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Are The “9 to 5ers” Holding You Back?

When the economy tanked back in 2008, Deborah Robertson decided she’d had enough.  She looked around and saw that the traditional methods of saving for retirement, working 9 to 5 and counting on government programs just did not work.  Those days are over.  You’d think that most people would understand that, right?

The world has changed.  You can’t count on the old ways, now that the new age is here.  However, I’m constantly shocked to discover that most people have gone right back to their old ways.  They work away in their 9 to 5 job, trying to save and rebuild their “nest egg” just like they did years ago.  It’s like a house built on sand.

Deborah Robertson took the road less travelled.  She started her own online businesses deciding she was no longer going to trust the government and Wall Street to provide for her future.  She took her destiny in her own hand.  She even wrote a book about it.

Even more importantly, she started online business masterminds in order to be around people who understood that the world has changed and that the “9 to 5 mentality” just does not work.

If you’ve decided to start your own online business, beware!

Beware of the 9 to 5ers in your life.  They just don’t get it.  Don’t let them break your spirit.

Get around people who do.  The best way is through MTTB.

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