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Put Cash Back In Your Cards

September 25th, 2017 No comments

Whether you’re still in school or you have been out for years or never even went, there is one thing everyone can agree on and it’s that during those first years of being on your own getting an envelope with money for a present was a breath of fresh air.  Remember you didn’t want to straight up ask for money instead of a gift but if someone slid you some bills instead of a wrapped box then you leapt inside.  Everyone think of the broke college kid or graduate who is struggling to handle all their new responsibilities as a symbol for being young and broke but really anyone who leaves the nest for the first time is going to struggle with money.

That’s why young people look forward to their birthdays and Christmas because they know there is a chance they will get some extra dough but as everyone learns that doesn’t last forever.  Sure, you might get a Christmas bonus but that’s it.  Other than that, there is no financial help coming out of the blue.  No cards to not read as you look for money inside.  No hope that your aunts and uncles who don’t know what to get you, will take the easy route and throw you some cash.

It sucks to grow up because as you get older and further away from the age when people expect you to be broke more and more is expected of you.  When that guy you went to school with buys a house and you are still renting a one bedroom or your best girlfriend is sending her kids to a private school while you couldn’t fathom bring responsible for another human being, you will feel the pressure.

All those cards with money disappearing is the first step towards it.  Here’s the good news though.  This blog post is your way to ease some of that pressure because at the end of this blog post is a link that can teach you more about a system called MTTB.  MTTB is a system that makes it’s affiliates money when people get on the Internet’s most popular websites.

Now you can start seeing some of that money every week not just in small potatoes but thousands of dollars.

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The Key To Being Your Own Boss

September 24th, 2017 No comments

You don’t want to replace a job with just another job.  Transitioning from a j-o-b into doing your own thing can be very exciting.  You can save lots of hours in your days without a work commute.  No more alarm clocks.  No more dealing with boss-holes and working around employees you don’t like.  There’s no more unfulfilling work and you can make more income.  The list goes on and on.

However, you don’t want to pigeon hole yourself into another job.  Some go into doing their own thing while holding on to the employee mindset.  You must free yourself from that.  The key thing is just having a simple daily routine and sticking to it religiously.  Remember this: Structure equals freedom.  That’s the #1 thing I can tell you.
Many who have zero structure in their days end up goofing off or getting their 2-3 hours worth of work done all day long.  Maybe they need to send an email out or put an ad up.  Yet, they waited till the last minute when they could have had it all done before noon.  Now, it’s after dinner time, instead of spending time with friends, you are stressing over getting your work done.

Is this making sense?  Having a business like this is exciting, lucrative and very freeing.  Yet, it requires a bit of smarts and good planning to be your own boss.  To be free, you have to structure your days.  Get what you need done at a specific time and you can spend the rest of the day with your family, pursuing hobbies, reading, travelling or whatever you want.I hope this helps.  Not only does this structure help, so does having a step by step plan like this to implement.  By building an hour or two a day to focus on this, you may have a 6 figure business on your hands, relatively fast.

Yes, I’m ready to spend a focused few hours a day on this to build up to a 6 figure business. 

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Increase Sales With A Method Only A Few Use

September 23rd, 2017 No comments

If the sales and income isn’t where you want it to be, try this tip.  Today’s insight can only greatly increase your daily sales and constant revenue.  This tip will be worth well over $1,000 if you want to take it to heart.  If sales aren’t coming in easily, try this: Sell results and not the products.  People never buy a product.  They buy the results it’s going to be bringing them.  Seems simple enough, right?

Yet, folks get wrapped up in their product and that’s what they end up focusing on most times.  It’s a big mistake..  For e.g. Think of Apple.  What sounds more powerful?  “Buy our MP3 player” (Product) or “1,000 of your favourite songs in your pocket” (Result).  What if you’re selling Home Alarms?  You’re running a sale that’s about to expire.  What would make you more likely to buy if you were a target customer?  “Buy our Home Alarm before our deal ends” (Product) or “Don’t sleep another night not 100% confident your family is safe from burglars and break ins.  Deal ends tonight” (Result).

