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Are You A Lagniappe Marketer?

In Lousiana, there is a term called ‘Lagniappe’.  It’s very popular there.  You and I should be doing this.  It means to add a little something extra.  For e.g. If you’re in the downtown district of Louisiana and you get a shot of Whisky, the bartender fills up your cup to the rim with this fine nectar.  This is Lagniappe.  You could order a dozen hot, fresh donuts and in your box is 13.  This is Lagniappe.  You could buy a bushel of tomatoes from a vendor on the street and they throw in a bunch of Cilantro.  This is another example of Lagniappe.

It’s very similar with running your online business.  You should always strive to give your prospects and customers Lagniappe.  This could be giving them a little bit more by going the extra mile.  Don’t do this just for the money.  Try to provide a service that’s unmatched by anyone else.  You should be giving your best and then a little bit more.  Be proud of what you do.  Move mountains for others and they’ll move mountains for you.

I see members of MTTB getting Lagniappe.  That’s why you get world class training and support, a coach and another traffic coach as well as tons of value added bonuses.  The best part is that this is just the beginning of what you’ll get inside.

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