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Cheap Is The New Expensive

I’m sure you’re getting tired of all these special offers for cheap products that are promising you the world.  Some of them say spend $10 and make $10k by tomorrow.  This is complete rubbish.

Below are the three main reasons why cheap is the new expensive:

  1. Time Wasting – Time is money.  I have seen people buy several products a day hoping that just one of them will work and this one will put together all the pieces for them.  Some people have become addicted to buying products like its a drug.  Most of the time, these new products just aren’t worth it.  Most of those products are crap but there are some good ones.  If you found a $100 note stuck in a pile of cow turds, would you take it?  I wouldn’t.  The problem is going through all the crap just to find one golden nugget isn’t worth it.  Whether you know it or not, you are going to get your hands dirty.
  2. Frustration – Its very frustrating buying day after day to get no results.  Even worse is you get nothing productive done.  The things that will actually grow your business.  This leads to overwhelm and is one of the reasons why people give up trying to make money online.
  3. No Commitment – If you spend very little on a product then you have little pressure to put it to use.  If it sucks, its no big deal.  As you are buying a cheap product there is not much money for the creator of the product to create a real experience for you.

These are three main reasons why it sucks to buy into the cheap business model.  I saw an offer that doesn’t look cheap until you check it out.  But compared to what is popular out there, its expensive.  But remember you get what you pay for.  This is very true.  This offer will not waste your time and it wont frustrate or overwhelm you.

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