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Build Goodwill And Grow Residual Income

December 31st, 2017 No comments

There can only be one: “With great power comes great responsibility.”  Uncle Ben, Spider man.  If you’d like to build a reputable, long term residual income online, you must also recognize that with great audience, should also come great responsibility.

Many build a list of subscribers and they abuse their power by promoting and selling everything under the sun.  Whatever the “Hot Item” of the day is.  May get you a lot of sales in the front end but you’re putting a giant kink in the hose to long time income and it’s just spammy, not cool and not needed.

Here’s the thing, it takes just one good opportunity to earn a million dollars.  One good plan to get to $10k months.

Here’s the plan I use.

As you follow along with a solid plan like this, you’re able to focus by avoiding all the shiny objects.  Then you’ll start to see results.  Maybe very, very quickly.

The Family Man’s Or Woman’s Plan To Wealth

December 30th, 2017 No comments

If you’re not all about the fancy, bling lifestyle, you’ll love this custom plan.  For this business to work and get you to a nice lifestyle and a great income?  Your desires need to match what you truly want.  To be 100% comfortable with what your needs and plans for the future are.

It’s your life, nobody’s else’s, right?  For e.g. You may not want a fancy Lambo.  A loaded 2016 Honda Odyssey for the family may be your dream ride.  You may not really want a big mansion with a butler and pool.  You may not want a home at all because your dream is to travel the world and not to be tied down to one spot.

Is this making sense?  Whatever your goals are, make sure what your chasin’ is what you really, truly want to be chasin’.  If you need help:

Go here and check this out.

This can be a vehicle to help anyone get to where they want because it’s part-time and allows you to leverage high ticket commissions up to $10k per sale.

Yes, show me the system to get my first commission up to $1,000 or more.

Do Less And Earn More With This Formula

December 29th, 2017 No comments

The last thing you need is another 362 page PDF.  I don’t know about you but the term overachiever sounds like one who works way harder than all the rest of us but really?  Someone who typically escapes the average life and grind?  They work less yet, earn more.

Folks like Tim Ferris who before the 4 Hour Workweek had automated his supplement business so he could work less than well, four hours a week.  He was pulling in $80k a month.

So, how do they do it?  From what I know, the focus needs to be on transformation and not information.  They know that info alone won’t ever help them reach their goals.  It’s all about doing the actions that will result in transformation they want in their life.

Here’s the thing, these overachievers are just like us.  They put their pants on one leg at a time, right?  See, you can experience results just like they have if you have what psychologists call, A Trusting Mindset.  They’re out of their heads and into the game.  They trust if they do the daily things required, the results and transformation will come.  That’s how results happen.  You don’t learn how to ride a bike from a book.  You have to hop on and pedal your little heart out and maybe even bear through a scrape or three.

Now, I’m not sure, would an extra $10k over the next 60 to 90 days maybe much sooner be transformative for you?  Or at least would be a good start?  Are you willing to pedal with me?

Here’s the plan that may help.

Do You Feel Too Young Or Old To Change Now?

December 28th, 2017 No comments

Are you retiring?  Not web savvy enough?  Have you ever heard any of this:

  • I’m too old
  • I’m too young
  • I’m too busy

Here’s the thing, the time is never just right.  These are really just excuses most often.  Excuses framed as circumstances which end up greatly stubbing our own toes towards success.  For e.g. let’s tackle that first one, I’m too old.  Suzanne Collins wrote the Hunger Games books at the age of 73.  Colonel Sanders didn’t start KFC till he was over 65, retired and had just received his first SS check for $105.00.  We could go on and on.

The voice chattering around in your head.  It’s the only thing that can truly hold you back.  Quoting from Shaw Shank Redemption, we can: “Get busy living” or “Get busy dying'”.  The choice is yours but I say no matter your age or current position in life, chase your goals and dreams with full vigour and passion.

This system works for people at any age, young or old.

Nice right?  Students and retirees alike are getting high ticket commissions by following this step by step plan.  A good plan simply works.  It doesn’t care how old you are.

Check out the guarantee they’re offering right now and I hope you will give it a solid go.

Discipline Equals Freedom

December 27th, 2017 No comments

A little bit of focus can result in up to $5k, $10k and up months.  John D. Rockefeller started from humble beginnings.  He grew up in a clapboard house and helped work with the family farm as a boy.

In school, he was known as very average.  Not a stand out or star student.  Yet, by the time of his passing, he’s become the wealthiest man on the planet.  What was his secret?  Notice they key principle he accredits to his success: “I would rather be my own tyrant than have someone else tyrannize me.”

Why would he call himself tyrant?  It’s because he knew, to achieve great success with anything, it will require a good deal of self control.  He’d need to be a tyrant over his time.  Where he’d focus.  Doing what he needed to do day after day.  However, to him, this was a much better option than being a victim to the tyrants of life:

  • Bosses
  • Jobs
  • Economies

There’s no control over his future and destiny.  He paints a picture of the truth.  Easy as success can be, you have to be a tyrant over yourself at times.  That’s what makes the difference between someone still in a bad lot in life.  Someone making things happen.  For e.g. Being a tyrant about never missing a weekly date night or play date with the kids but you have to use self control.  To avoid TV, email and any other distractions.

Most are just too busy to catch on this little secret to suucess but not us.  I’m not sure.  Are you open to a plan that shows you how to spend as little as 30 minutes a day and get up to $10k months?

Yes, show me the plan.

This can send you well on your way to over the next 30 days with just a bit of focus and tyrannical behaviour sprinkled into your life.