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Popup Domination Plugin

April 3rd, 2013 No comments

Popup Domination is a WordPress plugin designed to get you 400% more subscribers as soon as you install the Popup Domination Plugin.  It allows you to create pop up ads that you use to capture more email subscribers.  According to Pop Up Domination they cant be blocked and you are guaranteed awesome results.

You might have a problem with low subscriber rates and this leads to low revenue growth.  You purchase Popup Domination, choose a theme to match your style and the niche of your website and change the options to suit your audience.  It really is this easy to install, you should get an increase of at least 200% subscriber rate and if not within 60 days you get your money back. Below is a picture of what Pop Domination looks like.

Popup Domination Plugin

Popup Domination Plugin

The Popup Domination Plugin features some really beautiful pop ups.  These pop ups are designed for the highest conversions and opt ins.  It comes with 10 themes so pick the one that suits your target market.

You can set your pop ups to page level targeting which means it lets you target specific pages or categories for your pop ups to display.  It will let you set pop ups on every page if you like.  Another Good thing about Popup Domination is that it will help you to build highly targeted lists of people who are really interested in what you are offering.

The Popup Domination Plugin gives you complete customization of the content and the look and feel of every pop up you create.  You can change the font, the colors, change any text on the pop up and it also lets you upload cover images so you can put a picture of your brand on the pop up.

Another useful feature of the Popup Domination Plugin is that it lets you split test different content, templates and styles.  This can take your opt ins to the next level.  So by split testing you can find out which pop up ads and styles work better than others.

The analytics feature is very useful as it shows you which pages and pop ups are giving the best results which helps when thinking about future offers and thinking about the content on your web site.

The Popup Domination Plugin works standalone or with most of the main email marketing software out there.  A lot of the best internet marketers use the Popup Domination Plugin such as Ryan Deiss, James Dyson and Jeff Johnson.

The Popup Domination Plugin will help to make a bigger impact when it comes to increasing subscribers. It can help you to create popups with laser focused content.  You can be the next person who is killing it with Popup Domination.  If you act quick you can get the plugin at 80% off.

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