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No Credibility Needed – Just Try This

July 15th, 2017 No comments

If you feel you don’t have the credibility, skill or name for yourself, to make it in this business, one thing that’s often running through a person new to online business is this and they feel this is holding them back: “Man I don’t have any credibility.”  I get it.  I’ve got two thoughts on this:

Number 1: A big mistake 98% of people struggling always make is they think everything is about them.  It’s not.  The cool thing about this business is how it’s about serving, helping and adding value to others.  It’s always about them and not you or me.  What sounds and feels more powerful to you?  “I make $100K a month and I have a Mercedes and I travel the world, barely working at all” or “Hey man, let’s chat, where at you currently at in your life?”  Overworked, not appreciated, underpaid, no secure retirement in place, missing out on their own and their kids or grandkid’s life etc.

What’s that costing you?  My health, my wealth, my family and my life.  “Who else is this affecting?”  My spouse, my kids, my parents and my community.  How long are you willing to let things continue on this way?  No more.  You see, how much I was talking about me?  My success?  My achievements?  My accomplishments?  It’s not about me, right?  People care about them, not us.  I say this because this should take some pressure off of you.  Some others may be bragging about their Benz that their commission checks are making their payments on while the person they’re talking to via their email newsletter just wants a new Honda Odyssey to take their kids to play at the park or to take them on a nice road trip to Disney World.  Is this making sense?

Number 2: You can borrow credibility whenever you feel you do need it.  You can communicate from the simple and helpful framework we just went over and then provide a resource to #2, the way they can make that happen.  That’s the cool thing about MOBE.  Matt’s company pays out millions a month in pure commissions to his partners.  Commissions being paid out to folks from all walks of life.

The business model is proven to work, it’s globally run and it’s very lucrative to partners that are fed up and want a better now for themselves and their families.  You can borrow that credibility as well as his entire staff and system working on your behalf.  It’s great.

Not sure if this is for you?  If it could be, we’d be honoured for you to check this out.

Yes, I’m ready to make up to $10K a month and go from where I’m at to where I want to be, borrowing the leverage I need.

If Money Doesn’t Hang Around You For Very Long

July 14th, 2017 No comments

Seems like money flows only to the wealthy and the lucky.  Apply this frame to your life asap if you want the lifestyle they have.  Would you say that money is exciting and adventurous?  In reality, money just sits there.  It’s boring really.  We rarely make $100 then spread out all the $20, $10 and $5 bills over the table and admire all those little faces.  Most of the time, it’s in the bank and we don’t ever see it.

Money doesn’t think, feel, know or care.  It doesn’t play favourites.  It’s just a piece of paper.  A little gold bullion.  A piece of metal.  What matters is the story we attach to it.  The story of how money will thrill us, serve us or scare us.  The story about what money is doing and what it is going to do.  The heavens and hells can bring money our way.  Yet money just sits there without our stories.  It’s not personal and that is so powerful for us because it means we can focus on doing what we love doing.  Things like adding value to others and making as much as we want along the way with out all the story and pains attached.

You are no longer a victim to money or your stories about money and this puts you in full control of your happiness and finances.  Is this making sense?  I hope this helps you.  I say this, in part because this whole money making journey can be fun and very rewarding in every way.

This business is so enthralling and lucrative when approached this way.  Most just don’t get it.  When you’re ready.  I’m here.

Yes, I’m ready to attract as much money my way as I desire with out any story attached to it. 

Remember money itself is lifeless and boring.  It doesn’t care who has it.  Just focus on these 21 steps to online paydays up to ten grand and higher.  Are you down for that?

Retired Or Want To Retire Early? This Puts You In Control

July 13th, 2017 No comments

He just wanted to stay in his home and pay his own bills.  For some of us, we’re deep into our retirement years.  Years that should be rewarded with fun and fulfilling activities with our loved ones or maybe we’ve still got youth on our side but we’d rather live like we’re retied in our 20s, 30s and 40s.  Not waiting till we’re over 65 to start ticking off the bucket list in haste.  Either way, whether we’re thinking for now or are planning a bit ahead.  I’m feeling that we all like being in control of our lives.

You feel that way too?  We don’t want to have to rely on our children or the suits up at the White House to fund and dictate how our retirement years will be lived:

  • You want to live where you want
  • Spend time with who you want
  • Travel when/where you want
  • Never worrying about bills
  • You want to be engrossed in fulfilling activities that lights up your soul

Nothing sucks more than being bored and not knowing what to do with yourself.  This is exactly why many are wisely setting up a plan B business on the side, part time before it’s too late.  It’s fun, it’s lucrative and it keeps you in control.  What’s not to like?  Check out the video presentation and see if it is a fit for you.

Click here to see the presentation and decide how to plan out your future.

Don’t worry about being tech savvy or computer smart.  This is simple enough step by step and you’re getting a coach if you’re accepted in time.  You’ll be a pro at this in no time.

If You’re Struggling To Get To $10K Months Online

July 12th, 2017 No comments

Is this holding you back severely?  The kids were huddled over behind the bleachers, puking their eyeballs out all in response to the announcement that just aired over the P.A. system at their local High School Football game.  THE COKE MACHINE IS CONTAMINATED.  KIDS HAVE ALREADY BEEN TAKEN TO THE HOSPITAL.

