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How To Be A Genius?

December 31st, 2015 No comments

Do you want to know the trick to being a genius?  Do this trick and you’ll be well on your way to achieving greatness similar to the likes of Isaac Newton, Shakespeare, Darwin and Benjamin Franklin.  The trick is something you can apply to all kinds of things but to get your heads around it, let’s look at a specific example.  Poetry.  How do you write great poetry?  You learn the basics and get the essentials down.  Learn about rhyming schemes, rules, regulations and guidelines.  All the boring stuff.  Sear all of that stuff into your soul.  When you’ve done that and only when you’ve done that, can you try to get creative.

How do you write bad poetry?  Skip the basics.  Just try to be creative from the get go.  Just write out whatever sounds best to you.  I can guarantee your poetry will suck.

Maybe you’re not into poetry.  It doesn’t matter.  Like I said, this principle still applies to doing anything well.

Do you want to start an online business that works?  Start with the basics, get the essentials down, create the kind of foundation that all good businesses have.  It’s where all successful entrepreneurs and all geniuses start with the essentials.  That’s what MTTB is for.  It’s helps you start making sure you’ve got all the essentials.

It’s a 21 step training program that:

  • Pairs you with an experienced coach
  • Provides you with high ticket products
  • Gives you an already in place high converting sales funnel
  • Covers customer service

It helps you get your home business off the ground.  It’s $49 to sign up.  If you go through the 21 steps and haven’t made a big ticket commissions in 30 days, you get 10 times your money back.

Or you could just try to be creative.  You can do your own thing and skip the essentials.  Who knows, maybe it’ll work out.  Except it won’t.

You need the essentials.  Do you want help getting them all down?

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Think (About The Sky) And Grow Rich

December 30th, 2015 No comments

It’s really hard to steer a hot air balloon.  All you can do is make it go higher or lower which seems like it might not help much but the wind blows differently at different altitudes.  So, by changing the altitude of your balloon, you can change the direction of your flight.  This way balloonists can steer but only indirectly.

This means if you want to go anywhere in a balloon, you really have to understand the sky.  No fancy equipment, expensive balloons or cool techniques will help you if you don’t know where the wind is blowing.  Master ballooners study the sky, they study the wind, it’s current, it’s direction and it’s fluctuations.

It’s similar with online marketing.  The best marketers aren’t the ones with the coolest techniques or the biggest offices or the fastest computers.  The best marketers are those who know the market and they study the people they’re marketing to just like the master balloonist studies the sky.

The best way to become a great marketer is to learn from the greats.  From the guys who have spent their lives studying the sky.  Matt Lloyd has paid out over $30,000,000 in commissions to people who have used his system.  He’s at the head of one of the fastest growing companies in the home business niche.  So, Matt knows what he’s talking about.  He understands the sky and he’s studied the market.

He crated MTTB to teach others those same principles which led him to his own success.  You too can learn the secrets of the sky by going through the 21 steps.  So, that you can steer your business to financial success.

It’s $49 to sign up and if you complete the 21 steps and haven’t made a big commission in 30 days, you get $500.  So, there’s nothing to risk but your time.  There’s the world to gain.

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Why Being An Adult Sucks?

December 29th, 2015 No comments

Take a few steps back.  Do you remember when you used to try and save your allowance and pick up extra chores so you could buy a video game or what about when you used to be a little excited to get sick and miss school?  Today though, you have to save up your time to play video games or do what you enjoyed doing as a kid.  Taking sick days was a luxury that you became unable to afford a long time ago.

So, what the hell happened?  Weren’t you looking forward to being an adult and doing what you wanted?  What about seeing R-rated movies or not having to study things you didn’t care about that you were interested in?  Well, you have all those freedoms that you looked forward to as a kid but what you didn’t know was all the responsibilities that came with them.

That job you have to work that eats up your day and leaves time for eating and sleeping alone.  Those responsibilities that take bites out of your pay checks until there is nothing left.  The busy life that doesn’t even leave time to plan a trip much less go on one.

Do you notice anything about all those?  They can all be solved with more income.  If you were making more money, you could walk out of that job that you spend more time at than at home.  More income means more money left over after you dole out what you are responsible for every month.  If you weren’t tied up with that job and everything else you do to stay afloat, you could travel on the drop of a dime.

