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HR Says It’s A Cure All To Happiness And Profits

July 31st, 2017 No comments

If you’re waking up out of bed every day with any other feeling than excitement for what lies ahead, check out this quote from popular author and lifestyle design guru, Timothy Ferris: “Excitement is the more practical synonym for happiness and it is precisely what you should strive to chase.  It is the cure-all.”  Incredible advice from the 4 hour workweek advocate that’s changed the lives of countless thousands and thousands around the globe.

If you’re trying to make money in a way that is not incredibly exciting for you?  That keeps you on cloud nine?  Then aim to step up the excitement factor.  As Ferris says: That’s where all the happiness comes from.  Something that lights your soul on fire and makes you want to pop out of bed every day with a giant smile plastered across your pretty face.

Step up the excitement factor.  Watch the effect it has on your income.  I found that getting $27 commission checks didn’t really light my soul on fire and motivate me to do more.

This did though.

Heart Nudging You To Try Something Different And New?

July 30th, 2017 No comments

If your life is filled with too many ifs, ands and buts, imagine blue ocean water, just beyond a sandy, pristine beach, fit for the opening scene of Baywatch.  Out on the ocean is a boat gliding over the water effortlessly.  If you look behind the boat, it’s not David Hasslehoff.  No, you see it’s wake.  The waves caused by what all the boat has done.  The wake doesn’t care what the boat or the driver of the boat has done.  It just shows the results of all the twists and turns and decisions the boat and driver have been making.

In life, there’s two wakes we leave behind.  One is the results we’ve been generating.  It can show sales or struggle.  Action or procrastination.  Success or losses.  Broke or well off.  Promoted or fired.  Admired or loathed.  It doesn’t care about excuses.  Results are results.  The wake will show it all to us and others.  The other side of the wake is the people we love and care about and come into contact with on a daily basis.  Are they behind the boat surfing and tubing and laughing?  Are they enriched by having us in their lives?  Or are they bait?  Chum?  Out behind the boat bleeding and crying and hurting as a result of how we’re living day by day?  Again, the wake doesn’t care about excuses, circumstances or anything else.  The wake doesn’t care if we couldn’t toss the ball in the backyard with our son for a few minutes because of work deadlines.  The wake doesn’t care if we missed another dance recital of our daughter, niece or granddaughter.  The wake doesn’t care if date nights with our spouse remain a plan yet rarely are a reality.

It simply is showing us what it is.  Not sure if you relate at all.  I don’t know.  I find this incredibly powerful to think about.  Some of this comes down to how we decide to live our day to day life no doubt about it.  Other parts of it come down to us living life in full integrity and alignment with our true selves.

Is this making sense?  What wakes are we leaving behind?  Truly a great question to ponder over for a minute or three.  Not sure if you’re open to it.  Yet, I’ve discovered when you have more time and more income that it gives you more breathing room to making more of the right daily decisions in alignment with who you are.  It gives you more time and freedom to be spending quality time with those who you love and care about dearly leaving behind a wake that you’re proud of.  Are you open to hearing more?

Yes, get going here right now. 

Right now, there’s a few new students being accepted to going through these 21 steps and getting personal coaching to helping start down this path sooner rather than later.  Coming straight from my heart.

The Easiest Way To Wealth

July 29th, 2017 No comments

Just don’t botch this up like 99% do.  You ever read Rich Dad Poor Dad?  In it, Kiyosaki lays out something he calls Cashflow Quadrant.  Remember that?  He says that the quicker you can get through the 4 quadrants, the faster you’ll get to true wealth:

  1. Quadrant 1 is Employee
  2. Quadrant 2 is Self Employed
  3. Quadrant 3 is Business Owner
  4. Quadrant 4 is when you’re an investor

Now, Investor doesn’t mean you have to trade stocks and bonds for a living.  It can mean you’re investing in your own skills and business too.  Interestingly, most people label themselves as Investors actually do very well for themselves.  Think of yourself as in Investor from this day forward.  Now, there’s a lot of step by step out there to take you from Employee to Investor or from retired to wealthy, free and in full control of your life.  Low and behold, when someone does find something wonderful to follow, they try to innovate to make it better.

Here’s what I’d like for you to get in today’s blog post.  Do not try to pioneer as you’re piggybacking something that actually works.  Pioneers are usually the ones that are lying face down in the dirt with arrows in their backs.  Know that if you’re modelling what works.  They’ve likely got 30, 40, 50, 100s of employees.  They’ve tested every way under the sun of what’s working.  All you have to do is model what they’re doing.  No creativity, no innovation, no improving on what’s already working required on your part.  Just model what’s working.

