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Learn How To Make Money With Solo Ads

February 28th, 2014 No comments

There was a recent call with Angelos Sarras who is an expert on Solo Ads.  He covers how to make money with Solo Ads to promote MOBE or MTTB products or any other online money making opportunity.  The other main things he covered are:

  • Which Solo Ad Vendor Angelos has used with success
  • What to look out for when buying a Solo Ad
  • How to spot shady Solo Ad sellers

I personally enjoyed what Angelos shared on this MOBE Elite Income Earners call.  Once you learn this information, you will be confident on buying Solo Ads and making money online.  Solo Ads will also save you time so you do not have to sit in front of the computer for hours on end.  Solo Ads are also very scalable, predictable and give you quick results.

To listen to this call as well a lot of information on Face Book Ads, Blogging tips from John Chow, training from Terry Lamb as well as lots of other top training for supercharging your sales online, all you need to do is purchase a membership for MOBE Elite Income Earners.  Once you apply what you learn just with this 1 call you will make all your money back and be in a good profit.  Just imagine how much you could earn with the all the other training.  Currently these calls have been running for about a year with 1 a week.  So there is a lot of information to help you make money online.

Your first month membership is completely free and you get a 60 day trial.  So you have nothing to lose.

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Getting In State

February 27th, 2014 No comments

I found myself working on an online project the other day and when I was finished, I was surprised 6 hours had gone by.  I can imagine that you’ve had similar experiences when you so immersed with something that hours feel like minutes.  This is what athletes refer to as ‘Getting in the zone’.  This is what psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes as being in the state of flow.  Don’t worry about how to pronounce his name, I don’t know either.

It is very important to get into the state of flow each day to get success online.  So, how do you pull it off?  You focus on one thing at a time.  Don’t jump around from Email to Facebook and then to Skype.  Match your skills to the task and outsource the other work you need done.  This is where Licensing comes in handy.  There will be more on that in a bit.  Have crystal clear goals.  Do whatever you can to avoid multitasking and interruptions.  Try to focus on enjoying the process and not just the end goal.  Flow requires enjoying the journey.

These are all great tips when you use them.  My 2 favorites are 1: knowing exactly what to do each day which can be done in the morning or just before you are finished at the end of the day.  You would write the big tasks that will help you to move your business in to the big profit zones.  The second favorite tips is avoid overwhelm by avoiding doing everything all by yourself.  Sadly, this is what a lot of people try to do.  Most people do not seem to realise the time, money, emotional and physical stress that is required to try and do it all by yourself.  It takes long hours and lots of time in front of a computer.

This is why I use and recommend the licensing which you can get get by clicking the link below.  You let someone else build up the business, hire staff, create sales funnels that convert well and you would leverage their efforts.  In the process you can make yourself a fortune.  I have found MTTB to be the best system out there which is head and shoulders above the rest.  Click the link below and enjoy the Gollum video.

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1 Thing You Must Offer Or You Will Lose money

February 27th, 2014 No comments

Can you imagine a hamburger join that doesn’t sell fries?  What do think you would do if you went to McDonald’s, you had your heart set on a Burger, Fries, Coke-Cola and then you were amped to super size this bad-boy with your credit card in hand.  Then you find out, there are no fries.  You get your Burger but there are no other options.

If you are like myself you would walk out of this store and go somewhere else that does offer what you want.  However most businesses in our industry that are trying to make it, all they offer is the main course.  There are:

  • No sides
  • No super-sizing
  • No deluxe Burger with bacon and cheese
  • No other options apart from a plain burger

Just like a good meal, online, your customers want a good product mix also.  You should have introductory offers, offers in the mid-range, done for you offers and high ticket offers.  If you aren’t selling high ticket offers then your customers will go to someone who is selling high ticket offers.  Many people have painfully experienced this happening.  You do the hard work of getting the lead or sale and someone else reaps the rewards just because they were offering it.

You do need to have the right high ticket offers and tiered product mix.  You need to know how to position them in order to get high ticket sales easily, hands-free and consistently.  This is exactly where MTTB comes in.  Go through the 21 steps, learn the training and apply it and dig into the bonus advanced traffic modules as well.  The best part about the system is that you will see how the MTTB team and the system will sell high ticket offers for you and you still get the commissions.  Of course they get a small fee but you get the big bucks.  This is a serious business folks and this is a business which has already paid out more than $5 million to it’s partners.  That could be you getting a big slice out of this when you join MTTB and start promoting.

