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Focus On This First To Go From $0 To $10K In 30 Days

October 31st, 2017 No comments

Here’s the cold, hard and untainted truth: “Lots of people dream big and talk about big bold ideas but never do anything.  I judge people by what they’ve done.  The ratio of something to nothing is infinite.  So just do something”.  This quote is from Peter Diamandis who is an author and entrepreneur.  It’s a powerful statement right there.  Do you want to increase your results 10,000%?  Just do something.  It’s crazy.  Most folks get excited.  Their dopamine spikes up faster than a kid in a candy store.  They see the massive opportunity ahead.  Then they pick up something like a course online.

The procrastination crickets start chirping their lullabies.  No action.  They don’t even get through module 1 of something that can change their life.  Yet, as Diamandis says, when you do something, anything, your chances of success is exponential.  Something compared to nothing is infinite.  When you start, you’ll always figure out what you’ll need on the way.  You just have to be willing to venture into the dark.

Once you do, the flashlight will appear.  The path you’ll need to take will become visible.  If you’re a guy or gal that is willing to invest in something and see it through and if you’ve got a little extra time each day to watch these modules and apply the lessons learned.  Are you open to it?  Then I’m clicking my flashlight on and shining the light a path for you to take.

Check this amazing 1-2-3 system out.

Yes, it’s possible to earn over $10,000 in the next days with this system but we’ll stay grounded and just hone in on getting your 1st sale together.  Then it’ll be off to the races.  Also check out the amazing guarantee you’re getting plus a 1 on 1 coach.

Try This If You’re Seeing Razor Thin Affiliate Commissions

October 30th, 2017 No comments

This turns small paydays into “Oh my!” income.  If you’re busy as a bee, yet your daily paycheck isn’t where you want it to be, then I wanted to make sure this wasn’t a problem for you too.  It will continue to be for many.  Online business can be attractive for the amazing leverage it gives you.  The automation.  The push a button watch a sales roll in.  Yet, if your automation isn’t getting you the cash flow you’re after then you need to ensure that, you’re applying leverage correctly.

Here’s what I mean.  A tractor can probably pull a couple tons of weight.  It gives you a lot more leverage over hauling buckets in your hands, right?  However, if a guy has a goal to haul a lot of dirt and he’s only loading up his tractor with 3 lbs. at a time?  Then he’s not using his “Leverage” well.  He’s wasting a lot of time.  He could be getting a lot more with the same or less effort.

The same applies online.  You could be sending 500 people a week to check out your offer.  It could all be done nearly automated.  Yet, if you’ve only got $47 to $97 offers in your buckets?  Then you may not be applying the online leverage and the economics of this biz correctly because you could be sending the same 500 people yet this time you could be hauling $10,000 sales in your bucket.  Do you see the difference?  Now that’s applying leverage wisely and profitably.  There’s not a ton of ways to haul in more “Dirt” with out killing yourself to set it all up but I do know of a way.

If you don’t want to have to set it all up yourself but still want leverage for up to $10,000 paydays. 

Our first goal will be to get your first $1k sale.

$10k Months W/O Sacrificing Free Time

October 29th, 2017 No comments

Hustling for 60+ hours a week may not be the best answer for more freedom, fun and income.  I’m not sure what monthly income you would be over the top happy with making on the side?  Is it:

  • $1,500?
  • $3,000?
  • $10,000?

Whatever it is, you may be wondering how much time it’ll reasonably take to get you there.  Well, that completely depends on the system you decide to use as well as how consistently you can apply it but I get it.  We’re all busy.  We’ve got financial obligations.  There’s family time and lots of things we’re doing each day that gobbles up our minutes, 24/7/365.

Some businesses require you to get a lot of clients or to learn SEO or to purchase truckloads of physical goods for an eComm biz.  I hope there’s some aspirin on the truck because that sounds like a headache to me.  I personally choose to be a partner or affiliate where I simply take a cut of the commissions.  They fulfil most of all the work.  Plus no costly overhead expenses and risks are involved.  It’s the type of business that buys back your time.  It doesn’t take more of it from you.  If you’re ready to follow the system I’m using and are ready to buy back your time and increase your income.

