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Online Income You Can Count On

September 29th, 2017 No comments

It’s hard to live off a shaky income stream.  There’s a big difference between earning a surprise or a random sale online to bringing in daily sales that are trustworthy.  Income you can count on that you know will be there each week to pay the house note and put good food on the table.  In fact, many people would prefer to earn $1,000 a week every week like clockwork over averaging $1,500 over a week over the year but it comes in undependable.  Maybe 0 one week and it could be $3,000 another.  You can’t plan, save and invest around unsteady, right?

What’s the fix?  Think of it this way.  If you’re building a home, we all start from ground zero.  There’s fresh levelled dirt beneath our feet.  What you do from that step forward is critical.  You’d want to build from a firm foundation.  When you start building, you’d want to ensure you’re following the best blueprint, right?  One custom fit to build your dream home.  You could try to do it yourself but that may end up in project delays, lots of hard work, you could fail inspection after inspection if you aren’t an expert in home building.  You could hire shoddy contractors at a discount followed by many headaches and building mishaps or you could get stuck to the solid blueprint.  You can use architects and builders that have been heavily vetted and proven to do good work getting you the results your after.

See how all this applies online?  In short, if you’re wanting steady, dependable paydays online that you can count on, don’t risk how you build your foundation.  It’s best not to go it alone.  It’s best not to hire cheaper or shoddy goo-roos.  You could end up with a broke down mobile home on your land that isn’t getting you the results you wanted.  That can be frustrating.  Choose the best blueprint and people you’ll be closely working with.  It’s best to go straight to the top, right?  Check out the results they’re getting.

Start building sticking closely to the proven blueprint to building you up a rock solid online business.  Something the big bad wolf can’t stroll up down to and easily blow down.  When dependable income up to $100 – $500 plus a day is coming in?  That’s what gives you the freedom to live life on your terms.  To plan for travelling, building, doing all the things you enjoy on a day to day basis.  I’m rooting for you.  If you’re looking for a dependable, proven blueprint to follow, check out this asap:

Yes, I’m ready to follow a proven blueprint to build up a dependable online income I can count on.

Before you start building with this plan, make sure you check out the “Contractor’s guarantee” and the support you’ll be getting today.

This Replaces Salaries Fast

September 28th, 2017 No comments

If you’re not reaching your goals quickly enough, how do we speed up our results for wealth, lifestyle and true happiness?  Peter Thiel is an investor, author and cofounder of PayPal.  Simply asking yourself the right questions is one of his strategies for success.  Most people never ask themselves questions like these.  They just drift on through life.  Here’s a couple questions to ask.  Just be prepared to stretch your thinking a bit: “How can you achieve your 10 year plan in the next 6 months?”  The second question is: “Look at your goals, how can you 10* them.”

Many will say impossible but it’s not.  They’re just not trained to think about things this way.  If you’re used to getting a salary of $50k a year, it’s hard to believe you could earn that in a month or two.  Here’s some questions that can get you there: “Can you narrow your focus or get creative?”  What about approaching things differently?  Think of it like this.  There’s a story of a fly that was trying to get out of the window.  Banging and banging his head against the glass, all day everyday.  That’s all he knew.  That was his job and he’d die there struggling working hard but not getting through no matter how hard he tried.

The thing is if he’d thought unconventionally, if he’d tried an entirely different path, he’d realised that there was a door wide open just 3″ to it’s left with 10* results and less effort.  Are you not sure of your goals?  There is a way you can get creative and bold as Peter says.  A way to avoid being the fly.  One great mind shifting book is called You2 i.e. you squared written by Price Pritchett P.H.D.  It’s a quick read too.  I hope you enjoy it and today’s blog post.  If you’re open to 10*ing your results and are ready to commit to change, check this video out:

Yes, I’m ready to 10* my results, increasing my income, freeing up my time and living life on my terms.  My idea of the good life.

Getting Your First Sale Feels Great, Right?

September 27th, 2017 No comments

Economies messes nearly everyone up.  Getting your first sale online is great.  There’s nothing like it.  It lets you know the potential that’s ahead of you, right?  Getting your first scale is even better.  Here’s what I mean.  Imagine there’s a boutqiue Etsy store owner that’s making wonderful organic soaps.  She’s got her first few sales in and she’s getting excited.  However, it’s not enough for her to quit her job and get out from under her debts.  She cries nearly every time she has to drop her kid off at pre-K for someone else to care after them.  Her kid usually is bravely tearing up too as her Mum drives off.  She needs to sell more soap.

In comes the beauty of the economy of a business.  If she starts running advertising, targeting health conscious mothers who hate chemicals and non organic goods, she’s off to a good start.  However, it’s costing her $20 to get one customer spending just $10 on one bar of her soap.  She’s getting nowhere fast.  If she can keep getting new first time buyers for $20, what else can she do?  What if she only sold 3 packs?  At a discount, $25 instead of $30 for three?  Then she offered something like an all natural wonderfully scented laundry detergent for $20?