Is this making sense?  This is big stuff here.  Nobody cares about the vehicle which is the product.  They care what result it will bring them.  Speak to that.  The plus is this doesn’t require some great writing skill or some marketing prowess.  Just help people out.  Reach their hearts.  Speak to what they want.  Then your sales will go up.

That’s what I try my best to do.  I could tell you about the “Product” I leverage which is the vehicle.  It’s exciting and all but the reason why I do it, is what it provides me and my family which is the result.  This could be:

  • More time freedom
  • Work from wherever I want
  • Leverage
  • No boss
  • Great income

If that all aligns with your wants too, feel free to check it out.  You’re also getting a 1 on 1 coach right now helping to make sure you’re fully supported day by day to getting the results you’re after.

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Is Your Traffic Not Generating Sales?

September 22nd, 2017 No comments

Could you be giving up 3′ before the gold?  Depending on how far you can see with your “Conversion glasses” on will determine exactly how much you can earn for e.g. Let’s say you’re just getting started in business and you spend $200 your first month on online advertising.  After a week, none of your leads have turned into sales.  After a month, you get one sale for $49.  You could chalk it up to a bad batch of leads and get discouraged and look for the next opportunity out there.  This causes you to stop emailing, to stop following up and to stop adding value to these people.  It also causes you to stop investing in more.  Your conversion glasses were only allowing you to see very short sighted in the sales process because if you’d continued on without let up, what if one of these leads ended up investing over $10,000 from you?

It happens every single day.  Take the long road to sales.  Let your conversion glasses allow you to see past the first month or three.  You’ll thank me later if you do this.  It just like dieting.  You can’t expect to lose 50lbs. after a week of doing things right.  The results aren’t immediately visible.  Yet, if you keep at it?  Pretty soon, you’ll start to see tangible visible rewards for your continuous efforts.  True, it’s harder to make this work if the economics of your business is all screwed up.  Trying to make a 6 figure plus income online by only selling low ticket services?  That’s as hard as trying to lose a ton of weight by only cutting 1 calorie a day.

That’s why you need the ability to bring in a variety of sales, low to mid to high ticket commissions.  Not sure if you have that set up already?  Where you can earn up to $10,000 per sale?  If not, I’d love for you to check this out.

Yes, I’m ready for high ticket commissions by focusing on these simple daily steps. 

You’ll follow a simple lead gen process and as you just keep at it, you may see high ticket sales rolling your way very soon.  How soon from now would you like to see Matt pinning you and telling you that you just got your first big ticket commission?  Your first of many?  All the best.

Critics And Naysayers Bringing you Down?

September 21st, 2017 No comments

Cutting remarks?  Statements of doubt over what you’re doing?  Here’s what to do next.  Ever tried to break out of the mould and are met by a few naysayers and critics?  You’re not alone.  You’re definitely not alone.  We’re different you and I but I said that’s a good thing.

You agree?  Don’t let them get to you.  Here’s two things that can help:

  1. Learn to ignore them.  Like fans rooting for the other team, you don’t mind them no big importance.  Their criticisms, doubts, critiques, that’s their problem and not yours.  A reflection of their life and doubts and not yours.
  2. Get support from others doing what you’re doing.  There are plenty of folks that do believe in what you are doing.  Surround yourself with these fine people.  Listen to what they have to say.

Most importantly, it’s what you’re saying to yourself.  I hope you believe in you.  You need to be your biggest fan and believer in this.  You can’t ride on someone else’s belief coattails.  See the amazing potential just within your reach.  Know that I’m in your corner too.

Now, there’s a lot of places to get the support you may need.  One thing I love about the team I work with is the support and encouragement and live feedback needed to grow our businesses.  Right when we need it because you’ll be added as a member of our private FB group as soon as you’re started with us.  It’s an invaluable resource and a place of amazing support.

Show me how to get the support I need to live my ideal lifestyle and quit my 9-5 for good. 

Nothing shuts up the naysayers more than seeing your lifestyle change and seeing your income exploding up right in front of their own two eyes.  Are you ready for that?