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2 Tips To Overwhelm And Increase Profits

September 20th, 2017 No comments

Keep running out of time to build your business?  How long should this take to start earning consistent income?  A phrase you may often hear people say in business when they’re spending too much, too fast with out the positive ROI is that they are bleeding money.  Certainly not a good problem to have.

Yet, when you’re starting out?  You’re likely to be faced with a much bigger and pressing problem which is bleeding time.  Your time is precious especially if you’re working a job or desire to run a lifestyle business.  One that doesn’t take up all your time.  We call this being time rich.

Here’s a couple quick things that may help: If you’re starting a new business on the side and may have invested in a training to teach you the how to, view the starting phrase, going through the product just as you would a new hire and training if you were starting an actual new job.

You know there will be a learning curve and a few challenges until you get the hang of things.  You’ll need to complete the training but after the initial phase?  You should be in gear and earning money and actually doing the job.  Same thing here.  If you’re stuck in orientation for years?  Something is wrong, very wrong.  Paychecks should be coming in within 4-8 weeks, max.  Online, you’ll have the tools and leverage and training to help you do that but you may not have a boss telling you that you better figure things out in a few weeks or you’re done for.  Getting this part though can save you from bleeding time for years and years.

The next tip is find the shortest path to steady paydays as possible.  Overwhelm happens when you try to do everything yourself, right from day 1.  Better to get good at just a few simple things and outsource or leverage out the rest.

Is this making sense?  There’s several different options out there.  Just look for ways to shorten your path to success and lighten the workload you have on yourself.  I hope this helps.  This is why I work with Matt’s business and team.  He has the products, the staff, the support, the coaches, the shopping carts and the whole enchilada.

I can simply plug in and leverage a fully fledged top of the line business.  Yes, this even means high ticket sales can be coming my way up to $10k sales and basically hands off on my part.  Are you open to joining me today?

Yes show me how to stop bleeding time and start leveraging my way to high ticket and consistent online paydays.

Here’s The Truth On The 4 Hour Work Week

September 19th, 2017 No comments

It’s not about the “4 hour work weeks.”  It is about this.  Scotty: She’s all yours, Sir.  All systems automated and ready.  A chimpanzee and two trainees could run her.  Captain Kirk: Thank you, Mr Scott.  I’ll try no to take that personally.  Start Trek.

Have you read Tim Ferris seminar work, The 4 Hour Workweek, yet?  I highly recommend it.  However, many people get this book all wrong.  They think it’s all about working only 4 hours a week.  That could never work for them but it’s not about that at all.  Although the book’s title is true to what the author accomplished at one point in his life, the book is really about systems, automation and time freedom.  It’s about being able to live and do what you love in life and not being tied down to one location.  It’s about being time rich with plenty of income to live like you want over being time poor with money but no life at all.  Think of most CEOs.

It all boils down to the Start Trek quote we started off today’s blog post with.  It’s all about having systems and automation set up so your business practically runs itself even if you could run it for 2-4 hours a day from anywhere in the world your home, while travelling or at coffee shops.  That could be pretty great, right?

That’s the type of business this allows you.

It was built around the 4 Hour Workweek diameters.  May take you a bit more time to get things rolling but it’ll be worth it.  Just get through the 21 steps as quickly as possible.  Also, check out The 4 Hour Workweek book if you’d like or re-read it.  It’s changed lives.  Remember, change always happens in the present.

Fastest Way To A 6 Figure Income

September 18th, 2017 No comments

There’s a right way to model and an easier way to build a lucrative lifestyle business.  I have a quick tip on modelling success.  I came across a nice insight recently.  It’s popular advice that you should be modelling what others are doing rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.  Usually, that’s good advice.

However, what many people do is try to improve on what’s already working for others.  That can be a big mistake.  Here’s why.  Take online business for e.g. If you were to model a company and hope to get similar results, you’d be modelling a very successful company, right?  This means that they likely have a huge team.  They have some of the best writers in the world on their payroll.

They’ve tweaked and tested prices, funnels, offers, optimised everything etc. etc.  They’re doing this all with a massive budget.  Usually playing and doing biz at a much higher level than most of us are at present.  They’ve likely been doing this process for years.
Your tweaks to make it better could be the thing they’ve already tested out.  It turns out to screw the whole business model up killing the profits.  The point?  At the beginning if you’re going to model then model.  Don’t try to one up the big guys but that makes things much easier, right?  This may be even better.

Rather than model better yet if you can join them.  Simply tap into their powerhouse of a business.  This makes things much easier.  You’re learning from the inside and everything is already done and set up for you.  After you’ve brought in your first 6 years and you’re free, you can always stop for a beat and examine what move you want to make next.

