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Open Up If You’re Checking Emails More Than 5* A Day

May 31st, 2017 No comments

Distracted?  Overwhelmed?  Too much on your plate and never enough time?  If you want to rapidly have more coins dropping in your piggy bank?  You’ve got to address this Q.  Are you on the offensive or Defence?  One causes a lot of overwhelm while the other provides a lifestyle.  Being on the defensive means feeling owned by your inbox 24/7/365.  Always having to be on.  Becoming victim to other people’s demands, needs, desires and dreams over your own.  Being on the offense means having time to think, to do what you want to do and to build what you want to build.  To invest in and grow in the relationships that you want.

Making sense?  See the need for escape from the defense?  My suggestion is to build a cabin around your business.  Here’s what I mean.  I was reading about a Silicon Valley investor who has been an early stage investor in dozens of companies like Twitter, Instagram and on and on and on.  Yet, far from Silicon Valley, he lives in a cabin out in the middle on the boondocks.  He considers that cabin one of his best investments ever.  People love the mountains and potential investors come to him.  He’s building quality relationships and connections.  He’s traded in mindless daily meetings, coffee meet ups and late night social dinners he never wanted to go to in the first place.  Now, all that action happens at what he calls his: “Jam Pad” and his: “Jam Tub!”  (The hot tub out back.)

So, how can you profit wildly from all this?  Well, you do not have to invest in a Cabin out in Tahoe back country.  Start by asking yourself this question: What daily challenges have you assigned yourself?  Which of those are you doing simply to please someone else?  e.g. Your inbox is like a to-do list that anyone in the world can add an action item to.  Then build a cabin like getaway to protect yourself from each of them.  Picture yourself out in the woods with a certain goal you have in mind.  Then don’t let the distraction in.Making sense?  If you’ve set aside 7-9 PM three days a week to build up a business that could earn $1k – $5k + a month, then lock yourself away in your cabin and don’t let email, FB, Instagram or any distractions in your doors.  When you’ve got this extra time now to think, to build to grow cool stuff, then your income, happiness and life can start to grow and scale rapidly.

I hope this helps.  If you’d like an income model that will allows you to tuck yourself away in a cabin a few hours a day and turn that time into up to $1K to $10K paydays that’ll make your moms and pops, kiddos and spouse proud, maybe a few friends will wonder what the heck you’re doing now.  Then I’d be honored if you checked this out and let me know what you think?

Yes, show me the details to rolling in my own pay days up to $1k, $2k to $10k.

Feel You’ll Arrive After $10K Months?

May 30th, 2017 No comments

A heart check and a way to make hitting any income goal come your way mucho easier.  Aside from keeping busy winning Grammy’s, Academy Awards, singing and doing stand up comedy, Jamie Foxx dishes out some potent words to his sister:

  • In a blink of an eye, we’ll all be gone.  100 years compared to infinity is nothing.
  • I talk to my sister all the time, I say: “Girl, you better start having some fun, we’re gonna be gone in a minute.”
  • You’re gonna look back and say, “I should have been laughing and now I’m dead.”
  • That’s a powerful reminder of keeping perspective in our lives.

Ain’t it?  It’s living with no regrets.  Not letting fears hold us back.  Not waiting for the day: “We arrive” before we can start feeling something like being happy, smiling for a change.  We arrive now.  Today.  Every moment.  We just have to choose to.

It’s sort of cheeky but I heard a guy recently say we need a little more L.S.D. every day:

  • Laughter
  • Singing
  • Dancing

When we’re living like that, it makes it a lot easier to start earning more dollars too.  Living a red knuckled life waiting to arrive someday for us to have finally made it.  It’s no way to live.  Agree?  Release, enjoy the moments and be happy now and without the tension on you.

You’ll see getting the results you want, more income, love and joy coming in near effortlessly.  Not sure if you’ve had a goal of earning an extra $1k to $10k a month on the side or how that’s going for ya?  If you’re open to it, I’d love for you to check out this presentation.  This doesn’t have to be hard or stressful by any means.  Quite the opposite.

When you’ve got an extra $1k, $5k and $10k and up rolling in on the side?  It can free up hours and hours of your time allowing you to start kicking items off the bucket list and living with no regrets.

You up for that?

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How To escape The Rat Race

May 29th, 2017 No comments

Are you tired of the term: “Rat Race”?  It’s rather outdated and leaves people with the feeling of dread, anxiousness and is far from original.  While this term may be overused and shoved down our throats, it has sustained the test of time.  Having first entered our English language system in the late nineteen thirties, it is a concept still in place today and that is why it is still used.

