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You Can’t Skim Your Way To Getting Rich Online

July 31st, 2016 No comments

Do you remember when the last Harry Potter book came out?  If you don’t already have a copy of the book on hold then you had no chance of getting one.  Even the people who did waited in out the door lines just to get their reserved copy but that still didn’t stop the book from selling 11 million copies on the first day it was released.

47 minutes after the book was released one woman told the reporters that she had already read the book.  She got the book the same time as everyone else.  She had the same copy as everyone else.  The only difference was she could read at 4,200 words per minute.  The woman’s name was Anne Jones and she claimed that she read all 784 pages in under an hour.  Reporters tested her knowledge of the plot and she passed.

Imagine if you could read that fast but don’t try too hard because there are no shortcuts to being knowledgeable.  There’s another name for speed reading, it’s skimming.  There’s a part of the eye called the Fovea that is responsible for making out what we see.  It’s very small and can only focus on a word or two at a time.  Even good readers can only read around 300 words a minute.

The only way to read faster is to increase your vocabulary and the rate at which you identify words which requires, you guessed it, more reading.  There’s no shortcuts to knowing about something just like there are no shortcuts to earning a fortune.

If you try to make a quick buck, chances are you’ll fail.  Even if you do, you’ll be getting a fish without learning how to fish.  So, don’t skim your way to a quick buck when it comes to making money online.  Use MTTB.  If you’re looking for a way to get rich look somewhere else but if you’re looking to earn a fortune from your own computer, click below to learn more about MTTB.

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Trick Your Mind Into Earning A Fortune

July 30th, 2016 No comments

Have you ever noticed how when you need to sit down and work, about a million other things pop up?  Let’s say you’re sitting at your desk about to work, you login to your computer and then you yawn.  You tell yourself that a coffee will really help you power through your work.  So, you get up and make one.

While you wait for it to brew, you think about all the coffee you’ve drunk and wonder if it has any effects on your health.  After checking your teeth in the mirror to see if they’re coffee stained, you sit back down at your computer coffee in hand you search the Internet for the effects of drinking coffee.  You’re just going to read an article and then get to work.

You find a ton of different articles all telling you about caffeine and what it does for you.  Then you think that woman with the Chewbacca mask probably had coffee before she shot that video.  That’s why she had so much energy.  Of course, you pull up the happiest Chewbacca video.  Then you watch some parody videos.  Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour watching videos on YouTube when you should’ve been working.

When we sit down to do something we don’t want to do our mind plays tricks on us.  Whether it convinces you that you need a coffee or tells you that you need to create the perfect play list before you start, it always wants to distract us from hard work.

So, why is the case?  It’s because we don’t see the results of our work as worth the effort.  Most jobs like rolling a rock up a hill and then watching it roll back down.  You do the work but it doesn’t get you any closer to what you really want.  When you sit down to work you earn yourself an extraordinary paycheck watch out.  Your mind is going to constantly try and get you to sit down and work because it knows it is worth the time.

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You’re The Only Thing Stopping Yourself From Making A Fortune

July 29th, 2016 No comments

The only thing stopping you from earning a fortune is yourself.  George Dantzig was a student studying mathematics at Cal Berkley in 1939.  One day he was running late to class.  He snuck in saw two mathematics theories on the blackboard.  The assignment was to prove them.  Dantzig copied down the homework without saying a word.  A few days later, he turned in his two proofs and apologized for turning them in late.  He said: “The problems seemed to be a little harder than usual.”  His homework was thrown on top of a huge pile up of other student’s homework never to be seen again he thought.

Then something incredible happened.  Dantzig was woken up weeks later by his professor pounding on his door.  He opened it and his professor told him he needed to publish his homework right away.  Why you ask?  It’s because the “Homework” was actually two famous unsolved statistics problems that no one had been able to solve.  Chances are you aren’t a brilliant mind that can solve problems that other brilliant people can’t.

Neither was Dantzig.  He was incredibly smart but so were the thousands of people who had tried to solve the problems before him.  The thing that set him apart was that he didn’t expect fame and recognition from solving the problems.  He didn’t even know they were famous theories.  All that he knew was that he had a problem in front of him and he needed to figure out how to solve it.

Many people today look at earning a fortune like people were looking at those two problems before Dantzig.  It’s complex, daunting and impossible but it’s not.  If you found a simple and proven way to make money without all the fears and expectations that stop most people then you can earn a fortune like few people ever had.

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Don’t Eat Your Own Tale Marketing Online

July 28th, 2016 No comments

Stress is a nasty thing.  It aggravates us and makes us way more likely to make huge mistakes.  Stress is so powerful that it even affects animals other than us.  Just ask a snake.  Snakes are cold blooded.  When they get too hot, they can’t cool themselves down.  Their bodies get so warm that they can’t think straight.  Simple things suddenly look very different.  Then their bodies start acting up.

Does it sound familiar?  It gets even worse if the snake doesn’t cool down.  When the snakes body reaches a certain temperature, it’s metabolism shoots up.  When a snake is extremely hungry and confused, everything looks like food even it’s own tail.  A snake will literally eat and kill itself if it gets too hot.

If you’re trying to market on the Internet without PFS, you’re heading down the same path.  Marketing online can be incredibly stressful.  There are billions of people online which sounds like a good thing but only a small number are the ones who will actually be interested in your product.  Finding your target audience online among the billions of people and websites online isn’t as easy as it sounds.  If you try you might end up as stressed out as a snake in a barbecue.

The good news is that the Patriot Funnel System will make online marketing as easy as 1,2,3 instead of taking the scatter shot approach and hoping you hit someone in your target audience.  PFS will guide the right customer straight to your product.  PFS relieves the stress of online marketing because it is simple as effective.

Nicholas Pratt was trying to market online but he hit a wall.  He was getting very stressed and frustrated.  Then he started the PFS 21 step system.  Now he’s making thousands in sales commissions and helping others do the same.

Don’t eat your own tale because of Internet Marketing.

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Earn Your Fortune Like A Hero

July 27th, 2016 No comments

Are you a hero or a coward?  Before you answer, know that just because you’re afraid doesn’t make you a coward.  The hero and coward are both afraid.  It’s what they do that makes them different.  When the hero and the coward don’t have enough money coming in every month to keep the lights on and food on the table, they are both afraid.

The coward takes the first chance they have to fix the problem.  They find a short term solution that will keep them afloat until their next crisis.  Then they do it all over again.  The hero doesn’t hide the fear though.  They use it to push themselves to new levels of discipline.  They stay up all night trying to find a way to make sure they don’t have a reason to be afraid.  They learn from their mistakes and grow from them.

So, are you a hero or a coward?  If you can’t stand your desk job or your paycheck isn’t worth 8 hours of your life every day, here’s your chance to decide.  The coward might find a promotion to go after and hope one day, they’ll get it.  At best, they’ll have a cubicle to sit in and another cubicle for a little more money.  Chances are they’ll find a quick way to get rid of their fear that doesn’t help in the long run.

The hero learns to deal with their fear by finding real solutions to their problems.  MTTB is one of those solutions.  MTTB is not just a get rich quick solution.  It will take some discipline and focus to be successful but if you have what it takes you can earn thousands from your computer every week without ever dealing with a customer or handling a product.  Find out if you have what it takes to be a hero and click below to learn more about MTTB.

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