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Beware Of The Back Stabbing Gurus

There are affiliates out there who feel like they have been stabbed in the back when they find this out.  Most of them never learn this and are happily getting on by while they are missing out on the big profit centers.  These profit centers are totally hidden to them.  I will tell you about this shortly.  But first let me tell you about the average scenario.  If you are an affiliate, you will know this is typically what happens.  Even if you have your own product, things are very similar.

When there’s a product being promoted, the front end may be anywhere from $1-47, a percentage of that goes to the affiliate.  Then you have the one time offer, this could be anywhere from $17-$200 and a percentage of this goes to the affiliate.  This is very typical and is what you see most of the time with promoting product launches and offers.  Commissions are usually 50% and as high as 100%.

The best case is that some advanced marketers may give you a share of the profits from a webinar which is put on a few days after the product launch.  But its usually not that much.  Here is a dirty little secret that most people do not know about the top companies.  This is where 80% of the profits are made.  This is the profits they make from your traffic and sales you send them.  These profits come from the high ticket back end offers.  This means that you send the traffic and leads, you make a few bucks on the front end sales and then they have a killer up-sell process and sell those leads on high ticket programs for those serious about taking their business to the next level

Believe it or not and whether you realise this or not, there are people like this on everyone’s list.  Some of these high ticket programs sell from $1,000 and up to $50,000.  So have you been getting commissions from these gurus on these high ticket sales.  For most people this is a no.  There is a good chance that you might not even have known about this.  Imagine what it would feel like knowing that you can make commissions from $1,000 – $9,000 all on the back end which would be taken care of by the phone sales team.  This is why many affiliates feel stabbed in the back by the gurus that are leveraging the affiliate’s hard work on the front end sales while the gurus make the big profits without giving the affiliate anything from back end sales.

Until recently, the only way to fix this problem was to create your own products and services and your own lucrative high ticket back end selling process.  If you take advantage of a system that is already set up to do this, then it saves you time and money to create an offer like that.  Matt Lloyd who is a very smart and very generous 7 figure internet marketer is letting you in on his high ticket back end sales that his phone sales teams lands for you.  With this system, you do not need to do any extra work than you are doing right now except getting larger paychecks.

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