Then I invite you to check this out. 

The way things are going in today’s world, our schedules are only going to get more packed.  How soon will you be ready to take back control of it all?

You can start with 15-30 mins a day.

One Is A Lonely Number And A Broke One

October 28th, 2017 No comments

Never again feel you’re lacking the support or systems you’ll need to build a nice side business.  “Don’t be misled.  Bad associations spoil useful habits.”  -1 Corinthians.  “Friends are like your backbone.  They are always there when you need support.”  Environment matters big time in predicting your chances of success and increasing your happiness along your journey.  Who you’re around most of the time, we don’t always have full control of this.  Yet, read on.  Where you work, events you attend or don’t.

Want to greatly increase your odds of breaking through?  Improve your environment the best you can.  Get around more people and systems that believe in you and will fully support you.  You deserve that.  Here’s a fast way you can start.  People offline, our friends and family, they don’t always understand what we do.  They don’t always get our entrepreneurial drive.  They’d assume we just give up and be normal just like them but don’t do it.

Online, you can have a group of good souls that’ll have your back.  Also, changing your environment from time to time and going to an event.  Working from a swanky hotel for a day or two, whatever inspires you.  That can work wonders.  However, just know, whatever your day to day is right now, working from a coffee shop or in the corner of a spare bedroom, you can 100% do this.  You just need to apply the system by taking daily imperfect action.  Perfection doesn’t exist.  It’s just another form of procrastination.  Just start and go.  Your brain will figure it all out on the way but it won’t know all the answers before you begin.

What’s cool is that Matt, who’s system I work with, started in the tiny corner of his spare bedroom.  He was able to start from nothing and built a multi million dollar business.  He’s passionate about growing his biz and supporting his partners and friends.  That’s why as soon as you’ve signed up, you’re getting access to our online support group on Facebook.

After you’ve logged in and have started, you’ll have the opportunity to join our Masterminds through out the year.  Matt recently bought a resort in Costa Rica just so his partners can meet up and create better incomes and lifestyles together.  Talk about an amazing environment that will support your success.  If you’re able to ever go, I’d strongly recommend it.  You can ask your coach about it as you’re going through the 21 Step System.  The big ole’ takeaway today?  Environment matters.  Let it serve you and not hold you down.  Believe in yourself, I sure do.

Most Forget This Simpler Path To More Income

October 27th, 2017 No comments

Simple A-B-C systems to wealth is nice but many will fail because of this one thing, systems are the doors to getting the results you want in life.  To experience the financial and lifestyle freedoms you desire.  Yet, the system doesn’t have to be so complicated either, right?  Often, it’s the simpler the better.  The often overlooked element is this: Consistently following the system.  Near militantly.  Consistency is the key that unlocks the door to all the results you want to achieve right now.

In the movie Shawshank Redemption, Andy had a system to escape his literal prison.  It was a simple system but not easy.  Every day, he would chip away a little bit of rock from his cell and shake the rocks out from his leg in the prison yard.  Rinse and repeat.  Rinse and repeat.  He did this when things were going well and when his life was a living nightmare.  It didn’t matter.  Every day, through every season in his life, he kept chipping away to reach his freedom.  Consistency was the key that made it all work.

If you’re wanting to escape from a situation that isn’t ideal to what you want right now and if you’re ready to experience the financial and life freedoms you 100% deserve, then use a simple system.  Let consistency be your key to unlock all you’ve ever wanted.  Through the good days and the bad.  Through the ideal times and the not so ideal times.  Find a way to do the things you need to do no matter what so you can get the results you’re after.  You’ve got this.  It’ll be worth it.  If you need a simple system to build an incredibly lucrative lifestyle business on the side?

Try this simple lucrative system.

It works for those that will allow it to work for them consistently.  Have a great day.