Money won’t fix all the problems in your life but it will give you the chance to fix them yourself.  Luckily for you at the bottom of this blog post is a link that will tell you more about MTTB.

MTTB was founded by Matt Lloyd who used it to earn $51,373,000 over 5 years.  His system works so well that if it doesn’t work for you, Matt will send you $500 which is 10 times the $49 you pay to join MTTB.  MTTB is a money making train.

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All Great Entrepreneurs Have These 2 Qualities

December 28th, 2015 No comments

There’s a big shift happening.  A shift in power.  Before, scientists, politicians and academics once held most of the world’s power, the world’s power is now entering the hands of the entrepreneur.  More and more, our world is becoming dominated by creative, brave individuals who start businesses, non-profits and international movements.  We’re seeing the rise of the entrepreneur.

As the entrepreneur rises, other kinds of work will decline.  It will become scarcer.  Our world is heading towards an economy where entrepreneurial work is essentially the only work.  We’ll probably still have some academics and politicians but basically you’ll either be an entrepreneur or unemployed.

It’s because computers will be able to for less money in less time and with more skill than humans do everything.  Everything except for those things which humans alone can do which is the work of the entrepreneur.  It’s just the trend of history right now.  Unless a giant meteorite comes and wipes out all our technology and knowledge, this trend is probably here to stay.

So, one of the best ways to prepare for the future is to learn how to be an entrepreneur but how do you do that?  Billionaire Manoj Bhargava who is a founder of 5 hour energy said in a recent talk that a great entrepreneur needs just two qualities: Common sense and a sense of urgency.

So, if you have those two qualities, you have what it takes to tackle the world’s entrepreneurial future.  All you need to do now is start doing.  Then start putting those qualities into practice.  MTTB makes it easy to do that.  It gives you:

  • Done for you products
  • A personal coach
  • An experienced sales team that sells for you
  • Customer service
  • Training

So that all you need to start a home business and earning big commissions is: Common sense and a sense of urgency.  Also you’ll need $49.  If you don’t have these qualities, you better start learning them.

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How You Can Avoid Getting Overworked And Overwhelmed?

December 27th, 2015 No comments

There’s an old debate which is sparked by this question: “What’s the best way to achieve personal growth?”  One approach says to find all the stuff that you’re bad at and then work on those things so that you become well rounded.  The other approach is to find the things you’re good at and then only do those things.  That way, you’ll accomplish a lot more, you’ll enjoy yourself more and you’ll make more progress in the long run.

When you try to fix your weaknesses, you can only make small gains.  For e.g. Say you’re bad at analysing data.  If you invest hours and hours reading books and staring at spreadsheet.  Over time you’ll get better at analysing data but imagine if you spent the same time trying to improve in what you’re already good at.

Say you’re naturally good at public speaking.  You take every opportunity you get to speak in front of a crowd.  Since you’re naturally good at speaking, people compliment you regularly.  This leads to positive reinforcement and so you apply yourself even harder at public speaking and you gain confidence the more you do it.  You read books and take classes.  The whole time you’re enjoying yourself, creating value for others and getting significantly better at something you’re already good at.  Doesn’t that sound a lot better that trying to drudge through work you’re bad at and you don’t enjoy?

Yet, it’s a mistake that entrepreneurs often make.  They try to learn everything because they think their job is to do everything.  This makes them inefficient, overwhelmed and overworked since they’re trying to do a hundred things that they aren’t naturally good at.  The right way is to not to do the things you’re bad at and to let other people do that stuff.  So, you can focus on the things you’re good at.

This is quite difficult to do.  It’s hard to find someone to do all the stuff that you’re bad at especially when you’re just starting out.  MTTB does that work for you.  It outsources all the work that you’re bad at to people who are good at it.  So, that you can focus on the things you’re good at.

Matt Lloyd has an experienced phone sales team that sells for you.  Of course, if you want to do the sales yourself, if you’re great at sales and you love it, you have the option of doing it yourself and making bigger commissions but you also have the option of letting Matt’s team sell for you.  It’s your choice.

I highly recommend you not to be the foolish entrepreneur that tries to learn everything.  You need to find the people that can do the things you’re bad at.

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