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Kill The Alarm And Bumper To Bumper Commute

December 24th, 2017 No comments

This puts real “Wheels” on your lifestyle and financial goals.  Do you want to stop pounding the alarm clock, worrying over the future and have all the income you’ll ever need?  I get it.  Nobody deserves a job or lifestyle they hate.  We’re all in the driver’s seat when it comes to making the required changes.  This may help.  Now, you don’t have to be a football fan to be able to take Bill Walsh’s words straight to the bank.  He was considered one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time but down deep, he truly saw himself as a teacher.

He was the only coach to ever make a team from the worst to the best in just two seasons.  How’d he do it?  By winning the games?  Sure but his focus wasn’t on that.  In fact, he wrote an entire book which is titled: The Score Takes Care Of Itself.  His philosophy?  Focus on the right daily actions and you’ll win games.  Superbowls.  You can become a great.  His only focus then?  Establish a standard of daily performance.  Specific actions and attitudes needed to reach your goals.  Then focus on just that.  Then the score would take care of itself.  The results speaks for itself as he won Super Bowl after Super Bowl.

See, how this plays out into your life?  Say, you’d like to earn $15k a month and do so on a part time basis while you travel the world.  What standard of daily performance could you set up and measure that will take you there?  What would make the score take care of itself?  Set that up.  Focus on that and the result will take care of itself.  It’s all about the daily actions.  The daily wins.  Nothing else.  Need help?

Try this system out for the next 30 days.

You’ll get a daily action to focus on.  Align that with your income and lifestyle goals.  The results will take care of itself.  Up to $10k per month in as little as the next 60 to 90 days or even sooner.  Our first plan will be to get your daily ritual set up so you can earn your first commission of up to $1,000.  Then we’ll scale up from there on your schedule and timeline.  Doesn’t have to take more than 30 minutes a day to start getting results like this.  Can you meet that criteria?

Yes, I’m in.

Here’s How You Can Think Bigger And Earn Way More

December 23rd, 2017 No comments

The attitude that unlocks big incomes.  Sometimes, just thinking differently changes everything we desire to change in our life.  It makes results happen.  In fact, David Schwartz, Ph.D. says in his book, The Magic Of Thinking Big: “Success is determined not so much by the size of one’s brain as it is by the size of one’s thinking.”

His thoughts?  Think big and you’ll live big.  You’ll live big happiness.  You’ll live in big accomplishment.  Big in income.  Big in friends.  Big in respect.  As philosopher Disraeli says, “Life is too short to be little.”  I tend to agree.  Don’t we and our families deserve the best?  Not scraping by with just a little.  I tend to agree.  Don’t we and our families deserve the best?  Not scraping by with just a little?  What ever that is for you.  For e.g.  All it takes is a change of thinking to think bigger and see that could earn up to $1k, $5k, $10k per sale over $47 to $97.  There are systems out there that will support both lines of thinking big or small.  Your choice.  Now, if you’re open to thinking bigger and getting up to $10,000 commissions?  It’s 100% doable.  Folks do it every day:

By leveraging this system and framework.

Over $103 million in Big Ticket commissions born from big thinking have been paid out already.  How soon would you like to earn your first big commission?  Just start with Step 2 and follow along the steps after you’ve logged in.

Why “AM” Structure Equals Freedom And Income

December 22nd, 2017 No comments

This could be life changing and lucrative for you.  It works even if you don’t like waking up early.  It’s amazing what happens when you’re up at the crack of dawn.  Countless people have benefited by following an early AM ritual like that laid out in the book, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  In fact, this one habit of going to bed a little earlier so you can get up a bit earlier, it changes lives.

Now, in today’s blog post, I wanted to talk about how it can dramatically increase your income and free up more time to do whatever you want.  Hal’s method is great too, it’s based on the acronym SAVERS:

  • Silence – Meditation, breathing etc.
  • Affirmations – Powerful words to self.
  • Visualise – Imagine steps/reaching goals
  • Exercise – Light for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Reading – Positive improvement.
  • Scribing – Journaling, Reflection.

Again, that process is life changing if you stick with it but let’s focus on an early morning side hustle ritual you can set up.  If you’re bringing in $4k per month right now, this can have you bringing in $14k per month rather quickly.  Imagine, waking up early and you log in to check your FB Ads statistics and how many leads you got over the past day.

You spend a few minutes creating a new ad to run against this one, really just changing a word or two and the picture you’re using.  Then, you spend about 20 minutes writing and sending out an email to your list of subscribers.  Less than 45 minutes or so later, your side hustle work is done for the day.  Think of how you’ll feel you the rest of that day, you’ve already accomplished something major in your day.  Imagine, still being at your job or you’re out and about and you’re getting new commission notifications coming in.  Pretty soon, they’ll start to add up and the commissions start getting larger and larger all from setting a plan in place.