Maybe she added in a unique ingredient to her soap, smoothes the skin like none other even reduces the fine lines and makes you look 10 years younger within weeks?  Sells for $75 like hotcakes.  Now, she’s making $10-$50+ per sale.  If she has a big enough audience, she’s got her first scale.  She can invest a $1,000 into her cards and may get up to $2k to $3k back in ROI.  Cool, right?

That’s the power of figuring out the economy of your business.  Looking at it and how you can scale up your business and daily profits.  Usually, offering a higher priced, higher valued offers and services is what does the trick.  What’ll you offer?  That’s up to you.

Yet, you could offer this, can you get up to over $10,000 per customer on the backend.  That is how you can properly scale without a lot of extra effort, if you’re open to it.  Plus, you’re offering amazing value and services to others.  One more tip.  People are searching for the best, the premium offers that can increase the results they’re after in their lives.  They don’t want the Honda.  They want the Benz.  They’ll either get that from you and I or if we don’t offer that, they’ll run off and go get it from someone else.

Click here if you’re ready to be able to scale up your profits and help others out in the process. 

Just a quick heads up.  There’s nothing like getting personal mentorship and help to more quickly help you in reaching your goals.  I’m not sure how much longer they’ll have this offer up but right now, you’re getting a personal coach to show you the ropes.

Tip From The 4 Hour Work Week

September 26th, 2017 No comments

Just remember these 4 letters in Tim Ferris’s’ wildly famous book, The 4 Hour Workweek, he uses an acronym.  An acronym that if followed can help increase your income, work less and do more of the things you love.  The acronym is: D.E.A.L.

D is for definition.  Define your goals.  Break down your reason why you want to achieve them.  How much will you need to earn monthly?  E.g. I’d like to be earning at least $10,000 per month.  I can quit m y J.O.B. at $5,000 per month.  I want this so I can spend more time with my family, travel to Costa Rica, Italy and so I can afford to surprise my parents with a luxury vacation to Switzerland, somewhere they’ve always wanted to go but couldn’t afford.  These goals may mean nothing to you.  So, you’ll have to write out the definition of what you need and want personally.  Try to be specific.  Next up:

E is for elimination.  What can you eliminate in your job or life right now that may be holding you back?  Stressing and working you to the bones needlessly?  On an episode of Tim’s show he runs on iTunes, he was helping a woman that was aiming to earn more with her Yoga studio.  A big why for her was she wanted to be able to afford to send her parents to their home country.  She needed somewhere around $5,000 per month to do that and have the lifestyle that was ideal for her.  In her marketing, they looked at what was bringing her sales in like FB, Sending messages, Email, things like this were barely bringing any new folks in her class.  Yet, by far, people she called on the phone, they happily paid and showed up for the class.  So, guess what, eliminate all the other work.  Just focus on making the phone calls which brings us to the next point:

A is for automation.  This is likely one reason you’re drawn to an Internet based type of business.  The automation possibilities are endless.  It’s truly amazing.  For the Yoga woman, she could hire others to make these phone calls.  That would be the first step to automating her business.  Later, she could have others run the yoga classes.  She could develop her business into a franchise, the sky’s the limit.  This takes us to number 4:

L is for Liberation.  The end goal.  Your ideal income is coming in.  The non essentials are eliminated.  Everything you can is automated.  You’re doing the things you want, whether that be travel, more time with the family, treating the people you love and not having income worries any more.

Wouldn’t that feel nice?  I hope this helps.  It’s a great little acronym to remember isn’t it?  If you’re open to checking an online business that’s really built around this entire D.E.A.L formula, I’d love for you to check this out.

Click here when you’re ready to define, eliminate, automate and liberate by leveraging this simple system.

This Book Can Make You Rich

March 5th, 2017 No comments

I wanted to send you a quick note about what I think might be the most exciting and useful book you’ll read this year.  The book explains a simple but powerful idea.  What if you could make a full time income working part time anywhere in the world.

Think about it.  All you need is a computer, a Wi-Fi connection, a desire to succeed, you could make more than the average lawyer while working three or four hours a day.  It might sound a bit outrageous but once you read this book, you’ll see how this is possible.

You’ll see how you can:

  • Make $500, $1200 or even $5500 commissions while travelling the world
  • How to escape the rate race and say goodbye to your boss
  • How to take advantage of the new economy in 2017 and finally start making money on your terms
  • A proven system for getting out of the rat race and making hundreds of thousands of dollars online

Does this sounds interesting?

Get the details here.

As I said before, I think this book could be the most important thing you read this year.

Click here to get a copy while it’s still available.