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2 Steps To Your First Payday

August 31st, 2017 No comments

If sales aren’t flowing like they should, this is likely the issue to take a look at asap.  Discovering and utilising leverage in your business is one of the keys to earning a great income and having a nice lifestyle with it.  Yet, if you’re wanting consistent daily sales, the ability to work part time and to never worry about bills or financial concerns ever again.

There’s something even more important to focus on.  It’s critical.  Crucial even.  Think of it this way, one of the greatest copywriters of old tells this nicely, as he was teaching a group of students, something he rarely did.  He asked them this: “If you and I both owned a hamburger stand and we were in a contest to see who could sell the most burgers, what advantages would you most like to have on your side to help you win.”  The answers varied.  Some said they’d have superior meats to craft their burgers.  Others said they’d want sesame seed buns.  Others said it would be all about location, location and location.  Yet, others said they’d offer the lowest price.  After telling them they could have every single advantage they asked for if they’d give him just one more thing.  Then he’d whip the pants off all of them.

The one advantage?  A starving crowd.  Do you see how focusing on this first will make everything else easier and will make you much more profitable?  While making your life much, much easier?  Think about this as you’re building up your online business whether you’re just now building up to $100 days or your first 6 figure year.  For e.g. If you were selling a weight loss product, which would constitute a starving crowd?  A slightly overweight guy who happily sits on his couch every night and watches TV while sipping on a Coke and eating cool ranch doritos?  Or a woman 6 weeks away from her wedding day?  She needs to drop 10 pounds to fit into her dress and look great for all the pictures of the day which will last a lifetime.  To look fit and feel confident on her Honeymoon on the beaches of Cancun.  One example could spare to lose a few pounds.  The other is a starving crowd.  She is desperate for results.

If you’re offering an opportunity for someone to add an additional income on the side that could replace their job?  Which crowd is starving more?  A guy who doesn’t make a lot but loves his job, loves his life and as happy as a bug in a rug?  Or a guy with a big income but he dreads the alarm clock.  He’s tired of the daily commute.  He’s sick of suits and meetings and office politics.  He’s tired of sacrificing his family for working overtime to please his boss-hole.  One is a starving crowd while the other not so much.

It’s all who you talk to and how you’re speaking to them.  Making sense?  I hope this helps.  Step 1 is the starving crowd.  Step 2 is the Irresistible offer.  If you’d like help with step 2, go here:

Yes, help me with step 2 to increasing my daily sales and income online, part time.

Ironically enough, once you’ve got step 1 and 2 down pat, you won’t even need to worry much about step 3 which we can call: “Skills”.  Once you put the perfect offer in front of the perfect starving crowd, doesn’t matter if you’re a great writer, marketer or guru.  After all, it doesn’t take a lot of skills to sell a starving person to a burger, right?  You’ll feel great, providing something someone really needs and desires.  Clicking on the link and getting started, you’ll learn all of the simple skills you’ll need.

Show me how to begin.

Was Setting Him Up For Failure Until This

August 30th, 2017 No comments

Tiny hinges move large doors.  Small results matter more than you know.  Imagine every single meal you’ve ever had, you’ve expected it to be the best meal you will ever have.  Think that might set yourself up for a letdown?  Isn’t it nice to have a meal with modest expectations and then to be very pleasantly surprised when it is world class?  Those pleasant little surprises makes life great, don’t they?

Here’s what I’m getting at in today’s blog post.  It’s easy to get into a business and expect the highest expectations and hopes right from day one:

  • Expecting a FB ad on day one to bring you a flood of sales
  • Wanting your video to go viral and bring in 7,431,67 views within days, making you an instant web celebrity
  • To send out an email and get 1 out of every 2 people to buy from your list of 1,000s

True, these things can happen but my advice?  Lower your standards.  Run an ad and be happy with your first sale.  Be content with the 50 new leads it’s given you to build a relationship with.  Be thrilled 17 people watched your new YouTube video in it’s first week up.

This helps you avoid letdown, work in reality and it allows you to grin ear to ear when the Big Results do come swinging your way.  They will if you stay charted on course.  Ironically enough, the 21 step system that you likely know I run my business from?  It is built to where all you focus on is hitting these base hits over trying to swing for the bleachers.  Little steady hit turns into big commissions over here.  Makes things much easier to run.

Yes, gimme the system that allows me to take small daily actions that leads into big ticket sales up to $1,250, $3,300 and $5,500.

Could Internet Addictions Be Blocking You From Daily Sales?