I hope this helps.  There’s a lot of unique opportunities out there like this but I do have one for you today.  If you want to join a powerful business model and team that you can start profiting from right away, click on the link below:

Yes, I’m ready to join a powerful business model online which beats modelling and trying to do it all myself. 

Working with a successful company like this also means that they’ve got the bandwidth to fully support you every step of the way.  So, you’re also getting a coach to help you get going and get your first sale.

My Advice On Not Giving Up Ever

September 17th, 2017 No comments

You may be closer than you think to your ideal income and lifestyle if you see this.  Don’t give up.  Seriously.  I know firsthand this business can seem frustrating at times.  There’s lots of opportunities out there.  It makes you want to throw the towel in sometimes.  Gets overwhelming, doesn’t it?  Think of this, if you want to build muscle as you’re at the gym lifting weights, you’re actually tearing your muscles down.  It can be a painful process.  Yet, this is the building blocks of becoming stronger and healthier.  Isn’t it true that after you finish the workout, after you push through the resistance, you’re incredibly happy and fulfilled even tired as you may feel?

A big key to this business is to not throw in the towel.  Keep going.  Don’t give up.  It is 100% part of the process.  I don’t mean to sound ra ra.  It’s just that important.  A big help may be to reframe failures and setbacks.  A big part of this business is having fun and testing.  Figuring out if something works or not and moving forward from there.

So, rather than trying something and thinking: “I’m a failure” or: “I’m no good at this” or: “This doesn’t work!”  View everything as a wonderful little experiment.  We’re the mad scientists testing and trying things out to better our income, lifestyle and families futures a bit more day by day.  I say it’s worth the experimenting, isn’t it?  No failing involved in experiments:

  • Keep on going
  • Keep on trying
  • Keep on testing
  • Keep on experimenting

This time, if you don’t give up, you’ll experience massive breakthrough, I’m sure of it.  If you’d like support, we’ve got FB groups you can join and be part of.  If you need a surefire system to follow, we’ve got that too.

Yes, I want the support and surefire system to a great income and amazing lifestyle business.  I’m not one to give up.

Want More Options In Your Life?

September 16th, 2017 No comments

What may make the next 365 days different than the last 365?  So many people are caught up, running on the busy treadmill of life.  Day after day keeps passing them by.  They’re not living their days on their terms.  Others dictate what they do.  They let others decide their life.  What if you could design your days?  What if you could design your life?  You don’t have to wait for wealth or for anything to start down this path.  It’s not an end goal but a now goal.

Here’s the difference.  Imagine you’re wanting to get married.  What would likely make you happier over the next 30-90+ years with someone?  Accepting whoever falls into your lap?  Just hoping someone will take you?  What about having a criteria, boundaries, qualities you must have in a mate e.g. loving, caring, honest, loyal, wants kids, doesn’t want kinds or likes to travel.

Do you see the difference?  Most in life just accept the crumbs that are brushed their way.  They don’t see any other options out there.  Others?  A select few?  They’re setting the time aside to design their ideal lifestyle starting right now.  It starts with sitting down and writing out your ideal normal but perfect day.  It’s not always easy to start but it’s rewarding once you just do it.  It’s life changing.  It can take as little as a few hours to do it.

Would you like to wake up to a clean room with crisp, plush sheets with your loved one curled up at your side?  Rolling out of bed after a great night’s sleep?  The scent of 100% organic coffee brewing and whiffing into your nostrils?  How would you start your ideal day?  Walking or jogging a nearby train?  Doing a few stretches?  Reading a few pages of your favourite book?

What would your ideal workday look like?  How about when you get home?  Would you toss the ball for a few minutes with the kids or grandkids?  Have some friends over for dinner?  Laughing and sharing stories together?  Would you write a few things down before you go to bed each night?  Things you were grateful for?  Not sure what that would be for you.

Again, all of this wouldn’t set you back with much cash but it could definitely kick up your happiness factor a notch or three.  Life isn’t always easy but we can design our happiness.  We can make it better:

  • More income
  • More free time
  • More freedom

Sure, it can give you more options.  You can do more, work less and give to causes important to you.  If you’re in a job you hate, sure then getting into something you enjoy is recommended.  If the pension keeps running low and you don’t want to rely on kids or government to take care of you in the later years, again, this opens up options for you.  That’s where this comes in if it seems like a good fit for you:

Yes, I’m going to design my ideal life today. 

I want to tack on an additional income stream for more freedom and options for myself and family.  Have a great day.