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How To 5-9 Your 9-5

October 5th, 2017 No comments

Read on if you can work at least 4hour days.  I firmly believe if you can work 9-5 with a 9-5 mentality, you can easily get up to 10k months with your own online side business.  Maybe even less than that but what’s cool about even getting there at 4 hours a day, is you can start at 5 am and be done for the day by 9am or you can sleep in till 9am and be done by 1.  Still 4 hours shorter than most of the folks grinding cubicles and j-o-b-s around the globe.  If you’re a night person, you can play all day and start working your biz at 9pm etc.  It’s 100% up to you.  Nice perk, right?

Of course to get there, you may only be able to do this 1-2 hours a day and that’s okay.  Do whatever you can do.  Either way, the challenge is doing it daily.  Not letting up when the income starts coming in.  Not that you can’t have any free days.  During your work time nothing else enters that space.  That’s your precious time where you’re not to be bothered by anything or anyone.  Otherwise, you’ll likely struggle.  People may not respect your time.  You’ll end up working at all hours of the day instead of just a few like so, so many.

Some call this their Sacred Time.  Author, Cal Newport, call it Deep Work.  Great book with the same title, by the way.  The best writers on Earth, NYT bestsellers, they do something similar.  They all plant themselves in their seats and write with the same time and ritual every day no matter what.  If you can do that:

You can stick with this plan. 

Then there’s no way on Earth you shouldn’t be able to get to 6 figures soon, maybe very soon.  Yes, part time because lifestyle, right?  I’m in your corner.

3 Steps To A Great Online Income

October 4th, 2017 No comments

If zero up to ten grand months sound good, there’s 3 steps you’ll want to try and stick to, if you’re after a solid and stable income online:

  1. Find a starving crowd
  2. Get yourself in front of that crowd
  3. Keep yourself planted in front of them

These big 3 areas online are health, wealth and relationships.  However, those are far too wide.  We have to narrow in our focus quite a bit more.  Today’s note is all about one of the best ways to pull this off.  It’s by focusing on what has a person’s greatest mindshare and talking to that part of the market.  What’s constantly on a person’s mind?  What problems are they facing?  So bad, they go to sleep and wake up thinking about them?

What’s the fire’s blazing in their life right now?  For e.g. if you were in the relationship market, you don’t want to sell to happy couples, likely but what if they were happy but now they’re going through a break up or a divorce that they don’t want?  What if they just had the conversation?

What if they just received a text: “It’s over.”  See?  Mindshare?  There’s a lot of topics you can talk about that around this mindshare problem.  In the wealth space, maybe a person just got laid off, maybe they just hopped on a plane for another work trip away from their family e.g. Bob was tired of eating plane peanuts instead of tossing the ball in the backyard.  Eating the ice cream after.  Maybe there’s no fulfilment or adventure in their work anymore and they hit the pillow every night wondering how they got where they are.

They though they’d be an astronaut when they grew up after all.  Maybe they’re pension is running dry and see the writing on the wall that they’ll have to rely on family and government to take care of them in their older years.  Again, mindshare, right?  Start going down this path and you’ll be onto something good.  A plus is you’re truly helping people in need.  Pick a market and give them the world.  Income will be a natural side effect if you do this right and focus on helping others solve their big hairy problems.  I hope this helps.  I’m rooting for you.

This 21 step system may help.

Monopolise These Gaps For More Paydays

October 3rd, 2017 No comments

This increases sales right away.  I have a quick note for you today.  Yet, this could be a big tip for you especially if you’re a partner, affiliate marketer or in a competitive space.  You may be looking for a leg up to get more sales than the next guy.  Just try it and you won’t be let down.  So, lets say you’re selling a product.  You get a nice commission every time you get a sale.  However, lots of other people are selling this product too.  That’s not a bad thing.  You just need to stand out and be more of value than they are.  Do that and the sales may start flooding in.

So, here’s how you do it.  Find the gaps in the offer.  Then, position the plug to those gaps as bonuses.  Here’s what I mean.  Virtually, every product offering has a gap in it.  Something to make it better.  Your job is to think: “What’s missing?”, “What could make this better?” or “What could I do for my people?”

