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Make Money While Wasting Your Time

November 30th, 2016 No comments

People love to say that time is our most valuable resource.  There are 7,400 different clichés about how we never know when we’ll run out of time or how we have to spend it wisely but no matter how many clichés there are, wasting time feels fantastic as long as you’re the one doing it.

Sitting down and watching T.V. all day can be exactly what you need sometimes.  A total but fantastic waste of time but sitting down waiting for someone to show up for an entire day is alongside water boarding in terms of torture because someone else is wasting your time.  At the end of the day, all those clichés are actually right.  Your time is valuable.  This is why it stings so badly when someone else takes it from you but it’s even worse when someone wastes your time and promises you money in return without ever delivering on their promise.
This is why MTTB is one of the most valuable online business systems in the world.  Not only will your time be spent learning how to earn sales commissions worth $3,000 – $5,000 without doing any extra work but you’ll also learn the 1 thing 99% of all businesses are missing plus you’ll also be paid for it.  You decide how much.

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You’re Being Out Earned By A Potato

November 29th, 2016 No comments

What’s the point of school?  It’s to learn some stuff, get a job and make a living.  Simple as that, right?  Wrong because there are multiple businesses that only package and send potatoes with handwritten messages on them.  Check it out.  There are companies like potato parcel and mail a spud whose sole purpose of income is sending potatoes through the mail one potato at a time.  That’s too dirty to eat when it arrives for $9.99 a potato.

The craziest part is the since it’s first month of business, Potato Parcel has done $10,000 in sales every month.  So, while most people are turning their hair grey and piling on debt up to their eyes, these guys are earning a living by simply writing messages on potatoes and sending them in the mail.

This should matter to you because people spend years of their lives and hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get a job when all it takes is one simple idea like sending Potatograms in the mail.Since Potatograms is taken, you should check out MTTB.  MTTB is an online business system where affiliates place prepared ads on sites like Craigslist and Facebook.  The affiliates don’t close any sales or even have to talk to a customer but they still receive the sales commissions from their ads which can be as much as $5,000 every week.

So, will you rip your hair out because of school and your job or will you take advantage of a unique idea while you have a chance.

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Don’t Get Left With Cold Legs And A Light Wallet

November 29th, 2016 No comments

Would you buy a bowl if it had a hole in the bottom?  No, right?  It wouldn’t actually hold food well so there’s no reason to pay for something that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.  That’s solid logic.

So, why on earth do people buy ripped jeans then?  It’s like paying for a bowl with a hole in the bottom but it’s actually worse than that because jeans that come with holes actually cost more than regular jeans.  So, how do the people making the jeans get away with charging more for less?

The answer is that they know how to manipulate.  All they have to do is take a couple of pictures of models and celebrities wearing their jeans and the public comes crawling to them with their money out to pay for something that won’t do what it’s designed to do.

Unfortunately, that’s how most online affiliate systems work too.  They show you big numbers and the people who it belongs to and all the great things they can buy but their actual systems are no better at making money than a ripped pair of jeans is at keeping you warm.

This is where MTTB is different.  MTTB is an online affiliate system that has all the big paychecks and success stories just like everyone else but MTTB also guarantees that you’ll earn commissions within 30 days of finishing your training or you’ll get the $49 starting fee back times 10.
Do the math and you’ll see that MTTB is the real deal when it comes to online business systems.  Don’t get left with a light wallet and cold legs.

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You’ve Got To Work On Your Business And Not Just In It

November 28th, 2016 No comments

Michael Gerber wrote a couple of brilliant books on small business called The E-Myth and The E-Myth Revisited and here, they are in one sentence:  “You can’t just work in your business, you’ve got to work on your business.”  It’s like trying to bike across the country.  If you were a noob, you’d just pedal as hard as you could from LA to NYC.  Smart people check tire pressure, lube the gears, clean the derailleurs and change out parts when they’re getting old.  If you’re bike’s gonna go the distance, it’s got to be in high performing condition.

How do you know your business systems are any good?  Ours are great.  We’ve been honing our top tier business model for over 8 years with over a thousand clients and everyone who has followed it has been making killer commissions.

Try our model and:

  • You’ll never have to create your own products
  • Never have to set up websites
  • Never have to devise your own sales funnels
  • Never go through the headache of customer service or returns
  • Never make your own phone sales

Your time is too valuable to spend changing bike parts.  You should just turn in your clunker here and ride with us to financial freedom.

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Master The Art Of Money Making

November 27th, 2016 No comments

Coaches and trainers have mastered the craft of achieving and maintaining physical wellness and they’ve taught us how to get there by teaching us their exercises.  Monks and mystics have mastered the craft of communing with the divine and they’ve written out their prayers and disciplines for us to copy.  Advanced educators have mastered the craft of learning and we learn how to learn by imitating their methods.

Here is the main point of all education: Do what I do and you’ll get to where I am.  That’s MTTB.  I’ve mastered the craft of money making and I want to teach you how to get to where I am.  Of course, you can try work out, pray or learn on your own but all of human civilisation has worked on the principle of students imitating masters.

You don’t need to spend several years and tens of thousands of dollars at a business school.  You need a master to imitate as we all do.  Cut out the middle man and give me just $49 and 30 days.

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