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Bloomberg’s 5 Reasons Why Businesses ‘Crash And Burn’

According to a dismal report from Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 businesses ‘crash and burn’.  So, does that apply to MTTB?  Matt Lloyd’s 21 step system for building a home business?  Bloomberg gives 5 reasons why most businesses ‘crash and burn’ so if MTTB avoids those, it might just have what it takes.

Reason 1 – Not really in touch with customers through deep dialogue.  MTTB pairs you with a world class sales team.  These guys are masters when it comes to converting sceptical customers into devoted customers.  They do this well because they’re masters at getting in touch with potential customers real needs and desires.

Reason 2 – No real differentiation in the market.  In a market saturated with products, MTTB stands alone in offering high value and high ticket products that yield big commissions.

Reason 3 – Failure to communicate value propositions in clear, concise and compelling fashion.  MTTB gives you an already in place sales funnel to work with.  The funnel has been finely tuned over a number of years so that it communicates value in a way that really makes sense to customers.

Reason 4 – Leadership breakdown at the top.  The future of the business rests secure.  Matt Lloyd founded the business and he plans on sticking around for decades to come.  There’s no sell-out or exit strategy.  Matt isn’t going anywhere.

Reason 5 – Inability to nail a profitable business model with proven revenue streams.  With over $51 in commissions paid out to affiliates, MTTB passes the ‘Proof in the pudding’ test.  It pays to start a business with MTTB.
If MTTB passes the Bloomberg test, what’s keeping you from joining?

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