If you’re selling burgers for commissions, you could add the cheese, the fries on the side and all the extra condiments to make it better.  Right?  If you’re offering a course to teach people how to get traffic and leads, you can do the same thing.  It works with any offer.  You could work with them to help them get their first 100 leads.  You could even send them their first 100 leads on the house.  Maybe the course teaches how to get the leads but doesn’t show how to follow up and turn them into sales.

So, you could offer a bonus on that.  Could be the course is just that, a course but there’s no personal help, feedback or support they’re getting.  You could offer personal support for 8 weeks or you could put together a private FB Group for ongoing training and support etc.

Is this making sense?  Do you see the power here?  Where most people are offering use Private Label Rights (PLR) and other bonuses that do nothing, you’re offering something of true value.  Something that really helps.  You’re filling in the gaps, the potential reasons they may not make a purchase otherwise.  It’s why most people may choose you over everyone else.

It’s great stuff, right?  While you’re offering maximum value, you might as well play it smart one step further and make sure you’re getting paid handsomely in return too, right?

That’s where this comes into play.

The Language To Lifestyle And Freedom

October 2nd, 2017 No comments

Do you live by a High Performance Credo or language?  There’s a coach that’s worked with many high achievers and wanna be high achievers alike.  He’s got stacks of notebooks, folders bulging with discoveries and contrasts between the two.  The greatest distinction he found that’s made the difference between winners and losers?  Again, their language and their frame of mind.  Let’s look at some of his scribbles and notes.  High achievers he’d label owners.  Those struggling and frustrated with their results he’d label victims:

  • Owners used the words: “I can” a lot, while victims favoured “I can’t”.
  • Owners had goals, projects and challenges while victims had problems, hassles and nightmares.
  • Owners said they were busy and victims said they were swamped.
  • Owners were “Designing a life” while victims were trying to “Make a living”.
  • Owners looked to see what they could get from an experience while victims tried to get through it.
  • Owners would plan things and victims would wish things

Now, the link between people’s language and their success was insane.  His greatest discovery was that when those struggling, started practicing this new language, they started getting the results they wanted in life too.  A crime to humanity is thinking you have a permanent personality or identity.  A label for life.  Stuck thinking is like: “That’s just who I am.”  True, the process may not be natural from day one but it’s possible and worth it.  Just like a baseball player who can learn to bat at the plate from left and right.  A boxer can learn to throw a power punch from his weak hand.  A righty can become a lefty.  A person can learn a new language.

You may not be born that way but put the new patters and language in place then watch the world light on fire.  Same thing applies to building up to $10,000 per month with your own internet based lifestyle business.  It doesn’t have to be hard.  It’s just a different language and way of thinking and with a solid plan to follow and a willingness to begin and stick with it, you can totally make this work for you like countless others have.

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Rockets Up Your Income

October 1st, 2017 No comments

Stat: Starting is the hardest part.  Yet, if it’s a struggle to even get your business of the ground, I can feel your frustration.  Here’s why.  I hear most of the fuel needed to launch a rocket into outer space is used on lift-off.  After the 3-2-1 blast off has happened.  Once you’re in the stratosphere everything is easier and manageable from then on.  Of course, this means that if you first have to build the rocket before you can even think about launching then things will be that much harder for you.  You’ll be looking at needing skills as the technician and pilot.

Is this making sense?  First, I think just being aware of this phenomena helps a lot.  Just like remodelling a kitchen.  If you expect things to be a little messy at first, you can roll with it.  You can deal with a bit of chaos.  You know the end result will be worth it if you can see things through and can stick with, no matter what.  A remodelled kitchen or a remodelled life or a remodelled income.  Any early launch phase will be well worth the efforts to get you there.  Agree?  If not you may not be my Huckleberry.

Next, it can help you better pinpoint how you can make this process as easy as humanly possible.  Like when it comes to building up a lucrative lifestyle business online, can you use a Rocket Ship that’s already been built?  That’s already blasted off as is proven to send people from all walks of life to the most profitable planets in the online space?  Would training, personal coaching and full on support when you need it all helping you get things off the ground, asap?  I say yes, yes and yes because you’re getting to the income, the lifestyle and the time freedom you want will feel like the equivalent of successfully sending man to the moon.

It’s all up to you.  I don’t think there’s ever a wrong choice if it’s a choice you make and are happy as a calm with.  I just want to help all I can to give you options and to make this path as easy as possible for you.  All the best.

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