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What Does Prayer Have To Do With Sales?

January 31st, 2017 No comments

Does something in your work life or financial life need to change?  I recommend a surprising method: prayer.  Some people pray by closing the door, closing their eyes, kneeling in the ground, folding their hands and speaking their hearts and minds to god.

However, I’m thinking of a different kind of prayer.  The Bible tells a surprising story about prayer: A widow, feeling she has been wronged visits a judge day and night nagging.  Just nagging.  Pulling on his sleeve and reminding him: “I’m here! I’m here. Whatcha gonna do?”  Eventually, according to Jesus, the judge gives her what she wants.  Not because she deserves it but because her nagging worked.

If that counts as prayer, the MTTB phone sales team is extremely religious.  Did I mention that they not only make all your sales for you but they will also fulfil your orders and deal with your customers?  You can do all you want of the first kind of prayer but if you start with MTTB, we’ll nag night and day for you.  Don’t get me started on the commissions we pay out.

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Gurus Are Leading These Millennials Astray And It’s Kind Of Funny

January 30th, 2017 No comments

There’s a hilarious new trend among millennials where tablet toting city kids are trying to “simplify” by moving out to the country.  It sounds so nice in principle:

  • Get away from the hustle, bustle and noise
  • No more worries about what “the man” is putting in your fresh veggies
  • Reconnecting with the earth

That’s not the hilarious part.  What’s funny is that most of them move back almost immediately.  Why you ask?  It turns out you have to wake up real early to manage a farm, their craft Sushi joint doesn’t deliver where there aren’t paved roads and when the Internet goes out, it’s out.

The country is not for everybody.  Some guru sold them a romantic ideal and left out all the game changing details or reason #481 to never trust a guru.

MTTB certainly isn’t for everyone either.  When we sit down with prospective members and have real conversations, lots of people say: “You know, I don’t think this is for me.”  We’ve heard so many more people say: “Here’s my break.  This is a model that makes sense, that’s going to challenge me but that I can follow.”  Our transparency has skyrocketed our retention and we’re really excited to welcome you to the team too.

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This Is Why I Will Never Trust A Leadership Guru

January 29th, 2017 No comments

Somehow, a friend of mine just roped me into attending a *yaaawn* leadership webinar and I learned so much.  Some self proclaimed leadership guru got up and asked everyone to describe the perfect leader.  After listening to their riveting ideas, here are my 4 biggest takeaways as to why leadership webinars suck:

  1. They offer no real opportunity – All a guru can do is make you feel good about yourself.  They can’t give you a job, make you money or offer you support.
  2. Participation trophies – The smiling crocodile giving the presentation simply praised everyone’s silly answers.  Real leaders don’t affirm wrong answers.  They show you what you’re doing wrong so you can do it the right way.
  3. Gurus are leeches – They’re unemployed either because they’re not willing to get a job or because no one will hire them.  They only make money when gullible people give in.
  4. MTTB is the better way

We take your success too seriously to make you feel good about yourself.  We offer you real opportunities to make money.  Our methods work.  You can make commissions in the $1000s, $3000s, $5000s or $9000s.

So, act now or else.  Heck business here is so good, it hardly makes a difference whether you click or not.  This is more about you than me.

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Self Help Is Down The Hall

January 28th, 2017 No comments

‘Tis the season for making New Year’s resolutions.’  When I see the people around me make their annual attempt at forming habits of healthy living, I can’t help but think of how strange some of them are.  For example think about jogging on a treadmill.  It’s ridiculous.  You spend tons of energy and pints of sweat bobbing up and down on a conveyor belt like you’re freaking head of lettuce at the grocery store trying to avoid getting picked up and scanned by the pimply cashier.

The point is, you spend a lot of energy going nowhere.  There’s a difference between getting in shape for the sake of getting in shape as a by product of doing something worthwhile.

If you think a new “hobby” or “job” is going to get you in better shape, give you some professional development or boost your confidence then you’re not right for MTTB.  MTTB isn’t for getting in shape, it’s for making serious money scientifically and efficiently.

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How To Get Ahead Before 2017 Gets Away

January 27th, 2017 No comments

Congratulations!  You just accomplished something that many of our well loved celebrities failed to do which is survive 2016.  It was too soon for them to pass away.  If you can survive 2016, you’re back on a level playing field with everyone else who survived 2016 whether it’s a man or woman, rich or poor and black or white.  2017 is wide open and it’s your move.  Everyone else is starting to make theirs but it’s still a tight race.

I heartily recommend bursting out of the gates by joining MTTB.  Don’t take a big risk.  Invest your energy in a time tested, plenty proven, step by step, no shortcuts, money making model.  You give yourself this little boost and I really like your chances for 2017.

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