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How To Kill Procrastination With Little Effort?

May 30th, 2014 No comments

There’s a documentary called 20 Feet From Stardom.  It’s about the music industry’s top talent, voices you would recognize but never know their names.  The Back-Up Singers.  They’re just 20′ from the superstar that’s front and center in the Limelights on stage.  They are in the background.  Almost every band has them.

Every business has them as well.  In the online space, it’s all too common to paint the illusion that it’s a one man show, sipping Pina Coladas under luxurious palm trees whilst their bank accounts are growing by the millions.  This is just not the case.  It’s an illusion.  All smoke and mirrors.  Behind every well known marketer or business is a team.  This includes:

  • Copywriters
  • Content Writers
  • Sales People
  • Support Staff
  • Personal Assistants
  • Launch Managers

The list goes on but you get the idea.  Somebody has to get the work done right?  Right.  It’s possible to be a lazy marketer and make a great income but this means you have a team getting things done for you.  You need a powerful system and a team first.  The comes the Pina Coladas and Palm Trees.

There’s a well known mind map created by Rich Schefren called The Internet Business Manifesto.  You can easily find it for free from Google.  In the manifesto, Rich shows you all of the things that are required to run an online business.  You can’t help but get overwhelmed just by looking at all that.  Unfortunately, most people try to do it all by themselves.  This is why so many people are working 18 hours a day, getting nowhere whilst still committing financial suicide as a result.

The answer to the problem is that you need systems and you need a team to do most of this stuff for you.  You can try to outsource all over the place and set all this stuff up in your own online business if you have products to sell.  This is still a lot of work to set up and manage or you can leverage a system and team already fully set-up and ready for you to use.  Get access to:

  • Copywriters
  • Content Writers
  • Tested and proven to convert offers
  • Phone Sales Team getting you high ticket commissions

It’s all set up for you right now.  Overwhelm will be gone.

Enjoy the free time and success you’re about to experience as a result of checking this presentation out today.

1 Seriously Important Blog Post To Read

May 29th, 2014 No comments

It’s no secret that the major brands out there take their social media marketing very seriously.  1 company I know of that manages social media for many of these businesses told me some of the craziness that goes on.  Firstly, they have massive TVs on the walls with their clients social media profiles so they can keep track of things live and in action.  I saw a picture and it’s pretty fancy spancey pants lookin’.  What he told me boggled my mind.  For some clients, they have 13 of their social media experts and specialists working up to 45 days to plan, create and launch just 1 tweet.  It sounds silly but I’ve seen major brands send out a tweet without thinking it through and it resulted in massively bad PR for their brand.  Once the tweet is sent out, there’s no going back and erasing it.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or not, it’s out there and it will spread like wildfire in the Social Media Scene.  Quite often, bad news spreads much faster.

So, you may be wondering why I’m telling you all this?  Do I think you should spend 45 days to plan 1 Tweet or Facebook message?  Unless you are a billion dollar giant, I would say no.  My point here is that if successful companies are spending 45 days just to execute one tweet, don’t you think we should do a little better at planning and executing in our businesses?

This is 1 of the big reasons why so many people fail online.  They’re running around like chickens with their heads cut off , with no plan, no strategy, no clear cut idea of where they want to go and how they’ll get there.  So why not take some time off from the overwhelm and get this done today?  It will help to start getting some real results in this business which is what you really want right?  I’m sure you would like to show people that you’re not just some crazy person playing on the interwebs every night.  The best way to prove people wrong is with real results.  In this business, it’s done with income.

Below are some suggestions on exactly how you can do this so you can get some serious results online.  Find out exactly what you want, how much you need monthly and weekly to pay for these things and then devise your business plan where you see exactly how you can reasonably achieve these goals.  Let’s dig deeper on these 3 things:

  • Find out exactly what you want – Do you want to live in a downtown loft?  A country estate?  A modest place?
  • What is the car of your choice?  – Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche
  • Where do you want to travel in the next 12 months? – Costa Rica, Fiji, Cabo San Lucas

Get your list together plus your other expenses including utilities, gas etc.  I’ll give you an example.  Downtown Loft:  Wood floors, spacious open areas, private parking and residence fitness center.  Right by live music, Starbucks and some favorite restaurants.  This would cost roughly $2,500 per month.  A Mercedes SL-Class that’s a convertible, gloss black, loaded, leather seats and with 435 bhp.  This would cost about $1,000 per month.  If you wanted 4 vacations this year including 10 days in Costa Rica, 2 weeks in Rome, 2 weeks in Ireland touring Pubs and 7 days skiing in British Columbia.  So far this works out to $20,000 total.  Then let’s add in $2,000 per month for bills and so forth.

Let’s break this down and see how much we need to be making in our online business.  This will bring us to right around $6,000 per month here with our example.  You should break everything down as small a number as you can with your goals and your action plan.  In this example above, you need to be earning $1,500 per week or just over $214 per day.  No is that so hard to do so?  You just need to be able to make $214 in a day to be able to have a nice home, take awesome vacations and drive a pimpin’ car.  This is just an example.  It’s very important that you do this with what you want to do and have.

The next part is to plan how to get all of this stuff.  To have the gears turning where you’ll see these things coming into your life asap.  Again, break it down:

  • What can you sell online to make $214 per day?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How many customers does that equal?
  • How many leads do you need to convert 1 customer?
  • How much will that 1 customer cost you?