Is this making sense?  Could it be that easy?  Yes, it can be.  Are you open to that?  Not sure if this is your thing or not but it’s paying out millions and millions to it’s partners.  There’s no reason to make it complicated.  Just follow the same 21 steps and you can get similar results.  Up to $10k and beyond paydays rolling your way like clockwork.

Yes, I’m ready to follow a proven blueprint to get me up to $10k a month paydays with no guessing required.  I just put together the puzzle pieces.

Save Hours And Hours Yet Skyrockets Your Income

July 28th, 2017 No comments

If there’s never enough time left in the day, there was a little digital training released earlier this year under $100 yet promised to save hours and hours of work time each week.  There was different hacks to bring in more revenue, no more late nights working helping you to get stuff done and much, much easier.  It was subtitled something like: Scientist-Verified “Big Bangs” for your best year ever.

Anyway, one of the big takeaways was this strategy by Richard Koch, the guy that really brought the 80/20 methods to light.  80/20 is basically, 80% of results come from 20% of our efforts.  80% of sales come from 20% of our customers etc.  Now, the last time I checked, he’s worth over $373 million.  Not too shabby.  Yet, get this, his income goes up every year but he works very little in actual hours on the J.O.B.

Here’s in part how he does it and why I wanted to share this blog post with you today.  Say, it’s Monday morning, Richard has written down the most important thing he needs to get done that week.  The thing that will have the greatest impact on his income and life.  Just one thing.  He does nothing else until that is done.  He tackles it alone.  Sometimes he’s done before noon.  Other times, may take him till 2:00 – 3:00 but then he’s done for the week.

Imagine, it’s early Monday afternoon and your most urgent thing for the entire week is complete.  No worrying, stressing, procrastinating over it.  It’s just done.  Nice right?  The rest of the times he’s writing books, doing other things he enjoys and keeps involved in.

My first thought was, yeah, he’s on a different level than me.  I can’t do just one thing and be done for the week but I realised it’s the principle this is so, so powerful here.  Right for example, what if you have 2 hours a day to work on your internet lifestyle business?  Your #1 needle mover task you’ve determined is to set up a FB as this week and start out at a $5 a day budget so you can tweak your numbers etc to getting it profitable.

See how the principle comes into play with that 2 hour window?  It means no email, no social media, no reading or watching videos, no YouTube, no doing anything else except that one needle mover activity.  That’s it, just tackle it with pig headed determination.  A massive opportunity lies in this strategy.  Of course, the power is in implementing it.

Coo, stuff right?  I have to go but just a heads up.  This is one reason I love this 21 step system so much.  It’s based all around doing the “few things” that are the most important to bringing in the highest possible profits to you.  Then letting others do the rest so we can chill and have the lifestyle and all.  If you’re interested:

Check out this ASAP.

There’s a generous guarantee you’ll make income with this.  Testimonials are coming out the wazoo.  How long are you willing to wait to focus on the 20% and start seeing your own commission checks flooding in like clockwork with this?

Want Big Commissions? Don’t Like Phones?

July 27th, 2017 No comments

No more telling the kids to hush up because you’re tied up on the phone.  You’re still getting to keep the commissions up to $10k.  This is the true freedom funnel.  Unless you were born with a Motorola strapped to your ear, most of us don’t like the idea of getting on the phone to close deals and make sales every day as:

  • You’re up at all time zones
  • You can’t leverage your time
  • It’s not too lifestyle friendly is it?

It’s frustrating having to tell the kids, the mate and the dog to hush up when you’d rather be spending your precious and limited time with them.  Right?  Maybe you’re introverted or shy and the butterflies in your stomach are making things even worse.  However, very few things sell high ticket programs as well as hopping on the phone and having a real conversation with someone making it 1 on 1.  You can hear a person’s pains, struggles, dreams and goals.  You’ll be able to serve them at the highest level and determine if your offer is the right fit for them or not.  Sounds like quite the conundrum.

It’s time intensive.  Not lifestyle friendly or fun, yet it works like nothing else.  The solution.  Well, this is rare and you won’t likely find anything like this anywhere else.  Yet, what if a few coaches, the best in the world at their craft who love serving and making mutually beneficial deals over the phones were on the lines closing the deals for you all day every day?  Wouldn’t that be nice?  It would allow you to be enjoying lucrative commissions with the lifestyle to boot.  That’s why I’m excited about this program that’s like no other.

Yes, I’m ready to get off the phones talking to tire kickers and let someone else do all the hard work for me. 

You might be able to set something like this up yourself and that’s completely fine with me.  I just prefer the easier route.  I send them leads following a simple 1-2-3 process.  They handle the rest.  You could see yourself as the next featured success story in as soon as a few weeks from now.  Are you ready to try this out, risk free, right now?

Click here to get the 21 steps to living life on your terms and getting everything you desire.