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A Real Moral That Can Make You Real Money

One day, a donkey fell down a well.  The donkey was old though and the farmer who owned him decided it was time to put him down anyway so he started to shovel dirt down the well to bury the donkey.  The donkey whined and wailed as it was being covered with dirt.  The farmer assumed the donkey was dead and kept shovelling more and more dirt.  When he had finally filled the well up, he was shocked to see the donkey standing on top of all the dirt.  The donkey had simply been moving on top of each shovel load of dirt until it was at the top.

Now, here’s where the sappy motivational theme of taking what life throws at you and using it as a stepping stool to something better but that’s not the real moral of the story because when the donkey got out of the well, he was pissed off at the farmer.  That bite got infected and killed the farmer.

The real moral of the story is that when  you try to cover your ass, it always comes back to bite you.  If you made mistakes and are scrambling to provide for yourself or your family, then you are more likely to make a mistake with your money that could really bite you hard.  If you’re taking advances from dollar hungry advance companies or investing your time and money in for a profit online college that popped up over night so that you can stay afloat then you are going to cover your ass.  Just like the farmer, it’s going to come back to bite you.

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