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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Matt Lloyd?

March 26th, 2016 No comments

Don’t trust Matt Lloyd?  He’s the creator of MTTB which is a system that pairs you with a personal coach, gives you done for you products and gives you the training you need to start a home business.

So, why shouldn’t you trust him?  It’s because you don’t need to.  He’s not the only one vouching for MTTB.  Everyday people have tried his system.

Here’s what they had to say.

There’s a reason MTTB has sold over 70,000 copies, it works.  It teaches you time tested methods for generating traffic, converting traffic and making big fat, commissions online.  It shows you how to systematize the process and turn it into a lucrative home business.

It’s a simple, step by step solution or everyone who’s ready to take ownership of their life, be their own boss and work from home but don’t take Matt’s word for me.  There’s no need for blind faith here.  Just look at the numbers and listen to the stories.

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Do You Believe The 4-Minute Mile Myth?

April 1st, 2015 No comments

If you’re a sports buff, you may be familiar with the story of Roger Bannister and the 4-minute mile.  You may also be familiar with a popular myth that’s spouted up around Mr. Bannister’s feat.

The myth is that the previous record of 4:01.4 was set in 1945.  For 9 years the record was “stuck” there.  Just 1.4 seconds away from the big 4:00:00 barrier!

People believed that it was impossible to break the 4-minute mile.  Then Bannister broke the barrier in 1954.  Six weeks later John Landy also ran the mile in under 4:00!  Since then over 1,000 men have run the mile in under 4:00!

Therefore, the myth says that this wasn’t a physical barrier but a psychological barrier that had to be broken.  Once Bannister broke the psychological barrier then others believed they could do it too.  It makes for a nice story but it doesn’t hold water.  As Rock Tucker, of the science of sports points out, it was a training and technology barrier more than a psychological barrier.

Bannister worked with “pace setters” who pushed him to run faster.  This wasn’t a common practice at the time.  In fact, Landy only broke the record after he started doing the same thing.  Synthetic tracks were also invented around this time.  Landy’s first sub-4-minute mile was on one of these tracks and this was after years of running on slower tracks in Australia.

Care to guess how many sub-4-minute miles have been run on synthetic tracks?  It’s over 500.  So, sure psychological issues may have had something to do with breaking the barrier but it sure seems like advanced training and technology had a lot more to do with it.

So, what does any of this have to do with your online business success?  Well, I’m sure many folks have psychological barriers about running a successful online business.  If you need to break through the barrier, then I highly recommend that you watch the case study videos from this link to see others that have already done it.

You can do it.  Others have done it and so can you regardless of your current situation but removing those psychological barriers won’t be enough.  You’ll need proven “training” methods and advanced “technology” to be successful.

That’s what you get with MTTB.  Step by step training and all the tools and you need to earn big commissions fast.  You can break the ten thousand dollar barrier, the one-hundred thousand dollar barrier or even the million dollar barrier.  You break the psychological barrier and MTTB will help you break the technology and the training barrier.

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Check Out The MOBE Titanium Mastermind In The Bahamas

November 11th, 2014 No comments

If you weren’t at The MOBE Titanium Mastermind in The Bahamas then you’re missing out.  There were about 350 people there learning from the best of the best in the industry including Kevin Harrington, Russ Whitney and many more.  Some of these people have sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and some even billions of dollars.  They are very successful.

Titanium Mastermind is a 3 day live event run by MOBE on Traffic, Conversions and Leverage.  You learn a lot from an event like this.  Just 1 idea or tip can be worth a fortune if you apply it to your business.

They also have a lot of fun.  The Bahamas is an amazing place to be.  Imagine going there learning from the best Internet Marketers and having a lot of fun there.

If you would like to attend a future Titanium Mastermind then I’d be glad to help.  Just ask and I’ll do my best to help you.

Click here and search for: Titanium Mastermind 2014, Bahamas to watch the highlights of The Titanium Mastermind. 

Luke Lim Interviews Matt Lloyd On Making Money Online

November 6th, 2014 No comments

Luke Lim who’s a Diamond Member within MOBE has just crossed $250k in commissions interviewed CEO of MTTB, Matt Lloyd.  Matt Lloyd is an 8 figure income earner and his company is doing very well.  Luke Lim asked him:

  • Why people struggle so much to make money online as 97% never make money online
  • Why the market will never be saturated
  • What Matt would do if he started just with his knowledge and nothing else
  • What are the Income producing activities
  • What Matt would do if he only had 1 hour a day
  • How to pick an offer

I learned a lot of useful information from this interview.

Click here to watch it and search for: Diamond Member Luke Lim Interviews Matt Lloyd…

Yannick Van Den Bos MOBE Testimonial Video

October 24th, 2014 No comments

Yannick Van Den Bos recently did a testimonial video for MOBE.  He is making good money with MOBE.  Life wasn’t always like that for him.  His parents struggled with money, he was truggling and then there was the recession.  He wanted to help his family and to provide for his future family.  So he joined MOBE and started getting results.  He’s very greatful for MOBE allowing him to help his family and to travel the world.  He’s able to do things he wouldn’t have before.

Click this link and search for: Case Study: Yannick Van Den Bos to watch his testimonial video.