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Avoid This Deadly Marketing Sin

I hope you are doing well.  I wanted to talk to you about something called Market Sophistication.  It’s critical that you get this.  90% don’t get this.  It should totally dictate how you talk to your target market.  With some thought, you’ll see that quite likely, you should be talking to them a little bit differently that you may currently be.  This can make the difference between a business that loses money and one that’s profitable.

So the question is: how sophisticated is your marketplace?  Are you speaking with them in congruence with that?  e.g. Let’s say you are selling a weight loss product.  How do you think you’d put together a product called: “Lose Weight.”  You’d have the main book with fancy videos and the works.  You’d be lucky just to get a few sales.  This is because the marketplace is more sophisticated than that.  You just can’t come at it with generic information.  So you expand, how to lose weight fast without dieting or drop 10lbs in 10 days with juicing.

Let’s say you’re teaching people how to make a living online.  Most of your target market will need much more than just promises to make money online.  Showing fancy checks or stats of your earnings just won’t cut it anymore.  Even having a few testimonials sprinkled on your site will do very little for you.  4-6 years ago this would’ve worked like crazy.  Again, the market is too sophisticated for that, now.
You need to go deeper and you need to take things to the next level.  You need to be more strategic.  90% of marketers online, don’t do this.  They get it all wrong.  The few that get it right, stand out far above the rest.  They also have killer results to show for it.  Most likely, that’s what you want.  You can do this by:
  • Avoiding the hype and basic claims you see the others showing.  Zig where they zag.
  • Create something epic
  • Be on the up and up about it all
  • Provide amazing value to others
Follow this advice and you will do amazingly well.  Knowing market sophistication can help fuel your business to new levels of profits.
It’s superior and different than anything else you’ll see out there.  That’s probably why it’s working so well for so many partners right now.
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