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Advanced Lesson Today

February 26th, 2014 No comments

I have a story to tell you today about a soldier named Dan that was an expert marksman in the Army.  He was one of the best.  He was that good that he could shoot a copper penny from over 300 yards away.  With his skills of precision came an obsession of no waste.  He was ready for battle each day knowing the exactly where the target was and he would bring the exact amount of bullets.  No more and no less.  This sounds quite heroic but he was in a war.  Then the other side comes in as a team of 12 armed with heavy artillery and they get the easy shot.  If only he had more bullets.

An online business is similar to war in some ways.  It takes strategy, sacrifice and battling it out every day for the win.  I’m sure you have heard of these analogies before.  I see many people falling victim to what happened to this skilled sniper.  They’re so focused on getting the maximum out of the littlest investment possible.  They are wanting the ultimate precision at the lowest cost possible.  I hear this a lot that people get $0.01 cent clicks so they can maximise the cost per click and get the cheapest traffic they can get.

It sounds like a good idea to get the cheapest clicks but they are missing the mark big time if this is the only number they are considering.  Here’s the truth.  “He who can acquire the most bullets wins the war.”  What does this mean you ask?  It means you shouldn’t only be focused on CPC (Cost Per Click) but more importantly on AOV (Average Order Value).  This is the main money number.  Who do think is gonna win out of someone who can invest in enough traffic traffic to get a $47 sale or a $9,000 sale?  Who is going to run out of ammo first?  So what’s your number?

Once you figure this metric out, it is like going to battle with a bazooka and your opponent having a Daisy b.b. shooter.  You will win every single time.  If you make enough profits on the back end then you can spend more than everyone else on traffic so you can have more ammunition to get the sale.  It’s a win/win situation.  This is why inside MTTB we focus on the economics first.  You will learn innovative ways to make high ticket profits in the background, no phone calls, zero selling and little work on your part.  Of course you still have to put in the effort but to get the big ticket sales, MTTB handles that for you.

So have a look at your back end numbers and get to a point where you can spend more money on ammo (traffic) than anyone else and you can become very wealthy.  It’s not that hard once you get started, once you join MTTB you will have the insider knowledge then it’s your duty to put it to use.

In short, It’s not all about getting the cheapest traffic you can get but about having the most profit potential per customer.  MTTB will help with this to the tune of up to $9,000.

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How To Have A Recession Proof Income

February 24th, 2014 No comments

I have heard a lot of arguments about the recession.  I am well aware of it although I do try and stay away from the news that only seems to find the bad things that are going on in the world.  MTTB definitely hasn’t been touched by the recession.  This is because there is one way to keep yourself recession proof and it can be summed up in one word: Luxury.  What you may be asking?  Here is the data collected from those that work for billion dollar companies that go out and collect this information.  Despite the economic collapse, the sales of luxury and high ticket items remained steady.  This wasn’t steady for MTTB members as their incomes have been going up.

There are many more affluent people than there were 10 years ago.  And surprise surprise, they are looking to spend.  They are looking to spend:

  • On hobbies they are interested in
  • On improving themselves
  • On bigger homes
  • On nice cars
  • On home based businesses

MTTB teaches you how to set up your own home based business.  Even in an economic downturn, people only make slight modifications in their lifestyle and they do not change their fundamental behavior.  This is why Starbucks is crushing it even though a hot creamy Mocha will cost you $6.  Here is a simple solution to any money problems you may be having or a method to generate a new cash windfall.  That is luxury high ticket items.  You need to be offering high ticket items in your online business.  It’s as simple as that.

Some people will happily spend $2k, $5k, $10k and even $50k if it will help them.  All the smart companies have offers like these.  Think of a company like GM.  They offer high end hummers for about $100k.  They also have cheaper models, the hummer H2 which is about $30k.  You need both offers in your online business.  If you are not currently offering these types of  products then know that someone else is.  This way they will get your hard earned sale while you will miss out.

How would you feel about that?  You do all the hard work by getting the initial sale then your competitor does only one thing and that is positioning themselves higher than you.  They end up with the big commission.  It definitely doesn’t feel good.  Don’t worry because worrying won’t get you anywhere.  Flattery and taking action will get you results in this online business.

MTTB will teach you everything you need to know about luxury offers and even better you have the opportunity to earn $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 commissions.  With MTTB, you don’t have to create the products, sell on the phone or any of this other crazy stuff.  I know you are busy and are not Superman.

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