Sticking with an early morning ritual such as in this example, see?  Achieving big success doesn’t require massive things to happen.  It doesn’t require genius or working 80 hour weeks.  It’s these small, daily wins that gets you there.  Maybe that’s freeing for you, maybe not, I don’t know but here’s a plan that can get you there.

Follow this plan each morning. 

Plus, if you work best as a night owl, you may find that to be your best time.  Whatever works best for you.  If you’re not used to getting up an hour earlier, expect a little resistance the first 3-4 weeks.  After that, your body should be adjusted and you’ll love it after that especially the results.  Maybe you’ll implement good ol’ Hal’s rituals too.

Get this ritual rolling along here.

Open Up If You Have Less Than 1 Hour A Day For A Side Hustle

December 21st, 2017 No comments

Work, life, family, little time left for more?  It’s still possible to get up to $2k to $10k per month even with a crazy hectic schedule.  After a long day’s work, plus school, home responsibilities and everything else on your plate on a day to day basis.  It can feel downright impossible to find any free time to build up a nice side income like you want, can’t it?  I get that.  Yet, it’s usually not a time issue.

It’s usually a clarity and purpose issue.  Hear me out.  Many simply overestimate how much time and energy it takes to build up a nice side income up to $10k or more per month.  Think of it this way, say that someone wants to melt some body fat off their frame, about 50lb.  Seems like it would take a lot of work and time, doesn’t it?  Nothing but celery and water for months on end.

Yet, look at the purpose and clarity before considering the time and effort aspect.  Why do they want to lose the weight?  To feel better about themselves?  To fit into their old clothes?  To have the energy to play with their kids?  To ensure they’re never driving down the road with their family one day and are struck by a heart attack that takes their life far too early, leaving their kids with out a mom or dad?  Maybe it’s all of the above.

Finding their why first is important.  Then, get the clarity on how to do it.  To lose 50lbs., well there’s 52 weeks in a year.  That means they only need to lose a little less than one pound a week.  One pound is 3,500 calories.  Between a little bit of light exercise and cutting back just a bit on the calories each day, they can lose that weight without a lot of extra time or energy.  So, sure, it’ll take some time to reach your goals.  You have to sit down and work with intention.  Getting it done is the difference a year from now of either someone still being stuck or worse off or having a lucrative side income now and the lifestyle that comes with it but it doesn’t have to be a lot of time.  It’s worth it 100% and will be fun once your clarity and purpose is crystal clear and in front of you at all time.  If you’d like help with this:

Try this 21 step system out.

You’ll know exactly what to do to be able to start getting up to $100,000 commission checks.  It doesn’t have to take but about 30 minutes out of your days.  Cause we’re all busy as is, right?  Imagine what it will feel like a year from now and you decided to work with clarity and purpose and now you can have an extra $5k to $10k every month rolling into your bank account while others are still wishing, you did it.

Start here today to make it happen.

Try This To Have Residual Income W/O Big Risks

December 20th, 2017 No comments

Most want residual income but the risk, investment and time to get there holds them back.  Wouldn’t it be nice to do the work once?  Then have a near hands off residual income stream set up for yourself?  An income stream that pays you for years and years and only builds in value?

There’s several different option you got there: Real estate investments, buying into a franchise, stocks and bonds, building a business that eventually runs itself etc.  However, most of these investment vehicles will require a lot of time, investment and risk to get you there if they ever will.

A solution that very few know about much less leverage to build up their own wealth?  Why not, borrow assets.  An example in the real estate world: A lovely woman has been sitting on a house she’s been trying to sell herself for almost a year now.  Very few to no bites on it.  She’s selling it for $15,000 and it’s a fixer upper.  Looks like it needs a lot of TLC.

You offer to do some enhancements to the home, maybe stage it and run an open house.  You get to keep any profits over what she agrees she must have for it, once it sells.  E.g. Like she can’t take less than $140,000.  You put a couple weeks of work into it.  It looks worlds better.  You stage the place and now it’s downright gorgeous.  People can see themselves living there now.  It sells for $175,000.  You get to keep $35,000.  You didn’t need a plan.  No big investment because you borrowed an asset and created a win/win/win situation. Is this making sense?  Now, that’s just an example, though I know of people that do very similar to just that.  I simply choose to leverage the online version of this.

Check this out and leverage this unique asset to lucrative commissions.

There’s even less risk, less paperwork and it doesn’t take too much time to leverage this and get up to a full time income, part time.  You can say that this house is already built and you can get paid large commissions just by sending people through the front door.  You can do this from your own home.  It takes less than an hour a day.  You could be getting your first commission notification of up to $10k over the next 60 to 90 days or sooner.  Wouldn’t that be a treat?  Remember, just borrow assets.

Just like this one.