount of money a blind beggar made by adding just 3 words to the beggar’s sign.  The sign said: “I am blind.”

Reeves added: “It’s Spring and…” to the sign.  Sure enough, the beggar’s take increased dramatically.  Reeves was employing the power of contrast.  The sign conveyed the message: “You are enjoying a beautiful day because you can see but I can not enjoy it like you because I am blind.”

The contrast answers the question: “Compared to what?”

  • MTTB offers you location freedom compared to a cubicle prison.
  • MTTB offers you time freedom compared to a punch the clock J.O.B.
  • MTTB offers you financial freedom compared to hours-for-dollars career.

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