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Learn The L.Z.T. Formula

October 7th, 2013 No comments

I am about to show you a million dollar formula for you.  If you want to skyrocket your results and dominate the affiliate marketing competitions then read very carefully  It is called the L.Z.T. Formula.  The L stands for leverage.  Leverage is something that can that can put you above the gurus and their followers who cant think for themselves.  Lets say if you make it to the third position in an affiliate marketing competition, that you earn you a good profit and you would also get a bonus prize.  You also get recognition, branding and attention as a lot of people take part in the competitions and keep an eye on the top affiliates.  Its winning these competitions that leads to the affiliate speaking at event of the product creator’s and then the affiliate starts becoming a major up and comer.  This is how the affiliate keeps on growing his business and starting off to make 7 figures online.  That’s really is the power of winning competitions.  You get a lot of success after.  So how do you get leverage to beat the gurus and the other affiliates.  A lot of it is in the bonus.

The Z stands for Zig.  It means when everyone else is zagging you zig.  What this really means is to be different by doing the opposite of what other people are doing.  If someone is giving away 16gb of the same old products you give away a 16gb Ipad.  If they give an eBook on traffic generation strategies you can give them hundreds of leads.  The main point here is to be different.  Find what other people are doing and do the opposite.

The next part of the formula is T for Traffic.  You need the right kind of traffic to send to your bonus offer.  You can take traffic from the gurus and get it sent to your offer.  This is totally ethical but you have to pay for it.  This way you can get to the top of the leader boards.

All of this process is laid out in a lot of detail in The Affiliate Bonus Domination.  Thanks to the Internet, you can click the link below and it will magically take you to the website to check it out.    

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Why You Are Doing It All Wrong?

October 2nd, 2013 No comments

I want give you a secret.  Its being done on small companies all the way up to billion dollar companies.  This is one skill you really have to master.  Doing this secret right online can really make or break your business.  See if you can notice this secret by having a look at examples.  If you are in to sports, you will be interested in a subscription to Sports Illustrated.  If you go there right now, you can get a subscription in all formats and you also get to pick your favorite teams and t shirts.  This is hard to pass up.  If you buy the Mens Health magazine, you get The Big Black Of Secrets for free.  Amazon offers a free kindle reader if you order their 9″ tablet.  This is tough to refuse if you are looking for a tablet and the best deals on tablets.

Have you noticed what the companies were offering?  There were offering a really good bonus.  Once you start looking out for bonuses, you will notice bonuses are offered across all industries.  Offering a bonus is very important in marketing.  Its what can help an affiliate earn lots of commissions and to dominate affiliate competitions.

The problem is most people are doing it the wrong way.  They are missing out the main steps.  What used to work in the past doesn’t work anymore.  If you would like to learn the new secrets, then click the link below.

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How To Win Affiliate Contests

September 21st, 2013 No comments

There is one of those big shifts happening in the make money online industry.  It doesn’t matter if you are new to Internet Marketing or have been in business a while and have your own customer base.  This applies for everybody.  It certainly is no secret that promoting a product launch can earn you lots of money and really quickly.  Its also not a secret that to dominate an affiliate launch, you need the best bonus.  This levels off the playing field even if you are just starting out.  Once you have the best bonus, you can dominate the product launch.

You could create a bonus quite easily such as by:

  • Writing an ebook
  • Shooting some videos
  • Offering a car
  • Offering some cash

The only problem with those bonuses is that they don’t work so well.  There has been a big affiliate that’s won many contests complaining on Facebook group recently because of sending free bonus just to be nice to his to list and getting tons of spam complaints for doing so.  Then he sends a heavy promo offer to the same list and doesn’t get one complaint.  The main problem is that people just don’t value free anymore.  Its just not a good offer anymore.  Most affiliate marketers are doing this.

Affiliate Marketing still works really well but you have to do things a bit differently.  You will learn these things by checking out Affiliate Bonus Domination.  With this program you can learn Affiliate Marketing secrets and win some big product launches.  You could end up winning a Mercedes Benz and when you do promise me you will give me a ride.

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Affiliate Bonus Domination Review

May 27th, 2013 No comments

Affiliate Bonus Domination is an Internet Marketing course which will show you how Matt Lloyd dominated major product launches and was in the top 10 of all affiliates.  He has beaten 13,000 other affiliates who were competing against him.  According to Matt Lloyd it isn’t rocket science it is actually quite easy.  Once you implement what Matt Lloyd teaches you in this course, you can set amazing results for yourself.

Affiliate Marketing is more competitive than it has ever been.  Some of the best product launches have more than 10,00 people promoting it. You can stand out from the crowd by offering a bonus package.  A bonus is relevant and additional information that is offered once a lead buys from your unique affiliate link.  You can make sales without a bonus but you will get more sales with a bonus.  Once you purchase Affiliate Bonus Domination Matt Lloyd will show you in the course how to create your own bonus.

You will get 7 modules showing you how to dominate product launches.  The course starts with showing you the different levels of Affiliate Marketing and how to move up the ranks to get more sales.  You will learn everything you need to know on to how to boost you sales with a bonus.  You will be shown how to pick a product launch in terms of one that will convert well to make you more sales.  You learn how to set up your auto responder so you know what days to send emails, how to get more people to open your emails even if they didn’t click the first time and roughly what to write in the emails you send.

Another important thing you learn is how to get traffic to your offer such as with Face book Pay Per Click and Banner Ads even with real examples of Advertisements so you can implement straight away.  This part of the module also covers capturing the leads so you can follow up with them.

For those on a low budget there is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.  With SEO you can get traffic for free but it will cost you a lot of time ranking your website high in the search engines.  Module 7 covers how to rank for your chosen keywords on page 1 of Google to bring you traffic and then more more sales.

So there is a lot of very useful information in Affiliate Bonus Domination.  To do well you have to take action.  So go find a product launch to promote and get to work by doing what you will have been shown in the course.

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