When you hear the term: “Rat race”, do you feel like you belong?  Do you think that this describes you but you have a deep yearning to jump out of the maze?  Many a rat will continue to follow the rat in front of them hoping that the direction most rats find popular will lead them to happiness.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  You aren’t a rat who is content to follow the leader to fight with the rest of crumbs of leftover cheese.  No, you are the type of rat that jumps the wall and runs under the table.  You find the place where scientists have hidden a vast amount of cheese to use as future bait for that rats content in the race.  You take an arm and mouthful of cheese so large you nearly fall over.  Running from the side of the room, you sit and eat your delicious treats while watching all of your friends follow the rat in front of them hoping for a silver of cheese.

MTTB’s proven system of earning is the big chunk of cheese you have been waiting for.  All it takes is for you to hop that wall and click on the ink below.  There you will be informed of how the other rats have made their way to earn thousands of pounds of cheese in a single day.Do you want you fair share of cheese?

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From Lone Wolf To First $1K Commission

May 28th, 2017 No comments

Too much on your shoulders?  Don’t know how long you can keep juggling it all alone?  Dan Kennedy is one of the highest paid marketing consultants in the world.  He lays down a Golden Truth for us to chew on: “One is the most dangerous number in business.”  This truth applies nearly to anywhere you search and find the elusive #1:

  • One man shop
  • One man source
  • One source of income

Dangerous.  Here’s what’s interesting.  Once you realise this and a add in rock solid pillars to your business?  1 + 1 doesn’t equal 2.  1 + 1 = 7, 9 or 11.  Dividends headed your way will be exponential.  One extra hand and brain in your business can free hours of your time each day and greatly lightens your load.

One extra income stream.  Can allow you to escape a job or to invest in and scale your business to the next level at a rapid place.  Making sense, yet?  Too many folks are starting out as that lonely number one.  That’s usually why their sales are hovering around zero, zilch and nada.

This is why I’d love for you to check out a powerful way to stack the odds in your favour rather than stacking the odds against you.  Sound good?  Works like a dandy even if you’re doing this part time.  No longer has you operating as a one man show but still keeps things lean and simple for you.

Our first goal will be to get your first $1k commission with this.  You’re getting full support, training and a guarantee this will work for you if you’re willing to give it a serious go.  Then we’ll scale up to your first $5k and $10 days.Interested?  Check out the link below ASAP.

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Not Growing Your Profits As Fast As You Want?

May 27th, 2017 No comments

Works even if you’re starting from scratch.  This plan works whether your plan is to be scaling from $0 to $10k months or from $10k to $100k to $1 mill months.  Here’s how, if you were flipping through the pages of NIKE founder’s awesome book, Show Dog.  You’d stumble across a section where Phil Knight talks about “The plan.”

Knight was doubling and tripling his biz year after year so fast that his bankers thought growth like this was risky.  He didn’t listen.  They only speed he knew was full throttle, full steam ahead.  Swoosh.  Anyhow, a little ways half through the book, he keys us into his strategy.  He first hints at it by talking about competition except, he said when you compete with others, you can quickly win or lose then it’s basically game over, either way, right?
Shoe Dog realised that you can always compete against yourself.  Got that?  By competing against himself, this allowed him to grow revenue like nobody’s business.  Not the first time I’ve heard about this either.One of my mentors, Matt Lloyd dishes out the same sage advice all the time.  It’s exactly how he grew from $700 months working from a leaky, mouldy spare bedroom.  To now running a business that brings in 7 figure months and has generously paid out over $80 million so far to his partners.He even just purchased and renovated his own resort in Costa Rica (Sunset Del Mar) just so he can meet up and mastermind with his partners and do some fun stuff together.  Matt would love to have you there.

Anyhow, powerful stuff, huh?  So, what’s the secret?  Your little one on one competitions with yourself needs to be something you can track because only what is tracked gets improved.

Making sense?:

  • If you get 100 leads this month, aim for 200 next month.
  • If you have 1 ad up this month, have 3 up and running next month.
  • If you made 8 offers that could lead to sales this month, make 20 next month.

Offers could be made VIA email, SMS, Webinars etc.  Just by beating your own #s by a bit more month after month, you’ll be amazed at how fast your profits can increase.  You could be hitting up to $1k, $5k, $10k paydays so fast and so often, you’ll have to buy a pair of NIKE AIR’s for you business.  The main KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to focus on in your online business is lead flow.  The more qualified leads rolling in, the more opportunities for sales you have every day.

That’s why this system works so well with the plan in today’s note.  You’ll be focusing on increasing your leads and the rest is done for you.  Cool?  Are you ready to scale up to consistent paydays?  Yes, I’m ready to hear more.

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