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How To Get More Leads From Twitter

July 15th, 2013 No comments

Twitter is a great Social Media Marketing tool that you can use to get more leads and sales.  There are a lot of people on Twitter looking to make money online.  Twitter is the world’s largest social networking website.  Twitter is a high-volume medium so searching for leads on Twitter can very time consuming.  With the right strategy, you can start getting leads for your business in just a short time every day.

Many people using Twitter start by using the Twitter Advanced Search option or a version of the keyword research tool in a third party program.  While this is a good way of starting off for finding leads on Twitter, many of the leads you find this way will not be useful to your business.  This is because it is hard to find buyer leads.  You can end up wasting time by scrolling through lots of posts to find what you are looking for and this is the reason why some people give up getting leads from Twitter.

There is a much better way of finding leads through Twitter by using NeedTagger which is the world’s first customer search engine for Twitter.  This helps businesses to find leads that they can connect with and help without wasting time finding leads the hard way.  There are over 70 prospecting streams which are pretested to help marketers connect with potential customers.

NeedTagger can be customised for your target market by changing the options such as:

  • The location of your lead – It is possible to limit the search results to people who live in a certain area or those who tweeted in a certain location.
  • Keywords and discussion topics – This can be product names, brands or block words.
  • Profile/Biography – You can search for people with certain job titles or interests.

There are many benefits of using Twitter for your business such as:

  • Increase potential sales – Over 90% of your target market doesn’t follow your Twitter account and they may never even follow you.  By you searching for prospects rather than them coming to you, you can increase your sales reach to more potential leads.
  • High click through rates – Click through rates on NeedTagger range from 5% – 80%.  Most of these are from people who do not follow the bushiness’s Twitter account.  The biggest secret to more engagement is to be helpful and not spammy.
  • Measure the Return on Investment – NeedTagger carries out tracking activities on a daily basis.  You can add Google Analytics tracking to find out if your Twitter marketing is leading directly to leads and sales.

So by following the advice above, you will start to generate more leads from Twitter.  If you want to lean how to get High Quality leads from other sources such as Solo Ads and Banner Ads as well as many other sources, then click the link below:

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How To Generate More Leads From Facebook

June 17th, 2013 No comments

Facebook can be a very valuable tool to generate leads.  Facebook is not just limited to interacting with Leads, fans and customers.  If you are part of a network marketing company with a Facebook account but aren’t using it for lead generation, then below are five lead generation methods to get more leads from Facebook.

  1. The first tip is to reduce unsubscribes and unlikes – When you are trying to build a brand on Facebook relevance is one of the things that matter the most as people tend to ignore messages that don’t apply to them.  Page Post Targeting is one way around this and you can reduce some of the irrelevant content that clutters up your fan’s news feed.  This can also help to reduce the number of unlikes.
  2. Get More Leads with promoted Posts – This can be an effective way to increase your fan engagement.  As the percentage of fans that see any pages posts are quite low, paying to get more eyeballs is very useful to get the fans to see the links and the latest news about your business.
  3. Create More Engagement With The Fans You Already Have – This wont help get more fans on your page but it will help to get more engagement from people who are more interested in your offers as fans are going to be seeing messages they care about.  Once they start sharing, commenting and liking, these interactions will lead to more friends and then their friends seeing your post in their news feed.
  4. Sharing Links To Your Content Which Is On Your Page’s wall –  First of all you have to give your Facebook fans the opportunity to convert into leads.  One of the easiest ways of doing this is to take the content and links from your website and put on your Facebook Fan Page’s wall.  This works really well if you are offering free content such as eBook on how to get more traffic from a website.
  5. Have a Facebook Like Plugin and Sharing Buttons to Your Content –  As well as sharing links to your own content on your Facebook fan page, make it easy for others to do the same by sharing it with their networks.  You can achieve this by adding a Facebook like plugin button and the share on Facebook button to all of your content.

So these five methods will help you to generate more leads from Facebook.  If you want to lean how to get High Quality leads from other sources such as Solo Ads and Banner Ads as well as many other sources, then click the link below:

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