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A Word From Ben Franklin About Internet Marketing?

Back when people used to buy and sell things face to face, remember those days?  Sales people used to have stock “closes” that they would use to prospects to sign on the dotted line and write a check, remember those?  For the product or service.  One of the most popular quotes was the Ben Franklin close.  It went like this:

“Mr. Prospect I can see your carefully considering this decision.  One thing I do when I’m trying to make an important decisions is to follow the advice of Benjamin Franklin.  When Ben Franklin was faced with an important decision like this, he would take out a piece of paper.  Using his quill pen, he’d draw a line down the middle of that page.  On one side of the line, he’d list all the reasons for going ahead with the decision and on the other side, he’d list all the reasons against going ahead with the offer.

So, if you apply this to MTTB as an example, the sales person would list out all the reasons for going ahead including:

  • Only $49
  • Full refund if you do the steps and don’t make at least $500
  • No phone sales required
  • High commissions of $1000, $3000 and $5000
  • No landing pages or website creation required
  • No products to warehouse
  • No shipping hassles
  • No customer service required
  • High converting offer
  • Chance to win the use of a Mercedes Benz

And so on.  Then the sales person would turn the pen over to the prospect, ask him or her to fill out the against side of the ledger and sales person would shut up.  After the prospect struggled to come up with one or two reasons to not go ahead, the sales person would say: “Now, what do you think wise old Ben would have done in this situation?”

So, how many reasons did you come up with against going ahead with MTTB?

What do you think Ben would do in this situation?

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