So, if you’re selling a product at $47, you’d need 5 sales a day.  However, once you find out the marketing costs and learn the numbers in your business, you may find that you need 10-20 sales a day for ads, commissions and so forth.  Knowing your numbers is everything.  Getting sales day in and day out isn’t super easy.  It is very doable though.  You should do that but don’t just stop there.  Once you get a customer, you want the customer to buy more from you which should include high ticket offers.  If you integrate a more done-for-you, high ticket offer into your business, a $47 commissions can quite easily turn into a $9,000 commission.

Think about that.  Just 1 customer acquisition can have you $3k over your needed income for the entire month.  That’s the power of high ticket items.  That my friend is exactly what MTTB provides you with the tools and know-how to do.

Go through this exercise today, feel the power it gives you and then get started with some form of tiny action towards your goals before you close your eyes tonight.

Why You Need A ‘Personal Sherpa’?

May 28th, 2014 No comments

Ever year many people try to climb the awe inspiring Mount Everest.  Some ascend to the top, some don’t make it and some die.  If you’re wise, you will have a guide to mentor and help you safely make the climb.  This is why so many people choose Sherpas.  They’re local people that are widely known as elite mountaineers and experts in their local terrain.  They’re known as legendary in the climbing community for their hardiness, expertise and experience at very high altitudes.

If you were to climb Mount Everest, would you hire a Sherpa?  Or would you go out and hire a guy that’s good at walking long distances in the flat arid desert?  You’d definitely match the coach with the job right?  If you want to climb high mountains, you would find someone who was born on the mountains.  Someone who knows them inside out.  Someone who’s genes have been proven to be different because of the high altitude they were born in.  If you wanted to walk the desert, then sure the other guy would be the best.  Either way, a coach who has been there and done that will be invaluable along the journey.

The same thing applies in business as well.  There are a lot of coaches out there.  Yet, not just any coach will work for you.  As you known MTTB, the system I work with focuses on revealing to you how to and gives you the tools and systems to profit from high ticket commissions.  Not just any coach can teach you how to do this.  It’s a rare system and opportunity unlike any other.  These coaches are at the top of their game.  They’re like your own online Sherpa, guiding you and leading you to Top Tier Commissions.

The next step is to decide to climb.  The coaches will help you the rest of the way.  Not only will the coaches be your partners making big sales for you, they’ll become your friends as well.  If you want to dabble in small commissions then you can find a ton of products on how to do that.

If you’re serious about online business and want to make money like the big boys then:

Click here to check out MTTB and take advantage of the coach they provide for you asap.

Want A Mercedes?

May 28th, 2014 No comments

The great car company Mercedes Benz is near and dear to many members in The My Online Business Empire Community (MOBE).  This is mainly because the company pays for their car note every month.  They get the Mercedes when they meet a shockingly low amount of required sales to get this awesome incentive as a MOBE partner.  So, you make money and as an incentive you get a Mercedes.  You can’t beat that.

Anyway, this reminds me of an important marketing lesson.  Back in the 60’s Mercedes made a BIG mistake.  They had seriously overestimated how many Americans would be interested in their diesel sedan.  At the time, Mercedes was big in Europe but pretty much unknown to US customers.  They were lucky to sell just a few thousand a year there.

One year the big mistake occurred.  Mercedes sent way too many of these automobiles to the states.  So, they called upon famous adman David Ogilvy to help them out.  The result?  Over $3.5 million dollars worth of these unknown, odd foreign cars were sold all with just a 6 page sales letter.

The ad cost for that sales letter was just under $100,000.  How did he pull it off?  What was the hook?  The trick was in giving the buyers a very creative rebate.  Each new car buyer was getting one years worth of diesel.  Back then, it would cost just $120 for 12,000 miles travelled.  Let’s break this down.  Sink $120 in cost.  To sell a little known Mercedes for the price then of $4,068.00.  Not a bad profit right?

This is the way you want to be thinking in your online business?  How much can you afford to spend on a customer?  Also what is a congruent incentive you can offer that will make the deal seem like you’d have to be crazy to pass it up?  It’s true that it’s very difficult for most affiliates to do this because of the low profit margins.

That’s what’s so awesome about The MTTB System here.

With this system, you get $1k, $3k and $5k commissions.  The best commissions available to you in The Internet Marketing Industry.  So, would you be willing to offer $200 of value to acquire a $1,000 sale.  Would you pay out $1k in real bonuses to make a $5k commission.  You’d be crazy if you said no.  Knowing what you can afford to acquire a customer is essential coupled with knowing what your customer really wants and going overboard to give it to them.

When you test this business model out, things will really start to change for you nearly right away if you’re serious here.  As a bonus you also get the crazy generous incentive where you can be like many MOBE members right now cruising around in their own Mercedes (or MOBE Mercs as their called.)

Click here to get started so you can be one of the MOBE members cruising about in a MOBE Merc.

John Chow Makes $50,000 In 1 Day

May 26th, 2014 No comments

John Chow made $50,000 in 1 day with MTTB.  This was John Chow’s best day which is normally half his monthly income from MTTB.  This is the power of of using a system that has no limits.  If you want to make big money online and live the dot com lifestyle then you have to work on activities that don’t put a limit on your earnings.  Below is a Driving With John Chow video where he talks about making $50,000 in a single day.

You may not make commissions like John Chow is yet but you can work up to it.  MTTB is a 21 step system that will help to make $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 commissions online.  You will be walked through the whole process by a coach.  This is the same system John Chow is promoting.

Click here to get started with MTTB.