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Open Up If Sales Aren’t Coming In Easily

June 30th, 2017 No comments

You can be bringing in sales the hard way or the easy and fun way.  You ever see a dog owner walking their pet down the street on a leash?  Except the dog didn’t want to be led?  He’s yanking and tugging and fighting every step of the way?  Maybe you’ve even had a pet like this of your own.  Makes for an unpleasant experience.

Contrast that with a dog that sees you doing your daily stroll through the park and he actually wants to be there with you.  There’s no fighting, no resistance and he sees you walking and wants to go too.  Understanding this can save you years of struggle and can dramatically increase your profits online.

Here’s what I mean.  98% of affiliates, online marketers and so forth try to force and pull and drag people to buy their stuff to work with them.  It creates a lot of resistance.  Makes this business way harder and a lot less fun that it could be for them.

The way you stop the pulling to stop the resistance is to simply start being the you that people want to be and that you want to be.  For e.g. If you want to help an overweight friend lose a few pounds, preaching to them, giving them a hard time and trying to drag them to the gym usually will backfire on you.  Might even damage your relationship.  Plus, lots of wasted effort and stress on your part, right?

However, if you are living you are living your life that way, they see you in shape, eating healthy, having energy to run 5ks and playing with your kids.  Then, they’re more likely to want that too and they’ll come to you if they want help.  They’re seeing your light shine and they want that too.

Is this making sense?  You can be a tugboat or a lighthouse, your choice but I’ll tell you one is much easier.  In your online business and lifestyle, start doing and highlighting the things that appeal to your target market.  It can be as easy as mentioning briefly in your emails and marketing when you go for a jog, or work from the coffee shop on your laptop or take a random vacation in the middle of the week.  Making sense?  Cool stuff?  I hope this helps.

Nothing helps better in my experience than rolling in $1k to $10k and up paydays.  That frees up your time so you can create more and more of these daily experiences to be sharing with others.  Yet, start sharing and doing this stuff today and check out this presentation to take things to the next level.

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Tiny Efforts To Big Paydays?

June 29th, 2017 No comments
The keystone to the lifestyle and profits you’ll be proud of.  Do you know what a keystone habit is?  There’s a plethora of great info about it already out there in the Google hemisphere.  The main thing I wanted to focus on is the powerful ripple effect it can create.  A keystone habit is one tiny habit that is ritualized.  You do it, day in and day out.  No matter what with ease and most importantly you’re focusing on the process, not the prize.

Here’s how you can do this.  Do you want to lose weight?  Your cornerstone habit may be to go for a 30 minute jog every morning.  One guy decided to start surfing each morning.  Before, he was having 3 drinks a night and stayed up late but he realised he felt terrible the next day.  That was effecting his life because of this small daily ritual, now he limits himself to 1 drink.  He gets to bed a bit earlier.  He starts the day off on the right foot and he eats great the rest of the day.  He gets more work done.  He has energy by the truckloads now.

Is this making sense?  Do you want to learn an instrument?  The keystone habit may be to practice guitar for 20 minutes a day, right after dinner.  This of course applies to business too.  Do you want to build a stable $10k and up per month business online?  Your keystone habit may be to spend an hour a day, every day building your email list up.

Can you see the ripple-effect doing something like this could create?  You’re building your list every day now so you may be more inclined to:

  • Sending a daily email with an offer.
  • Creating an irresistible bonus offer when someone inside your email tribe picks up an offer you have going on.
  • You start seeing more daily sales rolling in and decide to do more list building enough to eventually provide you the income to leave your job if you want.

The snowball effect keeps building and building stronger all from one simply daily keystone habit.  Powerful, huh?  Getting leads and building your own email list?  There’s not much of a better use of your time in building an online business.

This 21 step system allows you to focus nearly solely on that because they take care of all the rest for you.  Interested?  Right now, you’re also getting a coach and once you’ve progressed through to the traffic step, you can even get a traffic coach so you’ll have complete clarity on how to do this.  I’m not sure how long they’ll keep this offer up though.

Yes, show me how this works.

Easy Button Vs The Reality Button

June 28th, 2017 No comments

I’d prefer sticking to what works in getting to $10k plus months.  Ever remodelled a room in your house?  Like the kitchen?  It usually gets messy, dusty, downright chaotic in the early stages of the remodel, doesn’t it?  Yet, we expect that to happen as we know it’s part of the process.  We willingly signed up for this.  After weeks or months of slapping up paint samples on the walls, adding in counters and cabinets and the like?

Then, you stand back, looking at your masterpiece.  Maybe even draw you to tears as you’re looking at the finished product.  It was all worth it.  True, it would’ve even been nice to just hit an easy button and wahm bam.  The kitchen remodel is complete.  Doesn’t happen like that, does it?  Stuff happens and unexpected things creep up.

That’s the reality and I don’t know about you but I like to deal with reality.  Now, many people hop online and want an easy button for every piece of getting an amazing business like this up and off the ground.  I get it, easy always sounds awesome.  Yet, it’s not reality.  Making sense?

If you can come into this game viewing it like a Kitchen Remodel that you know can get messy from time to time?  You know it’s 100% worth it because of the end result you’re after.  What the remodel will look and feel like to you when you’re seeing those results flowing into your life?  Then you can begin.  You’ll start.  You’ll adjust when you need to because it’s worth it because you signed up for this.

I’m feeling you’re the type of person that can handle the truth and doesn’t mind a little messy to get a lot of awesome?  I can’t 100% say how easy or hard this will be for you but only having to focus on 1 thing sure makes things a lot easier and simpler to me.  Are you interested?

Yes, show me the details.

$10K Testimonial And Why I Love It

June 27th, 2017 No comments

The likes and comments she’s getting is incredible.  Nice lady recently posted up a screen shot where she’s already pulled in over $10k.  Most of all that rolling in from one sale.  Now, I love seeing others succeed.  Makes me full of joy seeing all the likes and congratulatory comments she’s getting.  Also has me fist pumping in the air because it means if one person can do it, then I can do it and you can do it too.

In the comments, people started asking how she did it.  She didn’t leave them hanging.  She revealed exactly how she did it and how anyone can do it by revealing a link to a video she simply followed step by step.  A link that all members to that private FB group have sitting in their member’s area waiting for them to use.  I’m sure most are right now because is was so simple and easy to implement.

That’s the difference between a failure and a success with anything, isn’t it?  Those who see the how and keep on with the grind.  Those who see the how and they go give it a shot ASAP.

Want to know how she did it so you can do it too?  That’s the cool part of the support and the sharing freely given inside the business model plus the clearly laid out plan inside the member’s area on exactly what you’ll need to do to succeed with this.

It all starts here.

$47 Vs $10000 (Which Do You Prefer?)

June 26th, 2017 No comments

Is it harder to haul in big ticket paydays?  Rolling $10k commission checks online is no harder than banking on a $47 sale.  That’s like saying that it’s harder to swing a Golf Drivers that can send the ball soaring over 300 yards than to swing a putter that’ll scoot your ball 20-30.

Making sense?  It’s not harder.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  It’s just a different skill.  A skill that could be sending an extra $10k plus a month your way month after month after month.

Are you open to learning how to swing for the big ticket, lucrative paydays?  Yes, show me how to roll in pig paydays.  Imagine getting pinged via email of your first $10,000 sales notification.  How much longer are you willing to wait to making that happen?  I’m in your corner.

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