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Online Social Media Marketing Secrets

April 30th, 2014 No comments

There was a recent My Online Business Empire Elite Income Earners call on Social Media Marketing.  Facebook Marketing is getting bigger and bigger.  There are people who check their Facebook account about 5 times a day.  There are over 1 billion users on Facebook which is more than enough traffic for people to market to.  That is a lot of traffic just with Facebook alone.

You will get training on other social networks as well including YouTube and Pinterest.  YouTube is already the second biggest search engine which getting a lot of traffic.  Pinterest is also getting a lot more traffic and is growing rapidly.

Learn the secrets of Social Media Marketing so you can get more leads and sales from these social networks.  You can use this knowledge to get more traffic for any product or service you are promoting online.

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John Chow Got A Check for $854,531.11 From MOBE

April 28th, 2014 No comments

There was a Home Business Summit on 25-27th of April in San Francisco.  This is where MOBE recognizes their top partners and rewards them with big pay checks.  These checks are for how much people have made in total from MOBE.  It is good motivation and also proves proves to newbies that this system works.  John Chow is the top earner in MOBE and he got a check for $854,531.

John Chow $854,531

John Chow is making just under $100,000/month with MOBE.  He has made a lot of money with MOBE in just 18 months.  He is on track to make $1 million within the next 2 months just from MOBE.  Plus he got a free Mercedes Benz SL550.

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The Real Reason Most People Fail Online

April 28th, 2014 No comments

There is a saying from Maimoniders that goes: “The Physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it”.  It’s a great quote that applies to this biznass.  I know a little history about this.  It was said many years a go that the doctors of today wouldn’t be treating the illnesses out there but rather the people with them.  So why is this?  In most cases it’s not the illness or the disease that’s the problem.  It’s usually the person and their habits.  They have rituals they follow daily and live by them.  They are the ones that create the disease themselves and if you look at treating them then the disease or illness will disappear.  I know this isn’t always the case but we’re talking about the masses here.  Most diseases can be prevented with good diet and exercise.

It’s also similar with making money online.  If you want healthy profits and a good income, the first thing to look at is not the system, not your guru, not lack of time or any of that.  It starts with you.  You have to look at yourself and find out how you can fix yourself so you can rise to the next level.  It’s this way with a lot of people.  So, how do you go about fixing yourself?  There’s a lot of ways to do it but let’s take a stab at a few possible things:

  • What’s your symptoms right now?
  • Are you broke?
  • Are you overwhelmed
  • Are you frustrated
  • Are you too busy
  • Have you yet to make a single dollar online?

First you have to find out what your symptoms are and then look at yourself to see what the cause of the symptoms are.  This could be:

  • Spending more than you are making
  • Too much on your plate
  • Expecting results too fast
  • Wasting too much time on Facebook and Email

Then find out how you can fix these things.  Try to save about 20-30% from your pay checks even if it means eliminating some non essential bills or eating out less.  Pick just one method of making money online, just like this one.  Then focus only on that.  Pick a time each day to check email and Facebook.  Try to get some things off your plate so you can get more clarity.  Set a clear plan to create value for others more than you consume from others.  This will give you a good start.  Give the system above a serious look and take action.  It will change your life.  You unlock the real you.

How To Become Great-fully Profitable

April 28th, 2014 No comments

For most of us, we are always trying to get ahead to the next step.  At times, this makes us feel behind when we accomplish something and then say what’s next.  We are never happy and never content if we go about our life that way.  I think it’s a good idea to stop for a brief moment and appreciate where you’re at.  Be thankful for what you have accomplished and how far you have come because no matter how unhappy of a state you might feel you’re currently in, there is always someone else far worse off and much less fortunate than you.

Anyway, I was just thinking about this stuff and how things are really all about perspective.  Sure, working this type of online business has it’s own challenges.  However it’s nothing compared to a job you don’t like or a life you don’t want.  You end up with a set of better problems as they say: collecting affiliate commission checks, setting up profitable campaigns that may have a few hiccups or a promotion that only make you $15,000 when you calculated $30,000.  This is a higher and better set of problems, right?

Every now and then if I just get too caught up in things, I have to realise that I am fortunate enough in being my own boss and I can live an incredible life on my terms.  I hope you want to live life on your terms too.  If that’s you, you’ve got a bit of drive, you’re serious, then this system can definitely get you to where you want to go just as it has for myself and many others.   

While I think it’s important to appreciate what you’ve got and to be greatful for, I also understand being unhappy in a certain job, environment or wanting better for you and your family.  Again, if this is what you’re looking for, then check out the video in the link above and lets get you there.

Why Having A Job Mindset Sucks For Success

April 28th, 2014 No comments

There’s 2 ways of that people try to make money online.  One works every single time and the other rarely works.  Yet most are choosing the second option.

The first way is what is called Passive Waves.  It’s where you take what is given to you and you roll with it.  Most people live  a lot of their life this way.  Either their job is given to them or they fall into it in some way.  Most people hate their jobs and all they have to is find something better.  Yet they don’t because they just wait for an opportunity to come to them which never happens.  They’re riding the passive wave.  They just simply take what’s been given to them knowing that life could be much better if they took control of where their life is going.  Here’s the truth: either you’re controlling your life or others are controlling your life for you.  98% of people are riding the passive ways of mediocrity.  They’re a stringed puppet being controlled by others.  It’s their choice.

These are the same people that try to go about building their online businesses the same way.  They start looking around online, carrying out research and they make their decision so they think to join a program or buy a how to product that they think can change their life.  Yet, they are still in that passive wave mindset.  They are waiting for someone to tell them to do this or do that.  They are waiting for someone to take them by the hand and show them exactly what to do to succeed.  They wait for opportunities or results to come to them rather than working their tails off to get to where they want to be in life.  Are you following so far?

Offline, you may have a job.  You will have a time to go to work, your boss tells you what to do, you have obligations and if you don’t measure up to the responsibility, you’ll get canned.  Whereas online, you are given an opportunity.  It’s a big difference.  You have the opportunity to make 0 dollars or a million dollars.  It’s all about what you make of the opportunity itself and riding the passive waves rarely ever gets you there.

This brings me to Making Waves.  Taking the bull called your life by the horns.  You don’t wait for opportunities, you create them.  You don’t wait for success to come beating at your door, you go out and beat down walls to find it.  You don’t wait to get anyone’s permissions.  You go out and get yours.  It sure will be messy.

We all imagine this straight and perfect path to success and think in our minds that this the path that the successful people take.  But it’s not true.  For every success that’s out there, it’s been full of twists and turns, successes and failures, tears of pains or tears of joy.  This is the path of the successful people.  It’s never a straight line and it’s never perfect.

This can be liberating for you because it removes the need to think you need to expect perfection of yourself.  It’s usually experiencing one failure after another that leads to the big successes.  Don’t see them as failures but more like learning opportunities.

So whatever you have been given, whatever you are working with right now, resolve to go out and make waves.  Don’t wait another moment.  See where you want to go, get you a path and plan of attack and then get at it.  I believe you can do this if you really want to.

If you need help getting to where you want to go and you need a proven plan of attack, then check this out. 

You get all the support, training and tools that you need in order to do this right.  I am here for your success and I’m here to help you achieve all of the freedom you deserve.