August 29th, 2017 No comments

Are piddly distractions keeping you from a 6 figure side income and living an incredible lifestyle?  Try this sensible and easy fix.  Whether you’re building your business on the side right now and are trying to free up 1-3 hours a day to focus on your biz or if you’re able to put more time into this and you’re aiming to get your daily tasks completed within just 3-4 hours a day.  You must manage your distractions.  By managing your distractions, you can:

  • Work significantly less
  • Double or triple your income
  • You can eliminate a lot of stress

The common distractions most face are facebook, Instgram, Email, YT and blogs.  Many get caught up in a loop where they just check sites over and over and over again all day jus to give themselves a little dopamine hit.  Just a quick inbox or FB check can steal hours of your day.  My suggestions to combat this?  It’s not extreme.  I believe it’s sensible.  It’s not delete all accounts and avoid sites you actually enjoy visiting.  That seems a little extreme at this point.  Like the rest of things you’d like to do each day, I simply recommend that you build it into your day.

Then you look forward to it.  You can enjoy it guilt free.  It doesn’t interfere with your business but you would ideally build it into your afternoons.  Just schedule it in.  Say at 3:30pm every day, I will give myself 45 minutes to check my email, FB, Instagram and whatever else.  Be strict on this.  Try it for a week.  If you must access one of these sites before or after this period.  Get in and out of fast.  Go in for what you intend to and exit promptly.  You’d be amazed at how much more you’ll get done.  How much happier you’ll feel and that you aren’t missing out on anything at all.  Just the opposite.

It’s little habits like this that can make the difference from a $0-figure income to a 6 figure plus income online.  It’ll give you more time to stick to a proven to bring you a big sales program just like this.

Yes, I’m ready to manage my distractions by building them into my days and follow these 21 steps to up to a 6 figure plus income. 

Tomorrow, many will be stuck in the simple loop of Email, Social Media and a little bit of Netflix thrown in for good  measure.  Others will be logged into this site well on their way to changing their finances and life forever.  Which group will you choose to be a part of?

What’s The Best Traffic Source?

August 28th, 2017 No comments

Without somewhere to fish for leads, big paydays can’t get reeled in.  The nuts and bolts of building a $100k plus business online isn’t too complicated:

  • You need a solid offer that solves a big problem.  An offer that people will want to buy.
  • You need to be able to find an audience of targeted people to talk to, add value to and position your offer to.
  • You need to sell it at a price where you’re a nice profit after all of your expenses come in.  Shouldn’t be much.  Grow your expenses with your profits as they are coming in.

Step 1: Traffic.  Folks always want to know the best traffic source out there right now.  FB ads are great.  YT advertising is good.  Others are using Google, SEO, Instgram, Solo Ads and Banner Ads.  The point is that they can all work for you.  The place you’re advertising is just the hammer you’ll be using to generate leads.  They’re a tool.  What matters is how you’re swinging the hammer and what nails you’re hitting.

Here’s what I mean.  If you’re selling protein powder to help bodybuilders to pack another 25lb. of veiny beef to their clicked up bods and then you hop on FB and place an ad that’s targeting new mothers looking to drop their baby weight?  You’re probably will generate approximately zero sales.  You can’t blame the hammer, right?  There was simply a mismatch in the targeting here.

Is this making sense?  Whatever you decide to focus on, match your message to your ideal market and you’ll be good to go from there.  Cool?  Better yet, focus on the way you would like to communicate with your market.  If you like to write, maybe FB Ads or Solo Ads could be your gig.  If you like to get in front of the camera?  Then why not focus on YT Ads and FB Video?  Many of the top income earners I know of, all use different hammers to generate incredible incomes and lifestyles.

This is why as you progress through this 21 step system, you’ll discover how to make any of these methods work.  Straight from the top earners mouths as you’ll be looking over their shoulders and seeing exactly how they’re getting traffic, leads and sales rolling in like clockwork.

Click here if you want to earn big paydays and generate quality traffic that’s the perfect fit for me.

What’s The Best Time To Start?

August 27th, 2017 No comments

Want to know the perfect time and set up you’ll need to get started?  When is the best time to get started in this business?  Well, I know the worst place to start is always tomorrow because there is always a tomorrow.  To help with this, I’d like to tell you a quick story about a well known writer.  After he’d become quite successful a lot of his wealthy friends started inviting him to their beautiful homes.

So, he’d whisk off to the south of France or he’d hop on over and stay at a friend’s Swiss ski chalet.  All in hopes to find inspiration and creativity so he could get writing done from these exotic locations.  Yet, this rarely happened.  There were always distractions.  Always so many things to do.  Always the allure of a bigger better home.  A better time and place to focus and get work done.  Yet, his writer’s block, his insecurities, his procrastinating habits, they tagged along everywhere he went.  Another time (tomorrow), another place wasn’t helping anything at all.

So, here’s the big takeaway.  We tell ourselves we need the perfect time, the perfect place, the perfect setting before we finally will buckle down, get serious and start.  Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow.  Got to get the right chair or computer or ideal schedule first.

Yet, as Author Ryan Holiday who relates to this story says, this is self deceit at it’s finest.  Better to be adaptable.  Better to be able to do what we need to do anywhere, anytime.  Better to just start.  Here and now.  Sage advice, right?

Yes, I’m ready to start now.

Remember that the perfect time to start now will never feel like the perfect time to start.  That’s why so few people do it.