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19 Year Old Dies From Internet Rehab

June 30th, 2014 No comments

China’s Government has done something recently.  They’ve added an entry to the list of things that would classify someone as having a mental illness.  That thing is internet addiction.  China noticed that their young people were spending way too much time on the internet, ignoring family, eat and sleep all for the love of the internet.

As a results of this disturbing trend, some rather odd businesses started popping up in China.  Internet Rehab.  Boot camps run by ex-military to help those kick the habit.  Some of these boot camps use fear based training which is aimed to reform the student’s behaviour through harsh discipline.  The problem Is that these guys have taken it too far.  They literally kicked a girl to death recently just because she asked to go to the bathroom.  Now the students are trying to sneak out messages to their parents to get them out of there.

I’m well aware of the term “drastic circumstances call for drastic measures” but this is crazy.  I know this internet addiction isn’t common to just China.  It’s a global issue.  I’m not sure if running off to some boot camp is the right answer.

It’s a very important topic though as what you do on the internet can make your business or destroy it.  You can make 6 figures without sitting in front of your computer all day or you can sit in front of your computer for 12-16 hours straight and not make anything at all.  So what’s a good strategy to follow?  I recommend that you set boundaries.

Many people want to make a great income online but they’ve not set up any boundaries to ensure that it will happen.  They just login with a generic thought of what they sorta kinda need to do for the day.  Then hours later, they realise they haven’t accomplished anything.  Some people do this for years and they think they have 4 years of experience in this industry.  This is why they don’t make any serious money.  When I hear this, what I think is that, they don’t have 4 years of experience, they’ve got 1 year of experience 4 times.  They’re doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  The last time I checked, this was the definition of insanity.

Something has to change.  It can start with setting up finite boundaries.  Boundaries like:

  • 80% of my business is spent marketing and adding value to others.
  • I spend a set time like 3:30 – 4:15 each day checking my email, Face book and so on.
  • I take the last 10 minute of each day to plan out my next day
  • I focus on the non-urgent/important tasks daily rather than focusing on the urgent/not important tasks that don’t take me closer to my goals

Of course, there are more boundaries that you can set in place.  Boundaries as odd as it may seem, give you freedom.  Take some time to set these up in your own business and reap the dividends and rewards you’ll receive by doing so.

This is why I love The MTTB Business Model so much.  It makes it much easier to set boundaries in your business to be profitable because it’s a lean business model.

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You’ll be able to have a great little daily ritual based around your online business.  It’ll be profitable, the system will work for you, then you can close your computer and go out and enjoy life.

I’ll Pay You To Be A Quitter

June 30th, 2014 No comments

More and more companies out there are offering to pay their employees up to $25,000 to quit their job.  Even if they have only worked there for 1 day.  There’s a popular video game company called Riot that does this.  Other companies like Amazon and Zappos do this as well.  Sounds crazy right?  Some think it’s crazy smart.

The reason companies do this is because it’s an economic filter to foster excellence on the job.  With this incentive to leave, the companies are only left with people that are absolutely passionate and in love with their jobs.  In the big scheme of things, this incentive isn’t a lot of money.  It usually equates to 1-3 months of pay.  Yet, it’s enough of an incentive to weed out those that aren’t really into it.  It eliminates those that are just there to have a job but would rather do something else.  In the long run, this saves the companies a lot of time and hassle as it leaves them with great employees that really love their work.

So, let me ask you: If your job offered you $25,000 to quit today, would you?  If the answer is a yes, then it’s a tell tale sign that something is wrong there.  That you should be looking for an exit plan as soon as possible.  Life’s too short and there are too many opportunities to be doing something less than what you love to do.  A better option than quitting your job is to temporarily keep your current job so you can support yourself and your family.  Then try to find something that can quickly replace your current income with just a fraction of the time and effort.  Try to find something you enjoy doing.  More importantly an opportunity that gives you the time to do all the things that you love to do outside of the job.

If this sounds like something interesting to you, then check out this video presentation.  There’s text as well if you prefer to read.

This is currently the #1 opportunity that I know of right now to start a lucrative business on the side with.

How To Find Security If You’re A Baby Boomer

June 30th, 2014 No comments

Baby Boomers are one of the largest demographics out there today.  It’s because of the influx of baby boomers that many say the economy is going to be affected very badly.  They say things like: “How are all these people going to be taken care of.”  I don’t really agree with them as these are predictions based on old data and theories.

Anyway, people and governments are trying to make some serious changes.  You may have already been affected by some of them.  For e.g. one expert thinks that the newer generation entering the workforce should take their time, take more schooling, gain wisdom and find out what it is that they really want in life.  So they don’t recommend you to enter the workforce till your 40 years of age.  I know a lot of the lazy kids of this generation would love this news.  They recommend that companies keep the older folks in their jobs longer up to the last few years of their living life so they can enjoy the last few years in a comfortable retirement.  Does that sound like fun?

Regardless of what your personal thoughts are on all of this, I think we can agree on that we don’t want to be relying on the government, pensions or our jobs to provide for us now and in the future.  This is because:

  • We want more than just getting by
  • We want comfort
  • We want a measure of freedom

We shouldn’t have to wait till retirement to have these things.  The solution here lies in taking things under your own control.  Taking personal responsibility and stock into your and your families future and well-being.

This is why many people find themselves online, looking for an alternative solution.  I’m so proud of folks like this.  People that don’t just settle for the scraps and whatever is simply handed to them.  There are several different ways to go about building a business and lifestyle that will give you the freedom and security you desire and deserve.  All it takes is focus, hard work and following a proven dependable system that works.

Here’s a presentation that lays out such a proven, rock solid, dependable and duplicable system that you can use and start profiting from right away. 

Watch the presentation, take note of the partner case studies and then decide if this is for you or not.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Check Out The Latest MOBE Case Studies

June 27th, 2014 No comments

Below are the newest MOBE case studies of people who were regular people and are now doing very well online:

As you can see, they are all regular people, all from different backgrounds and are doing very well at making money online.  I wanted to show you these testimonials because it shows that it doesn’t matter what your age is, how much experience you have, where you’re from, gender or experience level.  You can do this business.

All it takes is for you to make a decision to change your life and then put in the time and effort.  If you’re ready to start to make a change in your life, you can get started by applying for MTTB.

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Take A Test Drive Of AWeber Today

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AWeber has many benefits including:

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