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What The Home Business Summit Is All About?

November 29th, 2014 No comments

The Home Business Summit is one of the best ways to get started making money online.  Watch the video below to get all the details:

There’s an upcoming Home Business Summit in London from December 5-7.  You will learn everything you need to make $100,000 within the next 12 months.  If you think you don’t know how to make $100,000 within the next 12 months after attending the event, you will get your ticket and hotel costs refunded.  You will learn from 6, 7 and even 8 figure income earners who have been where you are.

Click here to check out The Home Business Summit. 

ClickMeter Black Friday 30% Off Sale

November 28th, 2014 No comments

ClickMeter are offering a special 30% off sale of all ClickMeter plans.  The sale starts on November 28th AKA Black Friday through December 1st AKA Cyber Monday.

ClickMeter Black Friday Sale

ClickMeter has many advantages including:

  • Many more events to track
  • Conversions and Revenue Tracking
  • Branded Domains (use your domain as a tracking link)
  • Click Fraud Protection
  • Link Health Monitor
  • Sub-Accounts (guest accounts)
  • Your Logo in Reports
  • Engineer Support

As you can see ClickMeter is full of features and is a state of the art professional link tracking software.  Link tracking is absolutely essential when you are advertising online.  It won’t be long before you start having lots and lots of traffic sources.  You need to know which ones are working and which aren’t.  ClickMeter will help you to find out which ones are working are which aren’t.  Then you can apply the saying: “Feed the Stallions, starve the Ponies.”  What this means is that you would reinvest in the profitable ads and stop investing in the ads that don’t bring in money.

Click this link and use the promo code: CYBER14

HostGator Black Friday Sale With Up To 75% Off Web Hosting

November 28th, 2014 No comments

HostGator are doing their annual Black Friday sale.  They’re offering up to 75% off their web hosting plans.  HostGator prices are already quite low and during this sale you can get a blog for as little as $1.24 a month.

The sale starts from 12am CST with a 75% off fire sale.  The initial fire sale with last one hour and after that you get up to 55% off.  HostGator will be running an additional 9, one hour, fire sales throughout the weekend.  There will be four sales on Black Friday, One on Saturday, one on Sunday and four on Cyber Monday.  The sale finishes on Monday December 1st at 11:59pm CST.

As an extra bonus if you buy from HostGator, I will help you to set up your blog including:

  • Setting up your word press blog
  • Set up your plug-ins
  • Show you how to write blog posts

Email me and I will be glad to help you.

Click here to take advantage of this offer.

The Best Networking Marketing Company In The UK

November 28th, 2014 No comments

One of the best network marketing companies out there is My Online Business Education.  They run events all over the world to help people make money online.  They have an event in London UK, 1 week today, called The Home Business Summit.  The Home Business Summit is designed to give you all the tools and training you need to make $100,000 within the next 12 months.  These events are very successful and have made many 6 figure online income earners.

The event has some of the highest online income earners in the world.  Matt Lloyd, the founder of MOBE, will be hosting it and he is on track to make $50 million with MOBE by the end of this year.  He’s helped peopled round the world make money online with MOBE.

Shaqir Hussyin will be there and he is from London.  He’s done very well with three million dollar businesses at the age of 25.  He’s just recently made $1 million in commissions just with MOBE.  He’s doing very well.

John Chow is one of the biggest bloggers in the world and one of MOBE’s top earners.  He’s always winning the MOBE competitions or quite close to the top.  He’s done very well.

There are the types of speakers that will be there.  They’ve made millions and millions of dollars online in a short amount of time.  They know how to help you do well.  While the information is great, it’s the 1 on 1 time you get with these top earners while having lunch with them or speaking to them privately that will help to skyrocket your business.  You can take pictures and videos with them and use it in your own marketing.  Through the power of association people think, you’re on that level as well.  You will start to be seen as the authority figure and this works wonders for your positioning.

If you walk out of this event not knowing how to make $100,000 online within the next 12 months, then you will get a full refund on your ticket and even your hotel cost.  With a guarantee like that, you have nothing to lose.

Click here to check out The Home Business Summit.

Legit Way To Make Money Online

November 28th, 2014 No comments

In the online marketing world, there’s lots and lots of scams out there from people just looking to empty out your bank account.  I have been through it myself.  On the flip side, there are legit ways to make money online as well.  People that go out of their way to help you and do their best to help you succeed.  They want to see you do well as you get results and you help the company get more sales.

One of the legit ways to make money online is to join MTTB.  It is a low investment of $49 and you get access to 21 steps to online marketing freedom.  You work through the steps by doing 1 a day.  Every 3 days, you get on the phone with your coach who’s there to help you.  Then you get 30 days of different traffic methods everyday to help you generate leads online. Lead generation is what you need to get good at and this is what a lot of the training focuses on. They have plenty of training on conversions as well.

When you start sending traffic to MTTB, the phone sales team will close your leads on high ticket offers and you get the opportunity to make $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 commissions sold for you to your leads. I know when getting started online, selling on the phone it is quite difficult especially when you’ve had so many rejections. You don’t need to worry about rejections any more with MTTB as you will be getting targeted traffic and the phone sales team will do the phone sales on your behalf.

MTTB is a great system to get started making money online with as they have the whole system set up for you which you can license and make big commissions on.

They have a limited amount of coaches as they work with you personally 1 on 1 every 3 days. Every new MTTB Member gets a coach to work with.  They’re all minimum 6 figure income earners and know how to help you succeed online. I would highly recommend you to get started with MTTB as soon as possible.

Click here to watch the MTTB presentation to see if it’s good fit for you.