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4 Steps To Upgrading Your Business And Your Life

December is here.  There’s less than a month to go to achieve your goals in 2014.  So:

  • How are you getting on with your goals? 
  • Where were you this time last year?
  • Where are you now?
  • Are you where you would like to be?

I’m sure that in some areas of your life you’ve achieved your goals or resolutions and in some you fell a bit short.  That’s normal and it means you’re human.  As you’re reading this blog post, I’m guessing you may not have achieved your financial or business resolutions.

If you haven’t, I can’t think of no greater authority on achieving your dreams than Tony Robbins.  Tony recently shared his personal 4 step-prescription for the right way to do New Year’s resolutions.

Step one: Get focused.  You need to get clear and specific about what you want to achieve.  “Losing weight” and “making more money” aren’t resolutions.  They’re just vague, wishy-washy hopes.  “In less than 3 months I will lose 3 inches around my belly” is a resolution.  “I will make $200,000 through my online business by December 31st of 2015” is a resolution.

Step two: Work a proven plan.  Resolutions without systems for achieving them are not a resolution.  They’re just words.  The key word in this is “proven”.  So, no fad diets or get rich quick schemes.  The system has to be proven time and time again to work for those who really work it.  The plan doesn’t have to be “easy”.  In fact, plans that are too easy are probably not “proven” at all.  Whatever your resolution is, if it’s important enough, it will take work.  Don’t be seduced by “easy”.  Stick with “proven” because in the end, proven will be easier than easy.

Step three: Get the right partner.  Not a partner in the same situation as you.  If you want to work out more, don’t get a partner who also needs to work out more.  Get one who is already working out and has been for years and has achieved success.  Get a partner who is already an expert and has achieved what you want to achieve.

Step four: Use the power of momentum.  If you want to start working out, leave the house right now and walk around the block.  Yes, right now.  The biggest mistake people make is “getting ready to start”.  Don’t waste time just “getting ready”.  Start now.  Go walk around the block right now.  Then tomorrow walk two blocks.  The next day three.  There is no greater power in the universe than momentum.  There’s no power that will hold you back more than inertia (sitting still and “getting ready”).  The key is to move now.

Here’s to achieving your dreams in 2015.

Make sure you don’t wait until 2015 to get started.

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