People in every nook and cranny of the stadium were acting sickly, holding their stomachs, wrenching in pain even to the point of throwing up until a few minutes later when they’d discovered that it wasn’t the coke machine.  A few had got sick eating at a local dive just before they sat in their hineys down on the bleachers to cheer on their friends and family.  What was the one thing real here?  What was the real problem?  Words.  It was words:

  • What got those people sick
  • They heard and chose to believe
  • What got most people sick

It’s what keeps most people stuck in unfulfilling careers and living up to their full potential.  Here’s what I mean.  These words screamed out powerfully over the P.A. system.  Yet, everyday words like these are accepted as real as they scream through people’s minds.  Most often, they’re taken as truth.  People are greatly affected by it:

  • “You can’t do this!”
  • “Why even try?”
  • “You’re not good enough”
  • “I call B.S. on your plans!”

Sometimes, these words in our minds are spurred on by our childhood.  Other times, it’s just our smaller selves trying to stay safe.  My message in today’s blog post is to simply recognise the power of words and that you can dictate how you react to them.  Are they truth or just thoughts to acknowledge  I try to view them like one of those huge Good Year Blimps that adorns the sky often during some big sporting event.  Often, it drags a banner behind them.  Picture the banner with the thoughts you’re having plastered across it.  I can look at the message (my thoughts).  Acknowledge it and then go about what it was I set out to do.  Pretty soon, the blimp and banner and thoughts are out of my sight and mind.

The takeaway?  Don’t take your thoughts so seriously getting out of my thoughts and into real life, I saw thing like the business Matt Lloyd invited me into.  He’s paid millions and millions to every day folks from all walks of life.

In fact, there’s quite a few people that have made over $1 million alone with this system.  Many, many, many have experienced $10K+ days rolling in like clockwork.  It’s changing lives.  It works.  No matter what our thoughts may lead us to believe.

Plus it’s a fun and rewarding business to be a part of in my experience.  Is this for you?  I’m not sure what you want and what your thoughts are.  Yet, You can check out this presentation to find out ASAP.  No pressure either way.

Yes, click here to take me to the presentation that will help me get serious results.

Simple Formula To $10K Months Inside

July 11th, 2017 No comments

Embrace today’s blog post and it may change your life.  The man I want to introduce you to today is an extraordinary individual.  Over the past 25+ years, he’s worked with over 5,000 entrepreneurs, executives and people from all walks of life.  His coaching and consulting style has been described as creating never before reached results for his committed clients.

Do you have a big goal you’ve yet to reach?  Maybe like getting to $10K to $20K+ months online?  Want to check out one of his powerful formulas?  Cool, check this out, The A-B Formula to achieve Desired Outcomes:

  • Step 1 – Decide what you intend to accomplish
  • Step 2 – Define exactly what actions it will take from you to achieve the outcome
  • Step 3 – Decide if you are willing to pay that price – If you are not willing to pay the price to get whatever you want, you’ll just get frustrated.
  • Step 4 – Monitor the results of your actions and make corrections when needed
  • Step 5 – Continue to take the required actions and do not stop until your outcome is realised

Pretty powerful stuff, right?  Please don’t underestimate the simplicity of this.  Now this is very important.  Let’s tack on a bit more info he dishes out to making this work in your favour and then I’d love to hand over a resource to you.

To get from point A to B through this process, you need to come from the right “Inner Stance” that will take you there.  You can ask yourself: “Am I being loyal to my smallness” or: “Am I being loyal to my bigness?”  Most in this business stay small.  The say they’re waiting for their confidence to do it.  In his radical self-honest style, he’s telling us that confidence is never the issue.  Never.  If your child is held at gunpoint?  Would you do the required action sitting in front of you right now?  With out a doubt.

So, it’s not about waiting for confidence.  It’s coming from the right Inner Stance being willing to generate any and all actions to get from A to B.  You simply weren’t willing to pay the price and do the required actions to get the goal you want with all the steps in formula above.  Oh boy, I hope this helps.  Game changing stuff in my humble and accurate opinion.

Did I mention that there’s a full out book he’s written, I’ve just touched the surface here.  It’s becoming a bit of a cult classic to doers.  Probably the best I have ever read.  It’s a true game changer.  Few know about it.  Want it?  All you have to do is invest in  yourself and your future by clicking on the link below and plopping down the small fee that comes with a full 100% guarantee that this will work for you.  Pick it up and send me your receipt.  Then, I’ll reply back telling you the title of the book where you can rush off to get it.  Deal?

Click here if you’re in. 

The name of the book is Straight Line Leadership by Dusan Djukich available on Amazon.  What’s cool is the investment you’ll be making today, works perfectly with the formula and book.  You are getting 21 steps to showing you exactly how to get to your desired outcome which is step 2 above.  Do you want $10K months like clockwork?  It’s step 1 above.  Plus, full support and coaching to help you make sure this happens for you with steps 3-5.  I’m rooting for you.